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Bahamian vacation

No, I’m not talking about Chairman Zero needing another break after a grueling two weeks back at work.  I’m talking about me. 

These last two weeks at the office have been more chaotic than a blind lesbian at a seafood market.  And after subsidizing a Detroit welfare brood mare’s chosen lifestyle of lethargy and her plethora of babydaddies, I need a break.

So, I’m off to the Bahamas.  Being a one-percenter friggin’ RULES, baby!  😆

I’ll be back next week.  If your phone DOESN’T ring…it’s me!  🙂

March 16, 2012 - Posted by | non-political


  1. It’s 2012 and you’re too young to make lame gay jokes. And have a wonderful time!

    Comment by Alli | March 19, 2012

  2. The seafood thing was pretty gross! eew

    Comment by Kevin | March 20, 2012

  3. Alli, you’ve been around here long enough to know better than to expect differently from me. 😆

    Besides, I totally disagree with you…I didn’t think it was lame! 😆

    Comment by crushliberalism | March 24, 2012

  4. I hope you turned the trip into an Amphibious Training Session and not just a plain ol’ boat-ride and that you conquered some nautical terminology. If so, you can now use terms like: head, fore, aft, fantail, forecastle, gunwhale, deck, bulkhead, overhead, passageway, ladder, scuttlebutt, gangway, chow call, messdeck, galley, underway, scupper, etc., and you can dazzle and educate your CL followers even more on your return.

    I hope you had fair winds and following seas and lots of relaxation and recreation.

    Now get back to work, it’s 2012 for Gods sake!!!

    Comment by Dux | March 25, 2012

  5. I’m back, sir! I’m ready to roll, too! 😆

    Comment by crushliberalism | March 25, 2012

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