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Another “don’t despair or listen to the MSM about November” column

Excellent column, an excerpt of which is here:

We do know a few things. Obama won in 2008 with 53 percent of the vote during a perfect Democratic storm — an inspiring, blank-slate candidate, against a relatively weak Republican opponent, in a discontented, war-weary nation. Conditions for Obama in 2012 are likely to be less favorable.

As I count it, Obama’s job approval rating, as measured by Gallup, is 45 percent or lower in 12 battleground states — Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. These are the political conditions at the worst moments of intra-Republican bloodletting. If this is the bottom of GOP political fortunes, it is not very low.

The strategy of a Republican presidential candidate is straightforward. While keeping the states carried by the GOP in 2008, he must win back Indiana, Virginia and North Carolina — none a particularly heavy lift. He must take Ohio and Florida. Then he needs only to win one more state.

Another column refers to Romney as the new Bob Dole.  That’s not entirely accurate or fair.  For one thing, the economy was doing well in 1996.  For another, Bill Clinton had regained his popularity, thanks to Newt and the government shutdown.  Despite his personal approval ratings, Americans believe that Chairman Zero’s first term has been a failure of Carterlike proportions, and the economy is NOT doing well by any measure (real or manufactured).

I think back to the Senate race here in FL in 2010.  When it was clear that Charlie Crist was going to get smoked by Marco Rubio in the Senate GOP primary, Crist bolted and ran as an independent.  He led in all polls, sometimes by double digits, well into the late summer.  Pundits wondered if he could do it, though a number of them said “The numbers are bad for Crist, so his lead in the polls will not hold.”  Crist got crushed in the general election.

In other words…just wait and see.  This isn’t 1996.  This isn’t 2010.  Despite what the Cheerleader Media is telling you, B.O. is in massive trouble.  And he knows it.


March 10, 2012 - Posted by | Obama, Romney


  1. It’s a simple case of silent majority…
    Remember 2010…? Well, multiply that by 100.
    I cannot be the only one who feels that way, I just other people would realize that concept.

    Comment by TheOhioConservative | March 10, 2012

  2. The media did their d#$-dest to convince America that they were actually going to vote Carter into a second term with their twisted predictions…and Carter got sodomized at the ballot box by Ronal Reagan (whom the media was “CERTAIN” couldn’t win).
    We see much of the same crap going on here. What the HECK do you expect Obama’s back-pocket media to say except that he is going to beat the nominee???

    Comment by Kevin | March 10, 2012

  3. With Obamao facing a sure, uphill battle, regardless of what the MSM wants to propagandize, there’s really only one thing left at this point for Obamao to do. His NCAA Bracket Picks.

    Comment by Im_bonafide | March 12, 2012

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