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Headline of the day, “Cain gets lectured on his blackness” edition

The headline of this blog post comes from El Rushbo, in regards to MSDNC’s Lawrence O’Donnell questioning the “black credentials” of African-American GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain:

Herman Cain Endures Lecture on Blackness from MSNBC White Guy


October 12, 2011 - Posted by | bigotry, headlines, Herman Cain, MSNBC, Rush, shameful


  1. Let’s see if I got this right. A left wing nutjob is questioning the “authenticity” of a black man who has made it on his own to where he is now. Cain has more creds than O’Donnell could even imagine struggling to attain. The wimpy white guy questioning someone who has made it to a possible candidate for President of the United States from less than lower middle class background. Is that about it? Who is this O’Donnell guy to question anyone’s creds on anything? A paid mouthpiece for the left via the network he works for, and knows nothing about being a ethnic anything. That this same line of dialogue is being spouted by all on the left should be a red flag for conservatives. The red flag being that they are running scared of Herman Cain as a candidate in a debate with the half breed in the White House. This line of talk tells me that Cain could be the candidate to go for in 2012 against the current dear leader. He certainly is smarter than the Ovomit and more open about his background and affiliations. I know more about Herman Cain than Ovomit. What’s wrong with that picture?

    Comment by J. Guidry, Battlefield, MO. | October 12, 2011

  2. I agree JG. I’d vote for Cain right now if I could! Can you imagine? What would the Left do if they couldn’t play the “race” card against the GOP? The libs would have to resort to “facts or records”. Nawwwww that could never happen.

    Comment by tnjack | October 13, 2011

  3. This “black authenticity” thing is a ruse. Anyone remember the TV mini-series “Roots”? If so, you will recall scenes of wool wearing white guys running around Africa catching black people and hauling them to the beach, on to slave ships and eventually to America to be sold into servitude. Total crap!

    The white guys in their wool clothing bought the black people from other black people (of the Muslim persuasion) who caught them or bought them from their fellow villagers. This brings to mind a small point, Barack Obama is a direct descendent of those slave catchers/merchants. He has zero slave-blood which should be a point of note to those who claim slave-blood and blame the white man for all their problems.

    BO was not raised in the hood and his claim to understanding the slave experience is zip, zero, zilch, nada, nil, etc. He was abandoned by his (Muslim) father and raised by his socialist mother and grand parents in Hawaii where he attended a high school available to only the most affluent in Hawaiian society (Paid for by who you ask? Me too.) then on to be spoon fed a steady diet of socialism in some institutions of higher learning (Paid for by who again) which led him to the most corrupt city in America where he gained his “black authenticity”. Herman Cain has more “black authenticity” in his little finger than BO has in his entire body.

    Comment by Dux | October 15, 2011

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