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Obama laments “big money flooding the airwaves” as he rakes in big money to be used to flood the airwaves

Irony: it’s not just for breakfast anymore.  From the Washington Times:

Mr. Obama met separately with 100 of his most exclusive donors, each of whom forked over $35,800 per person to break bread with the birthday boy. Mr. Obama, who had added $3,938,093,118,800 to the national debt as of his birthday, told his rich friends that the government needs to spend more on everything from “wind turbine and electric cars” to “cures for cancer.”

Without any irony, he railed against “big money flooding the airwaves and slash-and-burn politics, sometimes I think that core belief in what is possible here in America gets lost.” Of course, Mr. Obama plans to flood those airwaves with $1 billion in campaign-funded commercials suggesting he is fighting for the average Joe.

“Fighting for the average Joe”.  Because the average Joe drops nearly $36k to gladhand with PresBo.


August 9, 2011 - Posted by | irony, Obama, shameful

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  1. This guy is totally outta his mind, no connection with reality whatsoever. And the liberals that are still remaining in his camp are equally as nuts. I figure they are paying 35K for a favoritism insurance policy just in case he gets re-elected, or becomes the dictator of the U.S. If he allows elections to take place at all.
    The “average Joe” doesn’t have the kind of money to attend the fancy dinners for the community organizer-in-chief. They’re too busy working to make ends meet.
    Can’t wait for 2012. I have “hope” for the “change” that will remove this administration from D.C.

    Comment by J. Guidry, Battlefield, MO. | August 9, 2011

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