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College student asks his fellow students: Say, how’s about redistributing your 4.0 GPA?

Ah, college!  In between bong hits and raging keggers, America’s youths have their feeble minds molded by leftist professors who preach the evils of capitalism and merit-based earning.  Lost on these stoners is the irony that their own grades are earned, for good or for ill.

Well, leave it to one student bright enough to recognize the hypocrisy of these ivory-tower cocooned know-nothings.  From FNC (with video clip):

A California college student is conducting a social experiment where he’s trying to get his peers to sign a petition in favor of distributing grade point averages to show how the federal government distributes wealth.

Oliver Darcy, a recent college graduate, proposes that students with good grades contribute their GPA to their academically sluggish friends. He argues that this is how the federal government takes wealth from the country’s high wage earners and distributes it to the low income earners.

“They all earn their GPA,” said Darcy in an interview with “Fox and Friends.” “So we asked them if they’d be interested in redistributing the GPA points that they earned to students who may be having trouble getting a high GPA.”

Darcy, who films his encounters with teachers and fellow students, doesn’t have much luck selling this theory.

He said many students on college campuses support high taxes on the rich, but when put into relative terms, cringed at the thought of spreading around their academic wealth.

In a video posted on, one student said, “If I do give GPA points to students that don’t deserve it, it isn’t fair, I work for what I have.

Watch the video.  It’s funny (yet sad) to see these naive rose-colored-glasses-wearing moonbats protest that “That’s different!”, yet when pressed as to how it’s different to spread around the earned monetary wealth vs. earned academic wealth, their response is basically “Because shut up, that’s how!”

Wait until they get into the real world.  Reality will hit them harder than a Barney Frank chair fart.

August 17, 2011 - Posted by | capitalism, economic ignorance, hypocrisy, moonbats, public education


  1. They won’t get it until they are out in the real world trying to make ends meet with their own labor. As long as the parents and the state support them, they have no clue how it works, yet.
    Ah, the cold, wet slap of reality will strike them once they leave the hallowed halls of academia. A shocking transition for most.

    Comment by J. Guidry, Battlefield, MO. | August 18, 2011

  2. I’ve been amazed for a while how many 4.0s exist among college students. In my day (hate saying that), you worked your butt off for the mid 3s. Are professors under the gun?

    Comment by Alli | August 18, 2011

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