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And now…Weiner has an ACTUAL Chris Lee moment!

The leftists who have been trying to say that former Congressman Chris Lee (R-NY), who resigned in disgrace after sending shirtless photos of himself to women on Craigslist, was WAY worse than Weiner showing his namesake to college girls?  Yeah, I guess we’re going to have to call them on this one: and have reported throughout the morning about the emergence of new details in the Weinergate saga, after a young woman came forward with new information that tends to undermine severely the theory that Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) was the victim of a “prank” or a “hack.”

The following photograph, reminiscent of that posted by former Rep. Chris Lee (R-NY) on Craigslist earlier this year, was allegedly sent to the young woman on Friday, May 20, 2011 via a Yahoo! email address that she claims was an alternate alias for Rep. Weiner.

A photo is at the link (as is the infamous photo of his underwear-covered woodrow).

Chris Lee (R-NY), sends photos of his shirtless self to women to whom he’s not married, forced to resign in disgrace.

Anthony Weiner (D-NY), sends photos of his shirtless self AND of his bratwurst to women to whom he’s not married, is…defended vigorously by the reprobates on the left?

Prediction: Call me naive, but I actually don’t think he politically survives this.  I smell a resignation within a couple of weeks, lest Andrew Breitbart release more dirt on this scumbag.  And apparently, there is much, MUCH more than this to come.

June 6, 2011 - Posted by | Anthony Weiner, hypocrisy


  1. Obviously, Anthony Weiner would not have sent those pics with certitude if it wasn’t for uh, Bush … or something.

    Comment by Im_bonafide | June 6, 2011

  2. Weiner will survive, at least until the next election cycle when the voters who live in reality will vote him out.

    The left accepts deviant behavior and protects those who openly support the party line. For the Left to pass judgment on him is to pass judgement on themselves, and in their mind, Weiner and those corrupted on the Left have done no wrong since their political philosophy is true.

    Comment by Steve | June 6, 2011

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  5. This reprobate totally defended him and was dead wrong.

    You’re not naïve. A lot of Liberals want his weiner head on a stick.

    Comment by Spinny Liberal | June 6, 2011

  6. I have only seen the picture “fuzzed” over on Fox but if Weiner’s weiner is in proportion to his schnazz, that is one huge Peter Johnson.

    If Nasty Pelosi was still the Speaker, she would have demanded his immediate resignation!!! (And if you believe that, I hold the title to a bridge in Brooklyn that I am looking to sell.)

    Oh well, once he’s the Mayor of NYC he won’t be a problem in the House any more. Let’s hope that happens, NYC deserves him and the House of Representatives does not need him.

    Supposedly there are more and worse pictures yet to be released which should improve his standing in the Democrat Party even more.

    Don’t be shy, name both of the Liberals that want his head on a stick.

    Comment by Dux | June 6, 2011

  7. Heh. Since you’re not a reprobate, you wouldn’t know that there are a whole lot more than two. 🙂

    Comment by Spinny Liberal | June 6, 2011

  8. It takes a big person to admit one’s mistake, Spinny. It takes a bigger person to laugh at that person, though, and that’s what I’m doing! 😆

    Weiner on a stick…heh. 😆 You’re alright in my book, Spinny. I think I’ll keep you! 😀

    Comment by crushliberalism | June 6, 2011

  9. we might all be severely disappointed when it comes to lefties resigning for doing stupid things, it is just who they are.
    Stupid liberals.

    Comment by J.Guidry | June 6, 2011

  10. 😆 Hahaha, Crush!

    Comment by Spinny Liberal | June 6, 2011

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