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Positive postportem of Election 2012

My friends, I know you came here to see something positive.  So here it is: I am positive this is the end of the America with which I grew up.  I am positive that I do not recognize a plurality/slight majority of my fellow Americans anymore.  I am positive that we have crossed the bridge into a nanny state European style socialist republic…and for those of you on the left, that is NOT a good thing.

Bill O’Reilly had a take on this last night, and he was right on the money.  He said that now, a majority of voters want the government to give them “stuff”.  They want the government to take money away from the producers to buy “stuff” for the non-producers.  Clearly, the Democrap Party is the looter party, and alas, a majority of Americans are now OK with that.

Folks, this is a point of no return.  How do you convince the moocher class that it is in their best interest to NOT be slaves to politicians and to government when they have abdicated all responsibility to provide for themselves?  You can’t expect the irresponsible and lazy to become responsible and energetic, not voluntarily.  And this has been a Democrap strategy for decades: get over half the electorate to pay no income taxes, and get as many people enslaved to government as possible.  You do those two things, and you’ve got an “electoral dynasty” for some time to come.  Ladies and gentlemen: that approach is working for the left, like a charm.

We can talk about media bias malpractice, and that’s certainly and unquestionably A factor…but not THE factor.  At the end of the day, if this country weren’t overrun with “take care of me, Uncle Sam, from cradle to grave” sheeple, then media bias wouldn’t be an issue.  But leftist media bias/malpractice has been around forever, yet Reagan and both Bushes still got elected in spite of it.  But that was a different America…and yes, even different than in 2004 when GWB was re-elected.  Today’s America is comprised of big government-adoring loyal subjects, indoctrinated in our government schools from an early age to believe that everything good comes from government, and not from God.

Liberalism always kills the goose that lays the golden egg, albeit slowly.  But eventually, the golden eggs run out, then there are more hands sticking out wanting “stuff” than there are golden eggs to pay for that “stuff”.  They don’t see that.  No, the left is a large bloc of economic illiterates who believe that a nation can tax itself into prosperity by simply confiscating the fruits of the labor of the producers to give to the non-producers.  Eventually, though, the producers stop producing.  Jobs dry up.  Tax revenues plummet.  But the “me, me, ME!” hands continue to stick out, looking for Uncle Sugar to take care of them yet another day.  And these leftist morons will continue to mindlessly, robotically vote for the candidate that is the bigger thief / plantation massah!

I’m sorry, my friends, but I genuinely feel like this country is gone.  We have a petulant race-baiting Marxist man-child who has never so much as run a hot dog stand destroy our economy, and in years past, that alone would have gotten an empty suit like this chump run out of town on a rail in an electoral landslide.  But in today’s America, the moocher class needs them some more Obama.

Michelle Obama famously said that for the first time in her life, she was proud of her country.  Well, I am actually ashamed of my country, a shame I did NOT feel when Bubba got elected in 1992.  The America I grew up in was the most wonderful, amazing country the planet has ever known.  I’ll hold onto those memories tightly, because the parasites who re-elected Chairman Zero have all but assured that those memories will never be seen again in my lifetime.


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