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Obama: Screw Congress, I’ll “heal the economy” by executive fiat

Yeah, his policies thus far have been so wildly successful that…they made the economy worse and got his party run out of power by the electorate.  So what do you do when the peasants revolt against you?  Why, you take matters into your own hands, the Constitution and the will of the people be damned!  Details:

President Barack Obama told an audience in Nevada on Monday that he will be regularly announcing “executive actions” his administration will take to “heal the economy” without the “dysfunctional” Congress.

“I’m here to say to all of you and to say to the people of Nevada and the people of Las Vegas, we can’t wait for an increasingly dysfunctional Congress to do its job. Where they won’t act, I will,” Obama said.

I’ve told my administration to keep looking every single day for actions we can take without Congress, steps that can save consumers money, make government more efficient and responsive, and help heal the economy. And we’re going to be announcing these executive actions on a regular basis,” the president said.

Right, because growing the leviathan of Big Government is a great way to…um…save money and make government efficient.  Alrighty then.

Well, when the economy doesn’t improve (and there are no signs that it will), he won’t be able to argue that it wasn’t his fault.  OK, he’ll try to argue that (and, naturally, blame it on Bush), but that dog won’t hunt anymore.  Normal America sees right through it.

Remember when the left hated a perceived overstepping executive branch?  Good times, good times.


October 25, 2011 - Posted by | big government, economic ignorance, Obama


  1. It’s going to take decades to undo the damage done by the Marxist. Sad days for America indeed!

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | October 25, 2011

  2. Agreed…heartbroken, but I fully agree. Thanks a freaking lot, all of you morons that voted for this communist, political phantom (prior to his #!?%*ing up the country as president, anyway)

    Comment by Kevin | October 25, 2011

  3. The Teleprompter-in-Chief warned everybody what he would do once in office and he’s been doing just that as promised. He told Joe the Plumber that he was going to promote communism by his “Spread the Wealth” policy!

    Comment by tnjack | October 31, 2011

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