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Liberalism: Why think when you can “feel”?

President’s proposal to deal with the high gas prices he wanted in the first place? Algae.


Can the Republicans really screw this up in a year when gas will possibly hit $5?  You better believe it.

February 24, 2012 - Posted by | energy, Obama


  1. Heck yeah…Algae is the answer! Hannity made the best statement I have heard in a long time while he was interviewing some hair-brained liberal. The left wing tool kept bringing up the term “alternative energy sources”, and Hannity stopped him and said, “In order for it to be alternative energy sources, there must BE alternatives”, rather than theoretical, yet-future, technology-awaiting IDEAS.
    Gasoline and diesel are alternative fuel sources because they EXIST and are available as an alternative from one another. But HINDERING the use of what fuel alternatives we currently have (oil is one such alternative, as compared to coal, natural gas, horses and buggies, whatever) while waiting and WISHING for new alternatives is foolish and intentionally misleading.
    To suggest that we EXPLORE “alternatives” while NOT using what we have available is a slight of hand anti-energy tactic. WINDMILLS, SOLAR panels, GREEN MOSS, or even the hot air from Nancy Pelosi’s sewage canal of a mouth are NOT alternatives, they are fancy potentials (minus Pelosi’s air) that still require technology to be INVENTED in order to be able to use anything effectively. Yet-to-be invented technologies are NOT alternatives. They are wish lists! (Like saying :wouldn’t it be GREAT if we had warp drive? Yeah, let’s ignore our oil resources and wait for “someone” to invent warp drive!)
    The flux capacitor from “Back to the Future” would be GREAT, but it is not a reality yet…but Marty still has to DRIVE the dang car!!!
    Hannity asked the question (that his guest would not answer other than assert a non-truth about oil production), “Why can’t we do BOTH? Why won’t the liberals allow the USA to fully exploit its oil resources while alternative energy sources are RESEARCHED? Why does it have to be one or the other rather than both?”
    Now THAT is a question I would like to see in the debates once a nominee is picked.
    But ALGAE…seriously? The Idiot in Chief also promised that if we just air our tires up better, there would be MUCH less a demand for fuel. So, I’m gonna try that.Next time my tank runs out of gas, I’m gonna air up my tires!!

    Comment by Kevin | February 24, 2012

  2. This entire administration is run on air, hot and/or otherwise. No doubt the administration is Marxist, question is whether it’s Karl or Groucho.

    Comment by Dux | February 24, 2012

  3. Keep in mind that the scrotum is intent on destroying this nation. There is no doubt that he and the liberals will not be satisfied until we all live like the folks in the middle east. Then the moozies can take over and make us even more miserable.
    People need to get a clue and read the Ovomits books. He is a muslim and so are many in his administration. Why else would he refuse to allow drilling here and now? To keep us dependent on mideast oil and keep his true cultists in power over us. Bankrupt our country and they have a cakewalk to take over. Unless they can get our guns out of our hands, that cakewalk may not be as easy as they think. The liberals who claim they are patriots are the ones being fooled and they will pay for accepting that deception.
    Dux, its Karl. No doubt. Along with a dose of heavy moozie thrown in.
    Liberalism is a serious mental disorder.

    Comment by J. Guidry, Battlefield, MO. | February 24, 2012

  4. Well, I totally blame Obama for his anti-energy policies. The left uses their slick schemes and they point to “increased domestic oil production”, but they totally, and intentionally, refuse to identify the increased production as being on PRIVATE land, where they cannot (as yet) get their cruby little rat-claws and stop it…they are working on that. As far as gov’t land…well…ahem..uh… “domestic production is UP”…..”never mind it is only up because it is on land that we can’t exercise Caesar-like control over…yet”.
    And, if they would shut up and let the USA drill their own oil, then we would not need the Middle East.
    That being said, this I totally blame on Obama…but every other president in the past, at least as I have seen, has not crusaded to open all US oil resources for full exploitation either. Our dependence on foreign oil did not start with Obama, but his claim that his “success” has been undermined by the prior administration (and every other person he can blame, since he will never claim any blame as HIS)…where was I??? Oh, yeah, his claim to be reeling under the failures of the former administration dries up by the fact that he, our great “savior” in Chief, could have crusaded to free us from dependence on foreign oil and he has REFUSED. That, he cannot blame on Bush. That one is HIS. All he has to do is stop being in contempt of federal court orders, and further ignore the moronic chants of the environmental Earth-worshipers and let the oil get COLLECTED. He could stand apart from his predecessor, whom he loves to blame, by aggressively seeking to maximize domestic oil production, which would actually create a REAL job with a REAL shovel….but…..nope.
    He chooses, instead, to restrict oil production where he has the power to do so (gov’t land and of shore), and just sit and hope for a “miracle” invention.
    Liberals claim that it is faulty to assume that if we increased domestic production that it could adequately influence GLOBAL markets enough to lower prices…but then Iran cuts off oil production to England and France, and guess affects the GLOBAL market………

    Comment by Kevin | February 25, 2012

  5. This entire administration is run on air, hot and/or otherwise. No doubt the administration is Marxist, question is whether it’s Karl or Groucho.

    Comment by Dux | February

    I think it’s both and the same.

    Comment by tnjack | February 25, 2012

  6. they’re smoking algae

    Comment by Kevin | March 1, 2012

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