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Obama’s big government nanny state: We’ll ban kids from doing farm chores

Yeah, let’s get four more years of crap like this, right?

A proposal from the Obama administration to prevent children from doing farm chores has drawn plenty of criticism from rural-district members of Congress. But now it’s attracting barbs from farm kids themselves.

The Department of Labor is poised to put the finishing touches on a rule that would apply child-labor laws to children working on family farms, prohibiting them from performing a list of jobs on their own families’ land.

Under the rules, children under 18 could no longer work “in the storing, marketing and transporting of farm product raw materials.”

“Prohibited places of employment,” a Department press release read, “would include country grain elevators, grain bins, silos, feed lots, stockyards, livestock exchanges and livestock auctions.”

The new regulations, first proposed August 31 by Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, would also revoke the government’s approval of safety training and certification taught by independent groups like 4-H and FFA, replacing them instead with a 90-hour federal government training course. …

There’s more there, and you really should read it.  Good grief, will this statist nincompoop please be booted in November?

April 25, 2012 - Posted by | big government, Obama, shameful


  1. So we prohibit kids from working on the farm. But that doesn’t eliminate the work they did. Those jobs still have to be performed. But who could farmers get to do those manuel labor jobs the kids would normally do? There must be someone…. but who??

    Comment by Im_Bonafide | April 25, 2012

  2. I thought this one had been quashed last fall. I guess not. Time to get the Congress rats to shut down the Labor freeloaders. This sneaky crap has got to stop. Everytime ya turn around this a**hole in the oval orifice is trying to shove something down our throats. I’m thinking this one will defenitely backfire on the idiot-in-chief.
    Liberalism is a serious mental disorder.

    Comment by Jules P. Guidry | April 25, 2012

  3. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis,…. How could Nobama find SO MANY extreme idiots to put in charge?

    Comment by tnjack | April 25, 2012

  4. The abject retardation of these knuckle-walking, mouth-breathers, is astounding. Where have you gone Joe Dimmagio, our nation turns its lonely heart to you…..

    Comment by C.W. Caldwell | April 26, 2012

  5. tnjack…birds of a feather flock together, so when one rosts in the WHite House, he need only call upon his flock.
    Problem is, there are scores of “useful idiots” that he will manipulate come November, and serious issues won;t matter to them…they will just be mad because some people are rich, and vote for Obama…who’s…um….rich?

    Comment by Kevin | April 26, 2012

  6. A couple of points.
    1) Let’s make it harder to teach this next and future generations of children the importance of work and work ethics.
    2) It’s hard enough to keep the kids on the family farm as is, but now the next generation won’t know how to farm as they won’t learn from their parents.
    3) This may be a play to earn the votes of migrant workers and immigrants who will have to take the child’s place and their union.
    4) This may be the Obama administration’s way of sticking it to the Family Farmer that vote for Republicans.

    Comment by Steve | April 27, 2012

  7. Let’s take out one more thing from the hand of people, family, parents. Let kid’s loitering around shopping centers, puffing joints. Not working,, not learning, they will be more dependent on government.
    Hurray liberalism.

    Comment by d35 | April 27, 2012

  8. Steve….I hear they are already backing down, but I agree; since rural farmers are not a traditional base for his ilk, I doubt he gives a fat flip about them. Funny, how this president claims that Romney doesn’t “relate” to the American People (I hate when Obama uses that term because he always says it like he is some great champion of the “American People”, yet he seeks to take our freedom in bulk)…but exactly HOW does a wealthy Urban Chicago Ivy League politician relate to the farmers and blue collar workers of this nation???
    Anyone? A little help?

    Comment by Kevin | April 27, 2012

  9. Kevin, the Obama admin. will do this like they do everything, with fiat and executive orders in secret.

    We won’t know the full extent of his corruption until we vote him and the Senate Democrats out.

    Comment by Steve | April 28, 2012

  10. no,Steve, he wouldn’t do that! He’s “transparent”, remember?

    Comment by Kevin | April 30, 2012

  11. Really disturbing how this administration intentionally targets the dismantling of the very roots and foundation of this once great country. Hard work, family, and the rewards that naturally result from the combination of the two disrupt the entitlement and welfare philosophy of the “depend on me” big govt. liberal agenda. I know from personal contacts that the family farm kids are of the most honest, hard working and integrity laden young people I have ever met in my life. I’ll trust one of them to watch my back any day, especially when compared to the inner city gang banger crowd we’re supposed to feel sorry for. Maybe a few months on the farm would kick the lazy “feel sorry for me” cancer out of the degenerate’s we’re handing the welfare checks over to. Hey Michelle, no need to worry about these farm kids eating chips and twinkies, because they’re working it off on the farm………..

    Comment by Gregg | May 6, 2012

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