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Pelosi: Boeing plant in SC should unionize or shut down

Can you believe those crazy Republicans are anti-jobs?  The nerve of them.  Anywho, from Granny Botox:

In an interview late last week, House Minority Leaeder Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told CNBC that Boeing should either unionize its production facilities in South Carolina, or shut them down entirely.

“Do you think it’s right that Boeing has to close down that plant in South Carolina because it’s non union?” asked host Maria Bartiromo. Pelosi’s reply: “Yes.”

The minority leader quickly added that she would rather it simply unionize and stay open. But barring unionization, by Pelosi’s reasoning, it should simply shut down.

Apparently, the only jobs worth creating are union jobs.  Never mind that S.C. workers chose differently when given a chance:

Pelosi may or may not know that workers at the South Carolina plant in question voted resoundingly (199-68) to decertify their union two years ago. Government policies that would close the plant for being a non-union shop would simply be punishing those workers for exercising their right to determine union representation for themselves.

Yeah, well what do they know about their own factory, right?  San Fran Nan is much more in tune with SC working conditions than the workers actually there, huh?


November 1, 2011 - Posted by | big government, corruption, economic ignorance, Pelosi, San Francisco, unions


  1. Straight out of the left’s playbook, no? They know what is better for those who are directly involved even more than those who ARE directly involved. The old, “We know what’s best for you, so just listen to US”. Just like Obama-care.
    The sheer gall though – to explicitly say that if people don’t belong to a union, then they don’t deserve to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Kevin | November 1, 2011

  2. Kevin, c’mon, are you really surprised by the crap commin’ out the mouth of granny botox? I’m not. With the NLRB in the pocket of this administration and the unions, I expect nothing less from the left. The unions got ’em elected, they gotta push for more union members to keep the trend goin’.
    Freakin’ liberals, just makes my blood pressure rise.

    Comment by J. Guidry, Battlefield, MO. | November 2, 2011

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