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Obama picked up for drunk driving

And he’s here illegally, too!  😆  Details:

A number of media outlets have already reported that an illegal immigrant from Kenya by the name of Onyango Obama, 67, was arrested last week on Wednesday after he nearly rammed his SUV into a police car in Framingham, Massachusetts.

He was later charged with DUI among other violations. I spoke to Framingham Public Information Officer Lieutenant Delaney who told me that when Onyango Obama was asked at booking if he wanted to make a telephone call to arrange for bail, the Kenyan immigrant replied: “I think I will call the White House.”

I guess he figured he could get a pass like Obama’s illegal alien aunt got.  Who knows, maybe he’s right?

Drunk driving is a serious offense.  Just ask Mary Jo Kopechne.  Oh, wait…

August 29, 2011 - Posted by | illegal immigration, Obama


  1. Did you notice that the first name of the guy arrested is the same as the last name of the illegal aunt? I don’t know how common these names are in Kenya, but it could be more than mere coincidence.

    Comment by Manic | August 29, 2011

  2. It is a small word world at times

    Comment by Alex Ponce | August 29, 2011

  3. He will get all kinds of breaks. In Mass, Gov Patrick just loves him some illegal immigrants so he’s not going anywhere. Holder at DOJ will have this taken care of shortly.

    Comment by Dux | August 30, 2011

  4. The dude is here ILLEGALLY, yet he has a valid Social Security number and driver’s license. WTH????
    Dux is right, Holder will give the guy amnesty. After all, he IS one of “Holder’s people”.

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | August 30, 2011

  5. […] Obama picked up for drunk driving ( […]

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  6. I need a good text equivalent to the sound made when one vomits…I would use it here

    Comment by Kevin | August 30, 2011

  7. Holder has made many call out for…Ralph!

    Comment by tnjack | September 1, 2011

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