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“Down with corporations”, or something

Thanks to George and The Conservative Manifesto for this:


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Thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street”

1.  Remember when Speaker Botox said that the Tea Party movement wasn’t spontaneous or grassroots?  She’s now saying, of course, that the moonbat-o-thon on Wall Street and elsewhere is definitely spontaneous.  If, by “spontaneous”, she means “bought and paid for by unions“, then yeah…”spontaneous”.

2.  Anyone else find the humor in the irony?  A bunch of losers who are spending their time with “occupation” instead of spending their time either at an occupation or looking for an occupation?  😆

3.  The common phrase among these unemployable miscreants is “We are the 99%!”  Really?  99% of the nation doesn’t bathe, doesn’t want a job, and wants the government to take care of them for the rest of their lives because they’re too stupid and lazy to take care of themselves?  I’m dubious, to say the least.

4.  You want to see a dressing-down of one of these loons (albeit a well-dressed, though thoroughly dishonest, loon), on national TV?  Answer: Of COURSE you do!  Then enjoy!

5.  Just a bunch of average Joes and Janes, right?  Yeah, right:

Just your typical 99 percenter, right?

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Obama: My jobs bill will grow our GDP by 2%, and it will only cost us…3%

Math iz tuff:

At a White House press conference on Thursday, President Barack Obama said the legislation he has proposed to create jobs could “grow the economy as much as 2 percent.” However, the White House estimates that the plan itself will cost $447 billion — or 2.97 percent of the 2011 GDP of $15.012 trillion that is currently projected by the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis.

This mental midget has been a functional economic illiterate his whole life.  Which was fine, when he was living within the ivory towers of academia and the cocoon of community organizing.  But now that he’s exported his ignorance into America, we suffer greatly.

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Quote of the day, “Biden asks if you want to continue Obamanomics or go back to a better time” edition

Memo to the national GOP: If you have a single competent person working for you (and I have my doubts that you do), PLEASE run with this “pep talk” from the Vice Plagiarist:

It’s not a united Republican party . . . Absolutely, it’s strong enough to beat both of us. No matter what the circumstance, at the end of the day, the American people right now, many of them are in trouble, an even larger percentage have stagnant wages and a significant majority of the American people believe the country’s not moving in the right direction. That is never a good place to be going into a reelection . . . They’re going to have to choose whether or not the path we have set the country on is the path we should go or whether we should go back to liberating the economy in the terms of . . .[voice trails off]

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