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Ron Paul bolts from CNN reporter…again

Look, anytime CNN gets pimp-slapped, I grin like Obama reading Das Kapital.  But come on, man:

During a campaign stop here Monday morning, Mr. Paul’s staff abruptly cut off a brief interview with the CNN reporter Dana Bash when she asked about his ability to connect with voters in New Hampshire.

A top aide to Mr. Paul, Jesse Benton, could be seen — and heard — shouting at Ms. Bash as Mr. Paul walked away from Ms. Bash.

“This is junk,” Mr. Benton said. “We’re stopping.”

Ms. Bash, who was interviewing Mr. Paul a few feet away from a group of reporters, had posed a timely question: a few hours earlier, a middle-aged woman had become angry with Mr. Paul for not spending enough time talking to voters at a crowded diner in Manchester.

The woman, an Obama voter last time who said she was open to voting for Mr. Paul, even approached Mr. Paul’s S.U.V. as he prepared to drive off and began shouting at him through the closed car door to return to the diner and meet her and her mother.

Ms. Bash had asked Mr. Paul to talk about the episode, prompting Mr. Benton to intervene.

In an exchange captured on camera, Mr. Benton and Mr. Paul told Ms. Bash that it was the news media’s fault that he could not talk to more voters at the diner, because a gaggle of cameras had formed around the candidate in the narrow restaurant, restricting his movements.

“You the media did this to her,” Mr. Paul said of the woman in the diner. “She should have been furious with you.”

So it’s CNN’s fault that Paul took off instead of meeting with voters?

This is what gets me about the Paulistinians.  They whine about how their guy is getting a media boycott, and when the MSM finally does examine him and want to talk to him, he punks out…and naturally, the braindead Paulistinians support him when he does.  Paul could mow down a busload of special needs schoolchildren, and the Paulistinians would argue that the little snot-nosed neocon b#stards had it coming to them.


January 10, 2012 - Posted by | CNN, Ron Paul

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  1. I knew it! Admit it…how long has Israel been paying you?!?!?!
    When Ron Paul proves that George Bush and Israel know that there are frozen bodies killed in a space ship crash over Roswell NM, and that they have physical proof that Klingons have been visiting us for centuries, boy YOU will sure look like the fool…or something.
    Ron Paul, 2012 baby!!!!!! (ALERT: To liberals and Paulistinians who may not be able to discern…This was a joke)

    Comment by Kevin | January 10, 2012

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