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Ron Paul: Yeah, I had a lot of racist and anti-Semitic stuff in my personal newsletters, but I only wrote the non-racist parts of the newsletters and not the “8-10” sentences you don’t like. Yeah, those were written by…um…someone else.

Quick primer, for those who haven’t been following…

Ron Paul wrote a series of newsletters back in the day that dealt with economics, foreign policy, and…those darned blacks, gays, and Jews.  Details:

For years, Ron Paul published a series of newsletters that dispensed political news and investment advice, but also routinely indulged in bigotry. Here’s a selection of some especially inflammatory passages, with links to scanned images of the original documents in which they appeared. …

There are examples of his bigotry and paranoia at this site, and a helluva lot more than what he says:

PAUL: Well, the newsletters were written, you know, a long time ago. And I wrote a certain portion of them. I would write the economics. So a lot of what you just mentioned… his would be material that I would turn in, and it would become part of the letter. But there were many times when I didn’t edit the whole letter, and things got put in. And I didn’t even really become aware of the details of that until many years later when somebody else called and said, you know what was in it? But these were sentences that were put in, a total of eight or ten sentences, and it was bad stuff. It wasn’t a reflection of my views at all. So it got in the letter, I thought it was terrible, it was tragic, you know and I had some responsibility for it, because name went on the letter. But I was not an editor. I’m like a publisher. And if you think of publishers of newspapers, once in a while they get pretty junky stuff in newspapers. And they have to say that this is not the position of that newspaper, and this is certainly the case. But I actually put a type of a newsletter out, it was a freedom report, investment, survival report — every month since 1976. So this is probably ten sentences out of 10,000 pages, for all I know. I think it’s bad that happened but I disavowed all these views, and people who know me best, people of my district, have heard these stories for years and years, and they know they weren’t a reflection of anything I believed in, and it never hurt me politically. Right now, I think it’s the same case, too. People are desperate to find something.

Check out the first link.  That’s a boatload more than “8-10” sentences.

Allah sums it up best:

The question isn’t whether Paul’s a racist, it’s whether the racist elements in the newsletters point to a more broadly paranoid worldview that Paul does appear to hold in some respects.

Paul may or may not be racist, anti-Semitic, or a conspiracy nutjob.  But the fact that he attracts so many of them and doesn’t discourage them nor distance himself from them (and in fact flirts openly with them) says a lot about his judgment and of the kind of person that these unsavory miscreants think he is.

OK, I just laid the bait for the Paulistinians.  Let’s see how many of them bite!  😆

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