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DNC chair: Can you believe those crazy Republicans think that “illegal” means “illegal”?

You thought Howard “the Scream” Dean had some notable quotables?  His replacement is certainly proving herself to be a worthwhile heir.

Here‘s what Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (no relation to the foul-mouthed, little-watched, suspended cretin at MSDNC) had to say about those crazy Republicans and what they consider to be crimes:

And that it would be harmful if — the Republican solution that I’ve seen in the last three years is that we should just pack them all up and ship them back to their own countries, and that in fact it should be a crime and we should arrest them all.

Um, I don’t know how to break this to you, Mrs. Hyphenated-Moonbat, but illegal immigration is just that…illegal.  You know, il-legal?  As in “not legal”, “against the law”, and heck, even “a crime“?  So yeah, we right-wing nutbars happen to think Merriam Webster was onto something by defining “illegal” as “criminal”.  We’re kind of funny that way.

May 31, 2011 - Posted by | Debbie Wasserman Schultz, illegal immigration


  1. I’m thinking the whole, freakin’ political class is on meth, or crack, or somethin’.
    This particular nutjob is totally clueless and priceless. Is her district full of idiots or what? They keep electing this stupid woman to represent them in D.C. Maybe she just reflects them.

    Comment by J.Guidry | May 31, 2011

  2. Let’s say you’ve just been elected DNC chair. Now, let’s say you’re an obtuse, self-serving Obama lap-dog. But, I repeat myself…

    Debbie Whatshername-Schultz is the political equivalent of a thread troll, the poor man’s Joy Behar.

    Comment by Im_bonafide | May 31, 2011


    Comment by SPURWING PLOVER | June 1, 2011

  4. I for one, was extremely pleased when Obama named her as DNC Chair. I can think of no one, with the possible exception of Anthony Weiner, in that job who could do more to insure Republicans are elected.

    Comment by Dux | June 1, 2011

  5. Dear dux did you also vote for JIMMY CARTER both times becuase you though he was so great? YOUR SO PATHETIC

    Comment by Spurwing Plover | June 1, 2011

  6. Spur, did you not read Dux’s comment? He thinks DWS being named DNC chair is good for Republicans. Dux is conservative, dude. Take your meds, my friend. 😀

    Comment by crushliberalism | June 1, 2011

  7. Plover, when I first read your comment I thought you were kidding and then I realized you were serious. How sad.

    Try as I might, I cannot understand how anyone with at least a sixth grade education could not understand what I wrote but then, anyone with a sixth grade education would know the difference between “your” and “you’re” and spell “because” correctly.

    Comment by Dux | June 2, 2011

  8. Carter was a idiot but not as bad a s Obama

    Comment by SPURWING PLOVER | June 3, 2011

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