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A tale of two global “warmings”

From CNN:

A heat wave is building and could reach dangerous levels in parts of the Midwest, the Plains and the Southeast this week.

Fifteen states are under heat advisories, which means temperatures are expected to exceed 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Huh.  Must be global “warming”.

From Montana:

The race director of a 100-mile ultra-marathon foot race through the Flathead National Forest has cancelled the event due to lingering snow on the route that he says would make the course too dangerous for runners and likely prevent anyone from finishing within the required 36-hour limit.

Huh.  Must be global “warming”.

July 11, 2011 - Posted by | global warming

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  1. It ain’t “global” anything. Just the planet doing what it does, making “weather”. Duh.
    I remember, as a kid, stealing eggs outta the icebox and frying them on the sidewalk in our “hood”. Talk about hot, phew.
    Stupid liberals, never gonna get it right. The planet will out you everytime on this one.

    Comment by J.Guidry | July 12, 2011

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