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Moonbat Congresswoman discovers America’s “real enemy”: Tea Party

I tend to dismiss race-hustling poverty prostitutes like Fredrica Wilson (D-FL gerrymandered district).  But this one’s a hoot:

“Let us all remember who the real enemy is. The real enemy is the Tea Party — the Tea Party holds the Congress hostage. They have one goal in mind, and that’s to make President Obama a one-term president,” Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) said at a Miami town hall with constituents.

Yep, when she’s not busy blaming the current level of black unemployment on racism, she likes to pass her time uncovering America’s “real enemy”.  The enemy is not a socialist, anti-American president who has done his level best to destroy our economy and crush the employment prospects of the very people for whom she purports to stand.  The enemy is not bloodthirsty camel-humping jihadists trying to attack us again like they did a decade ago (sidebar: for those of you on the left, feel free to Google “9-11-2001” if that doesn’t ring a bell).

No, indeed.  The “real enemy” is a group of American citizens who believe that the federal government ought to live within its means just like every American family (nay, every family on God’s green Earth) must do.  The “real enemy” is a group of American citizens who have the gall to be loyal to the same Constitution that Congresscreeps like Wilson have sworn to uphold and defend.  The “real enemy” is a group of American citizens who actually don’t want their kids and grandkids to inherit a nation that is substantially weaker and bleaker than the one we’ve grown to know and love since its inception.  These cretins, of course, are the “real enemy”.

Remember when Chairman Zero said to Latinos that they need to “punish our enemies”?  That may be one point on which he and I agree.  Vermin like ObaMao and his minions like Wilson must be punished at the ballot box by Normal America, and relegated to the dustbin of history when it comes to their policies.  They have inflicted enough damage to the country I love, and they must be stopped before they achieve their goal: permanent American irrelevance.

Does anyone have the heart to tell her that The Village People are not holding auditions?  Or maybe she’s attending a memorial to the late Macho Man Randy Savage of which I’m not aware?

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  3. Another liberal/socialist/commie useful idiot for the left. To be discarded when she is no longer useful. They just don’t get it. They have no understanding of history and what the commies will do if they get their way in this country. She won’t even be a footnote in their rewrite of history.
    Stupid liberals.

    Comment by J. Guidry, Battlefield, MO. | August 23, 2011

  4. I fear they will rewrite history…take an American History class at a public university and discover the horror of their trade

    Comment by Kevin | August 23, 2011

  5. Yet another example of why stupid people should not be allowed to vote.

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | August 24, 2011

  6. KG…if they weren’t allowed to vote, there would be a much easier job to do on ballot counting day!

    Comment by Kevin | August 24, 2011

  7. Great blog you have. I’ll be adding you to my links.

    Comment by J Roycroft | August 24, 2011

  8. Thanks, JR! 🙂

    Comment by crushliberalism | August 24, 2011

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