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Liberalism: Why think when you can “feel”?

Politico theorizes that Obama’s woes with his own party are because…you’ve GOT to be kidding me…he’s not leftist ENOUGH?

Dude, if this is the pony they’re gonna bet Aunt Edna’s money on, I am soooo cool with that!  😆  Excerpt:

It’s open season on President Barack Obama — and that’s just from members of his own party.

With frustration and disappointment mounting from stinging defeats in Tuesday’s two special elections and over Obama’s jobs plan, the media is filled on Thursday with Democrats on the record publicly questioning and doubting the president and some of his policies, and a few even unleashing biting criticism.

Rep. Eliot Engel, a Bronx Democrat, offered his harsh take on the party’s loss in the New York special, focusing his attack on the president’s stance on Israel.

“What I get in my district is that people want the president to stand up for what he believes,” Engel told the Washington Post. “They want him to stand up to the Republicans; not cave in; stop giving up the store…And then I also get in my district a lot of Jewish people dissatisfied with Obama’s policies; what they’ve perceived to be his lack of support for Israel.”

“Maybe this will send a message,” he added.

Note that Engel says Hussein’s “perceived lack of support for Israel”?  What is Engel saying, that Jews are too stupid to know what real lack of support for Israel is?  Classic liberal: You’re too stupid to know any better, but luckily for you, you’ve got me to do your thinking for you.

Here’s a hoot:

Democratic Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania said he was concerned about the plan being offered as a single bill, telling the Times: “I think the American people are very skeptical of big pieces of legislation. For that reason alone I think we should break it up.”

Casey is a freshman Senator, up for re-election in PA next year, and Obama is upside-down in the state big time (those bitter clingers!) and may take Casey down with him.  But Casey has the onions to criticize “big pieces of legislation” that need to be broken up, when the hypocrite voted for ObamaCare?
Point to ponder #1: Since we’ve been told for 3+ years that criticism of B.O. is based largely on racism, and since liberals are now criticizing Dear Leader, can we not logically deduce that liberals are racist?  😆
Point to ponder #2: How soon until these and other critical Democrats wind up on Attack Watch?

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