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MSNBC’s Maddow: You know who’s totally unbiased? We are!

Early morning beverage warning, because that Maddow dude “gal” is really huffing some primo fumes.  Quote:

“Yeah. That’s exactly right. We are not, we, there may be liberals on TV at MSNBC, but the network is not operating with a political objective. Whereas Fox is operating with a political objective to elect Republican candidates, and particularly, to elect Republican candidates Roger Ailes likes. I think Roger Ailes is a really good TV executive, but their operation is essentially a political operation to elect Republicans.”

As Ace says about Maddow (and this warrants a beverage warning, too):

I’ll have what she’s having (vagina).

Heh.  😆

I don’t even know if both of Maddow’s viewers at MSDNC believe that.

January 3, 2012 - Posted by | Fox News, media bias, MSNBC


  1. Of course they do!

    Comment by Kevin | January 3, 2012

  2. Its gettin’ even nuttier out there. The “Madcow” is talking through her exit hole and hoping if she says it enough, somebody will believe her.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    Comment by J. Guidry, Battlefield, MO. | January 3, 2012

  3. That’s exactly how democrats do business!
    But the prudent considers well his steps. ”

    The “simple” (liberal) believes EVERY WORD that spills out of the media’s mouth…every WORD!

    Comment by Kevin | January 3, 2012

  4. Pardon me but I’m typing this without a head after it blew up after watching 5 min of the MSNBC broadcast last night while FOX was on commercial break. (FOX needs to make money by selling air time, unlike NBC news funded by the DNC and NBC Entertainment). MSNBC has on air all night: Madow, Sharpton (A 2 time Dem Presidential candidate), Mathews, and other fails talk show hosts from the openly Liberal, Al Gore/George Soros funded Air America Network. No not biased at all.

    FOX on the other hand did have Palin, but only once and briefly. They also had Carl Rove, who only reported as a numbers man and electing specialist not as a Republican. FOX also had on all night, Juan Williams, an openly Liberal commentator for FOX.

    And let’s be honest, even though both parties held caucuses last night, there was only one election, so doesn’t it make more sense to have more Republican talking heads on than Democrat. Isn’t it what people were watching for last night. So FOX, that’s in business to make money, gives the viewing public what they want. And just like liberals, MSNBC ignores the will of the people, believe their lie of being nonbiased, and drive their network into it irrelevancy.

    Comment by Steve | January 4, 2012

  5. But, hey, how ’bout those evil RICH??!?! 🙂

    Comment by Kevin | January 4, 2012

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