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Public schools in red states far superior to those in blue states

Choke on it, liberals.  Excerpt:

When it come to excellence in education, red states rule—at least according to a panel of experts assembled by Tina Brown’s Newsweek.

Using a set of indicators ranging from graduation rate to college admissions and SAT scores, the panel reviewed data from high schools all over the country to find the best public schools in the country.

The results make depressing reading for the teacher unions: The very best public high schools in the country are heavily concentrated in red states.

Three of the nation’s ten best public high schools are in Texas—the no-income tax, right-to-work state that blue model defenders like to characterize as America at its worst. Florida, another no-income tax, right-to-work state long misgoverned by the evil and rapacious Bush dynasty, has two of the top ten schools.

Well, this is just one study, a blip on the radar.

Newsweek isn’t alone with these shocking results.

Another top public school list, compiled by the Washington Post, was issued in May. Texas and Florida rank number one and number two on that list’s top ten as well.

Or not.

Who’s up for a game of “gratuitous New England badmouthing”?

There’s something else interesting about the two lists: On both lists, only one of the top ten public schools was located in a blue state. (Definition alert: On this blog, a blue state is one that voted for John Kerry in 2004; red states cast their electoral votes for Bush.)

There were no top ten schools on either list from blue New England states like Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut. Nor were there any in the top 25. By contrast, Alabama made both the Newsweek and the Washington Post top ten. Only two public schools from these states made the Washpost top fifty list; zero made it into Newsweek‘s elite.

150 years after the Civil War, South Carolina is kicking New England’s rear end when it comes to producing great public schools.

Ouch!  That’s gotta hurt.

What about Vermont, that crazy state that produced Howard Dean and the Senate’s only open socialist (Bernie Sanders)?

As you go down the list, the numbers get a little more balanced. Fifty of the top 100 Newsweek schools are red, fifty blue—though according to the Washington Post, the split is sixty-one red, thirty-nine blue. But the results are shocking enough: The People’s Republic of Vermont has achieved parity with Mississippi: neither state has a single school on the Newsweek list of 500.

Exit gloating:

Defenders of the high tax, high regulation, highly unionized model of state governance that characterizes the blue states like to point to their higher quality of government services as justification for the taxes they pay and the regulations they accept.

Let those crackers and hillbillies in the red states wallow in their filth and their ignorance, say proud upholders of the blue state model. We blue staters believe in things like quality education—and that costs money.

In theory, perhaps, but in practice the extraordinary achievement of so many red state schools strongly supports the idea that blue state governance is no friend to excellence in education.



July 25, 2011 - Posted by | public education


  1. You’ve missed me so much, you posted this! Here goes:

    Do you really want to trust Newsweek’s silly ratings? First of all, let’s look at the experts – with the exception of Linda Darling Hammond, none of them have actually taught in a classroom. The Gates Foundation and Wendy Kopp are education reformers (more like deformers) who see teaching as a second class profession and a way for themselves to make huge money. Wendy Kopp’s organization just got a $10 million dollar grant from the Department of Education in addition to her numerous private donors – not exactly noble and free of the public sector they say ruins education.

    Secondly, look at the list. With the exception of one, all those schools are magnet/charter schools who can SELECT their students. Of course, they should be at the top of the list when counting ALL students. I can think of many schools you would kill to have your own kids in, but have mediocre test scores due to socioeconomic conditions – that’s just reality. If your kids are doing well and being challenged, then your child, you and the school are getting it done. You can’t do anything else about the kids whose test scores bring the schools down.

    BTW in the Northeast, it is the towns that decide how much taxes they are going to pay. Our income taxes get redistributed to school districts and the failing and inner city schools are the biggest beneficiaries. Each individual town (no county government here) then decides how much they want to supplement the schools with their property taxes. I can’t get mad at residents in Westport who decide to pay humongous taxes (and spend it efficiently) anymore than I get mad at districts that choose to pay virtually nothing to enhance their schools.

    Now I know you realize how ridiculous these lists are, but I understand taking what you can get. 😉

    Comment by Alli | July 25, 2011

  2. Alli, I laid out the gratuitous chowderhead bashing, knowing you’d take the bait! I know how to fish, no? 🙂

    Do you really want to trust Newsweek’s silly ratings?

    Because it takes what I already know to be a fact (liberal screw-ups of everything they touch), and melds it with the predictable outcome of liberal policies…then yeah, I do want to trust their ratings.

    Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly a big defender of Tina Brown’s publication. They did, after all, earn the derisive moniker Newsweak after their discredited Koran-flushing story. So based on their track record, feel free to dismiss their findings without getting too much debate from me. But you did see where the Washington comPost had their own study, independent of Newsweek’s, that came to virtually the exact same conclusion…right?

    Overall, the point is the same: the left’s approach to simply throw more money at government education and assume that it will be managed better than those hicks in red states can manage it is simply dead wrong.

    Comment by crushliberalism | July 25, 2011

  3. “Overall, the point is the same: the left’s approach to simply throw more money at government education and assume that it will be managed better than those hicks in red states can manage it is simply dead wrong.”

    I could tell you that from looking at CT’s schools. Parents, parents, parents are what it all comes down to. The inner cities get more money, but money is spent on things wealthy suburbs and middle class towns don’t have to deal with.

    Excellent fishing techniques.

    Comment by Alli | July 25, 2011

  4. Excellent fishing techniques.

    Well, I am a master at baiting. Get it?? 😆

    Comment by crushliberalism | July 25, 2011

  5. Har har

    Comment by Alli | July 25, 2011

  6. Alli, your right, it does come down to parent participation in the child’s life. That is the biggest predictor of a child’s success.

    Comment by Steve | July 25, 2011

  7. So true Steve. Unfortunately, it seems to be political suicide for anyone in office to admit that.

    Comment by Alli | July 25, 2011

  8. Imagine that, the red states (mostly hicks and rednecks and such) have better education systems than the “elite intellectual” blue states. Imagine that, wow.
    The feds better get busy pouring more money into them blue states so they can catch up with the red states.

    Comment by J.Guidry | July 25, 2011

  9. Don’t mind me, I’m just an apprentice baiter but there is a big difference between “your” and “you’re”. Don’t believe that, check with a teacher.

    Comment by Dux | July 26, 2011

  10. Alli, I guess it makes more sense to upset a few thousand voting teachers than admitting the truth and upsetting a few million voting parents.

    Comment by Steve | July 26, 2011

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