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Democrats: You know, Hopenchange may doom us in 2012

While Debbie What’s-her-name Schmuck is trying to polish a turd, other Dems are much more realistic than she is.  From Politico:

Obama looms large in every calculus for House control. Buffeted by sinking approval ratings that recently hit sub-40 percent lows, Democrats privately express worry about running on a ticket with his name at the top.

“It didn’t have to be this way,” said another House Democrat who requested anonymity in order to speak candidly. “Obama’s presidency has fizzled. It’s going to be every person for himself in 2012. There just won’t be any coattails, and any effect he does have on the ballot will hurt us.”

“It’s hard because we’re inherently linked to the president and his number,” said a top Democratic operative close to party leadership. “It’s got us all pessimistic.”

Let’s see: B.O. is way upside-down in FL (sucks for Obama’s lap dog, too, in Sen. Bill Nelson).  A Dem poll shows 60 battleground districts all trending Republican, more so than in other elections (including last year’s bloodbath).  ObaMao’s stewardship of the economy has us longing for the Bush economy that supposedly sucked.  So yeah, I’d say that the pessimism is warranted.

September 23, 2011 - Posted by | Florida, Obama, polls


  1. Keep in mind that the dems/libeals/progressives/commies in D.C. are capable of anything to stay in power. I see these kind of statements from the lefties as an attempt to get the right to drop their guard prior to the election. Now is not the time to relax and think the left is gonna give up due to some silly statements from disgruntled members of their cabal.
    We must keep the pressure on and continue to uncover and point out the fallacies, so many, of the leftist ideology. Continue to grind away at this administration and its many overreaching and unconstitutional acts.
    This administration must be replaced in 2012. Our country as it was founded must be preserved.

    Comment by J. Guidry, Battlefield, MO. | September 23, 2011

  2. There is a lot of time before next November’s elections. Anything can and will happen. Also I will not put it passed the Republicans to nominate an uneloquent, compromising RINO.

    However, there is NO WAY Obama wins without Florida. The electoral math for an Obama victory is not there. I’m sure the gloves will be off in the Sunshine State.

    Comment by Steve | September 25, 2011

  3. Steve is right. Republicans have demonstrated an aptitude of selecting fantastic candidates to LOSE. Add that to the zeal-driven zest of the Tea Party (and their not-always-wise “contributions”…ahem…ahem…Delaware?), and there is the ever-present threat of a STUPID selection to challenge the Great[sic] One

    Comment by Kevin | September 25, 2011

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