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Republicans blocking Obama’s jobs bill

Wait, did I say Republicans?  My bad:

Democratic leaders in the Senate are scrambling to avoid defections on President Obama’s jobs package, which appears headed for defeat on Tuesday.

A lack of Democratic unity on the president’s bill would be embarrassing for the White House, which has been scolding House Republicans for refusing to vote on the measure.

Democrats who will vote no or are leaning no include Sens. Joe Manchin (W.Va.), Jon Tester (Mont.) and Ben Nelson (Neb.), who all hail from red states and are up for reelection next year.

Of course, this inconvenient fact won’t keep B.O. or his minions from blaming Republicans rather than their own party.  But the left is impervious to facts and truth, so this is no surprise.


October 11, 2011 - Posted by | big government, economic ignorance, Obama, shameful


  1. It’s Bush’s fault!

    Comment by Steve | October 11, 2011

  2. That’s right! Occupy Wall Street AND the Bush ranch!! It’s also Bush’s fault that Obama refuses to let ANYONE know how he did or WHAT he did (possibly even WHOM) while he was in college (sic).
    Anyone ever hear from one of his professors or classmates? Just askin’…oh wait, that’s Bush’s fault too.

    Hey everyone, I got a PhD from MIT, Princeton, and Notre Dame! What? Prove it? Heck NO! I don’t have to…I’m running for president!!

    Comment by Kevin | October 11, 2011

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