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Quote of the day, “Obama looks to Carter’s re-election strategy” edition

Many Democrats and media members (pardon the redundancy) have stated, with enthusiasm and wishcasting, that Truman was unpopular in 1948, yet he won re-election.  The hope is that President Zero (as in zero jobs created) will be able to replicate that approach.  However, Jay Cost has a great piece explaining why that is impossible for B.O. to do.

It’s a great piece, and I encourage you to read it.  But for me, I liked this part about how the Man-Child is going to run his campaign:

In fact, the party’s only substantial domestic achievement since the Beatles broke up is Obamacare, which is massively unpopular. The RealClearPolitics average has the bill pulling in just 36 percent support, while the recent Fox News poll found approval for Obama on the health care issue at a measly 41 percent. So, Truman could tour the country saying that a vote for Dewey would destroy the New Deal, but Obama can’t go around saying that a vote for Perry or Romney will destroy Obamacare because that might actually help the GOP nominee!

Broadly speaking, Truman could win amid tough times in 1948 because the country had confidence in the Democratic party’s ability to govern. That simply does not exist today, which is why the Truman model won’t work for Obama.

Instead, it looks more and more like Obama is actually going to run Carter’s 1980 campaign. Sure, he has nothing popular to show for his four years in office, but he’s still better than the out-and-out radical the GOP just nominated. Will that work for Obama?

Well … did it work for Carter?

Worked out well for the country, not so well for Carter.

That will, by default, be Obama’s strategy: “Vote for me, because while I certainly do suck, I suck much less than that guy.”


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