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Occupy Oakland turns violent

Just remember, folks: this is what the 99% supposedly looks like.  Mass vandalism, shouts of “F*** the police!”, etc.  Why, they’re practically indistinguishable from our neighbors!

Story and video, lots of video, here.



November 3, 2011 - Posted by | California, moonbats, Occupy Wall Street


  1. Yep, they’re just like the Tea Party….except for the violence, filth, disrespect, rapes, theft, destruction of property, entitlement mentality….

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | November 3, 2011

  2. I agree with you, Kanaka Girl. This whole “occupy” thing was planned out many months ago, before it “spontaneously” began. By the libs, socialists, commies, etc. Glenn Beck had a audio tape of the planning session on his site at one time. Don’t know if it’s still around. Haven’t looked for it. We need a backlash for this mess. Something which will just shut it down completely. They’re starting to look more and more like citizens of a European country. Can’t trust the city officials to do anything substantial, not with the Holder DOJ around to sue ’em.

    Comment by J. Guidry, Battlefield, MO. | November 3, 2011

  3. Considering that a group of anti-capitalists in Canada helped organize this “spontaneous” movement months ago exposes it for what it really is. I hope that once the primaries are done, and the media will have to give a SMALL amount of air time to the GOP candidate (at least during debates), the GOP candidate will rip them all open and rally the REAL majority around him.

    Comment by Kevin | November 3, 2011


    Comment by Im_bonafide | November 3, 2011

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