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Obama at campaign stop to subdued crowd: Go ahead and clap…please…pretty please…


out his bus tour on a low-key note, President Obama made a pitch for his jobs package at a firehouse, where a subdued crowd needed a bit of prompting to applaud his proposal to boost the economy.

Obama visited Fire Station 9 to draw attention to a major piece of his $447-billion jobs package. He wants to spread $35 billion among states and cities, in part to prevent layoffs of police and firefighters, and would pay for it with a surtax on millionaires. Congress may vote on that measure as early as this week.

On Wednesday afternoon, Obama stood at a lectern against a backdrop of firefighters and offered his prescription for solving the persistent jobs crisis: “A fair shot for everybody; a fair share from everybody. That’s the principle that built America.”

The president got a polite reception from the 100 or so people crowded into the station garage. Early in his speech he mentioned his American Jobs Act.

One or two people clapped.

“You can go ahead and clap,” the president said. “Go ahead, nothing wrong with it.”

It’s pitiful when Uhhh-bama has to beg for applause…and still gets virtually none of it.


October 20, 2011 - Posted by | Obama


  1. This should be the same response he gets wherever he goes, he might get the idea to pull out of the race. Nah. He ain’t that smart. His handlers want martial law and him as the dictator if it looks like he won’t be re-elected. The OWS looks set to give him his excuse for the martial law part with an escalation of violence at the protests.

    Comment by J. Guidry, Battlefield, MO. | October 20, 2011

  2. If he had 100 people show up to a firehouse, they’re likely union members that were forced to attend the party.

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | October 20, 2011

  3. And if “…and a fair share FROM everyone…” refers to taking the property ($) of some and just giving it to others who did not work for it, and THAT is the principle that built America…PLEASE SHOW ME EXAMPLES, because my HUGE CROCK OF HORSE CRAP meter is pegged out at FULL!!!
    What built America was the drive and ambition of her citizens…not a huge population of “hey, gimmie some of THAT”.
    He makes me wanna vomit……

    Comment by Kevin | October 20, 2011

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