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Obama’s Ag Secretary: Sharp rise in food stamps is awesome, because it’s creating jobs!

Economic illiteracy is pandemic in the administration.  But darn it, Vilsack has his talking points and he ain’t deviating from them!  Observe:

Every $1 in food stamps creates $1.84 in the economy? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, dude?  Using that pretzel logic, then, shouldn’t everyone ask for food stamps in order to push unemployment through the cellar?

The welfare state has expanded massively under Oba-Mao, and it is most certainly by design.  They’ve been telling us that food stamps and unemployment benefits are huge stimulators of the economy, specifically in job creation, yet unemployment remains near 10% (closer to 20% when you count those who have abandoned looking for work or full-timers who have resorted to become part-timers).  It’s a lie, and not a very believable one, too.


August 16, 2011 - Posted by | big government, economic ignorance, shameful


  1. Where do I get my cheese cause I’m an American and they owe me?

    Comment by cuchieddie | August 16, 2011

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  3. So because California, Texas and Florida have fewer people applying for food stamps, there must be something wrong with those states. We must force public assistance on them.

    Lyndon Johnson must be rolling in his grave at how his War on Poverty has been perverted.

    Comment by Steve | August 16, 2011

  4. Our forefathers had it right when they said … (paraphrasing) if you want to help people get out of poverty, make them uncomfortable in their poverty.

    Progressive policies have NEVER helped anyone out of poverty. It simply perpetuates the problem.

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | August 17, 2011

  5. If Lyndon Johnson is rolling in his grave, it must be from the “joy” his policies have wrought. If he couldn’t see what would happen when his Great Society was implemented, he is worse than I ever thought when he was in office. He is not alone in this country being in the condition it’s in, four and five generations on welfare, millions of homes with no father present, etc., but he had a lot to do with it.

    Comment by Dux | August 17, 2011

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  7. Liberals….how can any rational human being think that way?!?! What jobs are created when govt has to increase a service to individuals that dont put anything INTO the sustem??? More welfare administrators?! Why are people blind to the fact that increased govt employees are not actually job creations, but staffing yet another DRAIN of govt funds

    Comment by Kevin | August 18, 2011

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