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Quote of the day, “Obama, football, and Texas” edition

Why Oprompter doesn’t want to face Rick Perry in the 2012 general election:

A full two and a half years after taking office, Team Obama still blames Bush—for everything except the fall of Adam.  Well, there is one other elected chief executive who inherited a Bush economy: Rick Perry, as governor of Texas.  And yet I have never once heard Perry whining that the state would be doing so much better if it hadn’t been for the policies of his predecessor.

To use a football analogy—I mean, we’re talking about Texas—it’s not who hands you the football and it’s not where the ball is handed to you, it’s what you do with the ball after you have it.

Rick Perry took the ball from Bush and scored an economic touchdown for Texas.  Obama took the ball from Bush and fumbled it—repeatedly—giving the other team a chance to score a touchdown.

How well does blaming Bush work when his successor in TX didn’t seem to have a problem with the transition?


July 7, 2011 - Posted by | economic ignorance, Obama, quote of the day, Rick Perry, Texas

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  1. Personal responsibility. There is none in this administration. Blaming Bush is not a winning strategy for 2012. Except for the folks who are still drinking from the liberal kool-aid punchbowl. The “moochers” are still drunk on the election of a commie to the White House, who happens to be half black. They are not seeing the creeping socialism this administration is pushing on the American people. They may never see it until the bullets start flying, maybe not even then. Ovimit has no clue how far he can go before the shit hits the fan.
    Like Bachman to take his place over Perry. She is so much more qualified than Ovimit.

    Comment by J.Guidry | July 8, 2011

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