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Liberalism: Why think when you can “feel”?

Obama to NC audience: You have 153 “structurally deficient” bridges. NC DoT: You’re about 153 bridges too high in your calculation.

Kinda reminds me of when he lamented the loss of 10,000 people in the Kansas tornado, when the number was 12.  Not 12,000…but 12.  A dozen.  Kinda off by a few powers of 10, huh?

Anywho, B.O. is out there pitching his “jobs plan”, which is essentially Porkulus II (which worked so darned well the first time that they figured they oughta give it a whirl again).  The latest:

Governor Perdue can tell you — there are a lot of roads and a lot of bridges that need fixing.  There is a lot of work that needs to be done in schools and airports.  All these things are in need of repair.  In North Carolina alone, there are 153 structurally deficient bridges that need to be repaired.

The same Governor Perdue who said we ought to suspend elections so ObaMao can force more of his massively unpopular and wildly unsuccessful socialism down our throats?  Boy, is this chick having a bad week or what?

DOT engineers and administrators are fielding calls about the president’s remarks, too. They say the bridges around the Beltline and across the state are safe.

“The key thing is: We don’t have any bridges that are about to fall,” said Wally Bowman, DOT’s division chief for Wake and six neighboring counties. “We don’t have any bridge out there that is structurally inadequate, where it cannot handle the traffic. We make sure those bridges stay in a good state of repair.”

So was it ignorance or lying?  And is either acceptable?

September 29, 2011 - Posted by | big government


  1. Between Ovomit and Perdue, they give a pretty clear representation of the liberals. Suppression of liberties and lies to further the agenda, nothing else.
    Wally Bowman, the DOT guy, will probably lose his job for telling the truth. That is also how the liberals work.

    Comment by J. Guidry, Battlefield, MO. | September 29, 2011

  2. Was it ignorance or lying??? Well, who gives a honkin’ hoot WHICH one it long as it serves his purpose!.

    Comment by Kevin | September 29, 2011

  3. Kevin, That’s just what I was thinking. When you have no moral compass, like the modern Democratic Party, lies, ignorance and truths are all the dame tool to reach the endgame.

    Comment by Steve | September 29, 2011

  4. yup…facts..easily replaced with the modern Democrat meal replacement known as BULL CRAP
    MMMM….goes down nicely with a glass of philosophical arrogance

    Comment by Kevin | October 3, 2011

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