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RIP Andrew Breitbart

Dude…I’m friggin’ stunned.  Not often I can be rendered speechless.

Gone at age 43.

Lefties, please contain your sick selves.  If you look back when Ted Kennedy died, I didn’t exactly urinate on his grave.  Please behave like grown-ups, if you’re capable of it.


March 1, 2012 - Posted by | conservatism


  1. Vaya Con Dios Andrew. You were a true warrior for truth and you will be missed. My prayers are with the Breitbart family.
    Sad….. 😦

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | March 1, 2012

  2. Andrew will be missed greatly. As Kanaka Girl stated “you were a true warrior for truth”. Hopefully someone will step into the immense void left by his passing and carry on with the fight against the left. My condolences and prayers to the Breitbart family.
    Liberalism is a serious mental disorder.

    Comment by J. Guidry, Battlefield, MO. | March 1, 2012

  3. He did a few things I thought were unforgivable. Aside from that, he was fun to watch and not afraid of debating the other side. I liked that. Very scary how people can succumb just like that. I need to go hug my kids.

    Comment by Alli | March 1, 2012

  4. He was aggressive against the left, which THEY will never forgive, and the venom is predictably flowing, but I agree with Rush; it would likely amuse Andrew anyway.
    I hope ten more people step up to that plate!

    Comment by Kevin | March 1, 2012

  5. Kevin, the Sherrod case is what I was talking about. BTW, I did pretty much urinate on Ted Kennedy’s grave – not for fun, just ignored it. As for who will step up to the plate, part of Andrew’s appeal for me was his simultaneous passion and disdain for Hollywood. Don’t know of anyone who would fill that.

    Comment by Alli | March 1, 2012

  6. 43 year old men do not just fall over dead.

    Comment by Dux | March 1, 2012

  7. 43 year old men do not just fall over dead.

    Maybe he heard 1 time too many about filling his tires with air and choked to death? My condolences to his family also and as KG said he will be missed.

    Comment by tnjack | March 1, 2012

  8. You didn’t Crush, but Breitbart did (figuratively). Water under the bridge since he’s gone. Condolences to his family. Poor wife and small children shouldn’t be without their husband/dad. Tragic. SO young. 😦

    Comment by Spinny Liberal | March 1, 2012

  9. If it is water under the bridge, why mention it? Just curious…

    Comment by Kevin | March 2, 2012

  10. Water under the bridge…Ted Kennedy…Spinny, are you baiting me into a gratuitous Chappaquiddick reference? Come on, I’m more sophisticated than THAT! (pause) OK, why lie? I am nowhere NEAR sophisticated! 😆

    Comment by crushliberalism | March 2, 2012

  11. Mary Jo’s murder was not a vast right wing conspiracy. Brietbart’s death on the other hand just looks to me as far too convenient for the left. I think Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, I’m positive man landed on the moon and I’m sure that 9/11 was not an inside job……but damn, this stinks.

    Comment by Dux | March 3, 2012

  12. @crush – 😆 I sure walked into that one!!
    @Kevin – I succumbed to the temptation of reminding people about his comments when Ted Kennedy died.

    Comment by Spinny Liberal | March 3, 2012

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