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CBS “objective” “reporter” to Jay Carney: “WE got nothing” in this debt deal

And to think that there are some people who question the MSM’s ability to impartially do their jobs!  From Commentary:

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was clearly in an upbeat mood during today’s press briefing. Many of the reporters in the room, however, were not feeling the love.

Specifically, CBS’s Norah O’Donnell peppered Carney with terse, accusatory questions about the lack of tax revenue (read: tax increases) in the debt ceiling deal. O’Donnell complained about how many GOP demands were met by the deal, and then said to Carney: “You have Democrats saying you gave them everything they wanted and we got nothing.” [Second update: I’ve added the words “you have Democrats saying…” from the transcript since this item was first published.] That “we” is very telling. It was a tense moment in the room, and O’Donnell seemed to give voice to frustrated liberals who feel the deal gave significantly more to Republicans than Democrats, and included no tax increases–something President Obama had demanded be included for most of the negotiations.

“We”?  Not “liberals” or “progressives” or even “Democrats”, mind you…it’s “we”.  As if she herself were personally wronged by the debt deal!

For her defenders on the left and in the MSM (pardon the redundancy), Ace has a retort:

I’d make three points: First, she’s got some emotion invested in this question. You can hear the frustration in her voice. I don’t think she’s a talented woman, so I don’t think she’s just conjuring up some channeled dramatic pitch here.

Second, it is telling, to me, how solicitous she is of the progressive caucus’ concerns. Throughout this entire debt deal, I have heard again and again how Republicans’ concerns are either illegitimate or possibly borderline, arguably legitimate but will simply have to be put aside for the good of the country; but note that when it comes to a progressive whine about tax increases, she’s on board in trumpeting that complaint.

Because that complaint, you see, is objectively superior to the conservatives’ complaint. It must be, because no objective reporter would otherwise behave as if it has been objectively determined that one side is objectively right and one side is objectively wrong.

Third, and this really is just a variation of the last one, but it’s important: Throughout this we have heard the MFM scream at the tops of their lungs that conservatives must compromise their principles away, and be less willing to fight for their agenda, because compromise trumps conservative values.

But what’s Norah O’Donnell’s implication here? Liberals and liberals alone should have fought harder for their agenda.

I thought fighting for principles was bad, no? It turns out I’ve missed yet another nuance.

Nope…no liberal media bias!

August 2, 2011 - Posted by | media bias

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  1. Have known since day one, the MSM is liberal. So, no surprise here.
    My question, however, is why? Does this mean the liberal media is full of no talent “journalists” and they must spout the liberal line in order to keep their jobs? That is kinda my take on it.

    Comment by J.Guidry | August 2, 2011

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