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Obama loses at least one delegate in WV Democrat primary, doesn’t crack 60% of the vote…against a federal inmate?

Oh, this is delicious!

An obscure federal prison inmate gave President Obama an unexpected run for his money in the West Virginia Democratic Primary Tuesday, highlighting the deep dislike for the president in the Appalachian heartland.

With 96% of the precincts reporting Tuesday night, Keith Judd was holding steady at 41% of the vote and had won ten counties.

Judd is also known as federal prison inmate Number 11593-051 at the Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution in Beaumont, Texas, where Judd is serving a 210-month sentence for extortion and making threats at the University of New Mexico in 1999.

According to both state and national Democratic Party rules, Keith Russell Judd is entitled to receive at least one delegate from West Virginia for the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. because he received 15% of the vote.

Dude couldn’t get 60% of West Virginia Democrats on board in a primary with a joke of an opponent.  A convict.  How friggin’ awesome is that?  😆


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Lugar shown the door in Indiana GOP primary

Sen. Richard Lugar has been thumbing his nose at the conservative base for years.  Back in 2006, he wanted Mexico’s permission to build a fence/wall along OUR border.  Two years ago, he voted FOR the Dream amnesty act, fresh on the heels of the Tea Party wave.  And let’s not forget his support for TARP and such.

So last night, he became the first incumbent Senator this election cycle to lose a primary.  And it wasn’t even close.

If you want another reason to be glad he’s gone, his loss is being lamented by Jean-Francois Heinz-Kerry, who is rumored to have served in Vietnam.  If Kerry laments a Republican losing his seat, it’s probably a good thing.

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