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Obama’s plan for jobs and the economy

Here’s what B.O. said about his forthcoming “specific” plan for jobs and economic recovery to NBC’s Brian Williams:

Well, look, we anticipated that the recovery was slowing. The economy is still growing, but it’s not growing as fast as it needs to. I’ve got things right now in–before Congress that we should move immediately, and I’ve said so before I went on vacation and I’ll keep on saying it when I–now that I’m back. We should be passing legislation that helps small businesses get credit, that eliminates capital gains taxes so that they have more incentive to invest right now. There are a whole host of measures that we could take, no single element of which is a magic bullet, but cumulatively could start continuing to build momentum for the recovery.

You know what’s fascinating about this?  He said this to Brian Williams on August 29…of last year!

So what does he say to Williams now?

Next week, I will be laying out a series of steps that Congress can take immediately to put more money in the pockets of working families and middle-class families, to make it easier for small businesses to hire people, to put construction crews to work rebuilding our nation’s roads and railways and airports, and all the other measures that can help to grow this economy. These are bipartisan ideas that ought to be the kind of proposals that everybody can get behind, no matter what your political affiliation might be. So my hope and expectation is that we can put country before party and get something done for the American people.

In other words, this Stuttering Cluster**** Of A Miserable Failure (from has spent the entire last year not giving us a “specific” jobs plan, and now he’s promising to do the exact same thing a year later.  If Williams had any journalistic integrity (I know, chuckle away), he would have said “Mr. President, this sounds exactly like what you told me at this time last year.  What exactly have you been doing in the 365 days since you told me that?  Were you not being truthful then, or were you procrastinating, or did you have a My Cousin Vinny ‘You were serious about dat?’ moment, or what?”


August 31, 2011 - Posted by | economic ignorance, media bias, Obama


  1. Great plan…the only thing missing is the Leprechauns with pots of gold and flying unicorns.

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | August 31, 2011

  2. As Obama said to Williams last year, “Look, it’s either me or them. You’re gettin’ f****d one way or the other.”

    Comment by Im_bonafide | August 31, 2011

  3. Nothing surprisin’ here, nothing new to see or hear, same old bovine scatology from the Ovomit. And, if someone is expectin’ Brian Williams to suddenly grow a pair of cojones and become a journalist with tough questions for the Kenyan, sad to disappoint ya, ain’t gonna happen. Well, maybe, with the arrival of the leprechauns with pots of gold and flying unicorns, like Kanaka Girl sez she’d like to see.
    Move along, folks, nothing to see/hear here.

    Comment by J. Guidry, Battlefield, MO. | September 1, 2011

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