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Party insiders skeptical of Perry candidacy

Check this out:

Few Republicans will say it publicly, but many party elites believe Perry would have difficulty moving beyond the sort of sharply-delivered platitudes he’s honed before Texas’s conservative electorate.

Even in the Lone Star State, many GOP insiders don’t think their governor has the chops to take his game to the national stage.

For many Republicans, it’s also not clear whether the party and the country is ready for a Texas governor whose macho manner is almost a steroid-enhanced version of the previous one they elected president.

John Ryder, a longtime Tennessee GOP committeeman who attended Perry’s speech Saturday, said some in the party would like another candidate in the George W. Bush model.

But others would ask: “Do we want to do that again?” Ryder said. “That would be Perry’s challenge.”

The betting in Republican circles is moving toward a Perry run, but skeptics aren’t convinced he wants to do the unglamorous work involved in campaigning for president. In their view, he’s always enjoyed national attention and Washington invitations so an extended flirtation with a White House bid would seem to be a logical extension of this penchant for the spotlight.

What most Republicans agree on is that Perry — by dint of his fundraising capacity, establishment connections, Tea Party appeal, and charisma — would at the very least scramble the still-unsettled GOP field and pose an immediate threat to those candidates vying to become the conservative alternative to Romney.

If the party establishment is skeptical of a Perry run, then I’m reflexively on board with him.  I mean, the party bigwigs backed Charlie Crist last year for FL Senator, only to see him bolt the party and run as an independent.  The insiders also backed Arlen Specter last year in the PA GOP primary over true conservative Pat Toomey, only to see Specter bolt the party.  So in my eyes, the party elite is about as useful as a football bat…or the UN (same diff, really).

June 20, 2011 - Posted by | Rick Perry


  1. Uh, didn’t Perry inherit an economy from Bush?

    Comment by Im_bonafide | June 20, 2011

  2. Uh, didn’t Perry inherit an economy from Bush?

    Comment of the WEEK! 😆

    Comment by crushliberalism | June 21, 2011

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