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Media coverage of Occupy Wall Street and of Tea Party

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Headline of the day, “Cain gets lectured on his blackness” edition

The headline of this blog post comes from El Rushbo, in regards to MSDNC’s Lawrence O’Donnell questioning the “black credentials” of African-American GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain:

Herman Cain Endures Lecture on Blackness from MSNBC White Guy


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Night and Day, “NYT and filibusters” edition

The Old Gray Hag in 2005 on filibusters, when Democrats were in the minority:

The filibuster, which allows 41 senators to delay action indefinitely, is a rough instrument that should be used with caution. But its existence goes to the center of the peculiar but effective form of government America cherishes. . . . A decade ago, this page expressed support for tactics that would have gone even further than the ‘nuclear option’ in eliminating the power of the filibuster. At the time, we had vivid memories of the difficulty that Senate Republicans had given much of Bill Clinton’s early agenda. But we were still wrong. To see the filibuster fully, it’s obviously a good idea to have to live on both sides of it.

The Old Gray Hag in 2005 on filibusters, when Republicans were in the minority:

Democrats scored a small but significant victory for the cause of progress in the Senate late last week when they voted to prohibit one of the many delaying tactics that keep the chamber tied up in pointless partisan arguments. It was a long way from desperately needed filibuster reform, but it showed that sufficiently frustrated senators can take action to prevent the Senate from being a total dead weight. . . . Fear of ending up in the minority makes majority parties in the Senate avoid sensible rules. But ending the abuse of the chamber’s traditions–ultimately the far more significant abuse of the filibuster–would benefit both parties, and the country as a whole.

Nope…no liberal media bias hypocrisy!

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Quote of the day, “The left’s flipping out as Obama sinks” edition

Excellent column from James Taranto, an excerpt of which follows:

The left got what it wanted in 2008: a liberal president with a sweeping agenda and big Democratic majorities capable of enacting it. The result has been a great and failed experiment in progressive politics and governance. In due course, one hopes, the left will absorb some lessons–but for now, they seem to be suffering a nervous breakdown.

That is one way to understand why so much of the liberal establishment is rallying behind Krugman’s Army, as the “Occupy Wall Street” protests are known. Everything they believe in has failed, so they are turning nihilistic.

Awesome takedown of liberalism’s failed experiment in America, and how the left is coping (hint: not very well).

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