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Liberalism: Why think when you can “feel”?

Obama hearts “redistribution”

Notice in the video clip the Alinsky-like laugh of ridicule when confronted with the assertion that he’s a socialist.  But hey, who are you gonna believe: The One, or your lying eyes & ears?

Socialism fails.  Every time.  Without exception.

September 20, 2012 - Posted by | big government, Obama, Romney, socialism


  1. In case there was any doubt that the Ovomit is a socialist, this clip should put that to rest. Yeah, right. The media will never acknowledge its existence. You’ll only see it on the conservative media and on the internet. Thank God there is the internet covering this one. And all the rest of the stuff the media will not cover.
    He is a flaming Marxist socialist, always has been, always will be. Wake up, people.
    The Romney campaign needs to get this one aired daily, all day long, everyday. Along with a bunch of others. Attack, attack, attack. This is a freakin’ war for our country we got going on here, act like it.
    Liberalism is a serious mental disorder.

    Comment by Jules P. Guidry | September 20, 2012

  2. You’re right JPG – NBC refused to air it because they couldn’t “confirm its authenticity”. Too bad they don’t hold the same standard for the rest of the crap they DO report. If the press had done their job vetting Obama, there’s no way he would have ever been elected, much less possibly getting re-elected.

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | September 20, 2012

  3. At 1:30, he says it, in full context, and it is entirely obvious…”to make sure that everybody’s got a shot”.
    Exactly what does redistribution enure we all have a shot at? Only at a meager existence rationed out to us by government. Redistribution NEVER sets people up for success – it only puts the chains of government dependence on people….government cannot RATION prosperity; only meager existence.

    Comment by Kevin | September 27, 2012

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