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Liberalism: Why think when you can “feel”?

Hannity to Juan Williams: Man, that Eric Cantor sure is abdicating responsibility, isn’t he?

Ouch!  Friends really shouldn’t bait each other like that, Sean.  😆


July 21, 2011 - Posted by | big government, Eric Cantor, hypocrisy, Obama


  1. I’m tired of the class warfare used time and again by Democrats. We’re not balancing the budget on the elderly, soldiers and middle class. Be honest Libs, it’s balanced on the top 2% of wage earners, and if those 2% live in NY, CA, MA or IL they they pay over 50% of their earnings in taxes. Meanwhile over 50% of Americans pay no taxes at all and over 30% get money in some form from the government.

    I love the question Hannety used to ask Libs, “What percentage of you’re salary is too much to pay in taxes?”

    I’m not opposed to a safetynet for Americans who need it, and I’m not opposed to those in poverty not paying income taxes. However don’t promote that the “rich”, who earned what they’ve got through the free market of skills, talents and services, are taking away benefits from the rest. It’s a lie. When times are tough the rest of us have to tighten their belts and suck it up without until the nation is through this economic crisis, like the “rich” have done.

    Comment by Steve | July 21, 2011

  2. Hannity cut off the response too soon. What was Williams’ response to that? Well that’s okay then. Or is he going to accuse Hannity of now being racist?

    Comment by tnjack | July 25, 2011

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