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Holder: The most effective counter-terror method the U.S. has is its fearsome…court system

Ho. Ly. Shiite.  Who needs SEALs, right?

Holder’s declaration came in a Thursday speech to hundreds of progressive lawyers, advocates, judges and students gathered at the American Constitution Society’s annual gala. “I know that – in distant countries, and within our own borders – there are people intent on, and actively plotting to, kill Americans,” he told his legal peers in the enthusiastic audience. “Victory and security will not come easily, and they won’t come at all if we adhere to a rigid ideology, adopt a narrow methodology, or abandon our most effective terror-fighting weapon – our Article III [civil] court system,” he declared to much applause.

I can see it now:

Muhammed:  Hey, Ibrahim, let’s go blow up some infidels in America!  Where to this time: NYC, LA, Miami, San Franistan?

Ibrahim:  What, are you crazy?  Have you SEEN what the Americans are doing?  Dude, they’re mobilizing lawyers and judges and stuff!

Muhammed:  Holy falafel!  I mean, that sternly-worded U.N. Resolution was scary enough…but this?  May Allah help us!

Ibrahim:  Don’t fret yet, brother.  I’ve got a call in to the ACLU on this.  If anyone can stand up for our “rights”, it’s those guys.  But dude, if the ACLU can’t shield us from those fearsome black-robed giants and intimidating Armani-clad attorneys, I don’t know who can!

Exit question: Quick show of hands here, but am I the only one who’s impressed that Eric Holder actually knew part of the Constitution?  Someone check the forecast for Hell to see if it’s a little chilly.

June 21, 2011 - Posted by | Constitution, Holder, religion of peace, shameful


  1. Holder has been marginalized after the failed attempts to close Gitmo and move the trials to NYC. He talks, but says nothing of influence or import. Eric is a joke.

    Comment by Steve | June 21, 2011

  2. Is the complete administration filled with nothing but boxes of rocks? Do they think about what they are saying before opening their pieholes? Wonder what Holder’s muzzie name is?
    Silly liberals, no brains and ratchet-jawed. What a shame. Can’t wait for 2012.

    Comment by J.Guidry | June 21, 2011

  3. Someone once told me they needed more evidence Eric Holder was a complete and total village idiot. Well…. Here ya go!

    “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury… I rest my case!”

    Comment by Whittlin' Man | June 21, 2011

  4. I have heard Holder is being considered for a 3rd party pres ticket as VP…Anthony Weiner will head the ticket. Can see the bumper stickers now…


    Comment by DJF | June 22, 2011

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