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Conventional wisdom that Obama can’t lose to fractured GOP has been proven wrong before

A very reassuring column by William McGurn at WSJ.  You MUST read it if you have anxiety that the GOP is going to blow a sure thing this November.


Not since Herbert Hoover has a party out of power had such an opportunity to run against everything that troubles the American family—prices, interest rates, unemployment, taxes, or the fear for the future of their old age or the future of their children—than is now presented to the Republican Party.

The Republicans, however, haven’t figured this out. This is their basic problem. They have no strategy for defeating an Obama administration that is highly vulnerable on both domestic and foreign policy.

That’s the conventional wisdom in a nutshell, isn’t it?

It will come as no surprise that these words appeared in a Feb. 29 column in the New York Times. They are reproduced here exactly as written, save for one small adjustment.

The president whose failings they describe is Jimmy Carter, not Barack Obama. The lines were written in 1980, not 2012. The author was the then-dean of conventional wisdom, James “Scotty” Reston. The headline was “Jimmy Carter’s Luck,” a reference to Reagan’s victory in the New Hampshire primary three days earlier.

It appears the conventional wisdom hasn’t changed much. Today’s narrative holds that however weak President Obama’s hand, Republicans find themselves in no position to capitalize on it. A glance back to where we were at this exact point in the 1980 primaries suggests otherwise.

It then goes on to recount the history of the 1980 primary.  Seriously, you NEED to read it!

Granted, it goes without saying that Mit Romney and Rick Santorum are NO Ronald Reagan.  But as McGurn points out, at this stage of the election of 1980, Ronald Reagan was no Ronald Reagan.  While the parallels can only be examined so much, the point is that conventional wisdom was WAY off at a time that the country was hungry to get rid of an inept, harmful, in-over-his-head president…you know, like today?

In other words, fear not.  At least, not yet!  🙂  I’m not gonna go all Chip Diller on you, but I am going to say that I don’t think we’re in bad shape yet.  We have to wait for the missteps from Romney (or Santorum) when people are paying attention, not right now.

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  1. People forget Reagan was not Reagan at this point in 1980. Greatness is noticing the moment, doing the right thing, damned public opinion and the opinion of the political movers and then letting success happen.

    Obama had his opportunity 3 1/2 years ago. Rather than Greatness, he has squandered every opportunity to turn this country around.

    Who knows if Mitt, Rick, Newt or Ron have what it takes to be great. One things sure. They all have the ability to be greater than Obama!

    Comment by Steve | March 6, 2012

  2. Under Jimmah Cahtah, we had sky high interest rates, bottomed out DJIA, one failed military op after another, and I could be mistaken but I think Carter’s approval rating percentage was in the 30’s. When Reagan finally got to debate Carter and asked, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” that was the beginning of the end of Carter.

    Today, the messiah still has an approval rating of 48.3% according to RCP. The only reason it’s that high, IMO, is due to the aid of the MSM going along with his phony accounting of unemployment, inflation, job creation, And this while we have no one on point, hammering Obamao on gas prices, REAL unemployment, food stamps, the devaluation of the dollar, and so on. Instead we let the MSM and George Snuffleupagus dictate our talking points. The exception and example of how to combat this was Gingrich (see, taking David Gregory from Meet the Depressed to the woodshed.

    That is why we need to get behind one nominee as soon as possible. It does not improve our chances of winning the White House if we have to wait until the convention. It would be bad enough if we have to wait until June 5th before someone get’s the nod but waiting until August to select the nominee to go against THIS incumbent, and you might as well not have a nominee. I’m not a Mitt fan, not now, not ever. But we need one candidate to emerge soon to have enough time to drive home the message, and if that’s Romney then so be it.

    To quote Reagan: Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when [Barack Obama] loses his.

    Comment by Im_bonafide | March 6, 2012

  3. Well, Obama is enjoying the one thing he didn’t have last time; he isn’t being challenged for nomination (they should, but aren’t). That being said, the liberal media is predictably focusing on the “fractured” party image…but once there is a nominee, that is likely to change. There will be only one (wow…sounds like the movie “Highlander”), then the attention WILL shift to the record-defending that you can COUNT on from the media, but Obama will not get to sit quietly by anymore. I predict Obama’s typical lack of leadership ethic (his refusal to accept responsibility for his failures) as he -continues- to blame everyone but himself, and I suspect that the republicans will rally around the nominee because they will be SICK of Obama’s bull crap excuses and lies and finger-pointing. I suspect he will be business-as-usual pro-union, class warfare Obama and the right will get angry at HIM again instead of each other (like they were back in 2010). Just my prediction..I could be wrong, certainly.
    The beauty is that as aggressively as the media will try to silence rebuttals from the right, they WILL have to give SOME air time to the Republican candidate because they will have to air the presidential debates; this is where the candidate will have the chance to BLOCK the liberal slight-of-hand deception of Obama and his back-pocket media.
    I agree with the others too…the so-called approval ratings of Obama (which I don’t buy anyway) is due to the media’s efforts to reinvent truth and falsely report the true situation in this nation. When it turns one-on-one…Obama will be called out on that. I just hope those who vote for a living won’t outnumber those who work for a living (or used to) on election day.

    Comment by Kevin | March 7, 2012

  4. hey Steve, just give the guy four more years. If we would JUST give him the chance to continue what is sucking so massively, he promises that it will magically QUIT sucking.
    That’s realistic, right?

    Comment by Kevin | March 7, 2012

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