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Positive postportem of Election 2012

My friends, I know you came here to see something positive.  So here it is: I am positive this is the end of the America with which I grew up.  I am positive that I do not recognize a plurality/slight majority of my fellow Americans anymore.  I am positive that we have crossed the bridge into a nanny state European style socialist republic…and for those of you on the left, that is NOT a good thing.

Bill O’Reilly had a take on this last night, and he was right on the money.  He said that now, a majority of voters want the government to give them “stuff”.  They want the government to take money away from the producers to buy “stuff” for the non-producers.  Clearly, the Democrap Party is the looter party, and alas, a majority of Americans are now OK with that.

Folks, this is a point of no return.  How do you convince the moocher class that it is in their best interest to NOT be slaves to politicians and to government when they have abdicated all responsibility to provide for themselves?  You can’t expect the irresponsible and lazy to become responsible and energetic, not voluntarily.  And this has been a Democrap strategy for decades: get over half the electorate to pay no income taxes, and get as many people enslaved to government as possible.  You do those two things, and you’ve got an “electoral dynasty” for some time to come.  Ladies and gentlemen: that approach is working for the left, like a charm.

We can talk about media bias malpractice, and that’s certainly and unquestionably A factor…but not THE factor.  At the end of the day, if this country weren’t overrun with “take care of me, Uncle Sam, from cradle to grave” sheeple, then media bias wouldn’t be an issue.  But leftist media bias/malpractice has been around forever, yet Reagan and both Bushes still got elected in spite of it.  But that was a different America…and yes, even different than in 2004 when GWB was re-elected.  Today’s America is comprised of big government-adoring loyal subjects, indoctrinated in our government schools from an early age to believe that everything good comes from government, and not from God.

Liberalism always kills the goose that lays the golden egg, albeit slowly.  But eventually, the golden eggs run out, then there are more hands sticking out wanting “stuff” than there are golden eggs to pay for that “stuff”.  They don’t see that.  No, the left is a large bloc of economic illiterates who believe that a nation can tax itself into prosperity by simply confiscating the fruits of the labor of the producers to give to the non-producers.  Eventually, though, the producers stop producing.  Jobs dry up.  Tax revenues plummet.  But the “me, me, ME!” hands continue to stick out, looking for Uncle Sugar to take care of them yet another day.  And these leftist morons will continue to mindlessly, robotically vote for the candidate that is the bigger thief / plantation massah!

I’m sorry, my friends, but I genuinely feel like this country is gone.  We have a petulant race-baiting Marxist man-child who has never so much as run a hot dog stand destroy our economy, and in years past, that alone would have gotten an empty suit like this chump run out of town on a rail in an electoral landslide.  But in today’s America, the moocher class needs them some more Obama.

Michelle Obama famously said that for the first time in her life, she was proud of her country.  Well, I am actually ashamed of my country, a shame I did NOT feel when Bubba got elected in 1992.  The America I grew up in was the most wonderful, amazing country the planet has ever known.  I’ll hold onto those memories tightly, because the parasites who re-elected Chairman Zero have all but assured that those memories will never be seen again in my lifetime.

November 7, 2012 - Posted by | Obama, Romney


  1. I voted for Romney so please don’t think I’m gloating at all – I’m not. I still have faith in my country and will try to move forward despite the growth of the welfare state…which has been growing for far more than four years. I still believe that we would not be here if the conservative movement had not hung onto it’s obsession with gays, women’s right to choose, and religion over science. Let go of those things and more people will return or join the republican ideals.

    Comment by Alli | November 7, 2012

  2. CL, you’re spot on. I, like you, will not live to see this country swing back to the right, if it ever does. Socialism is a tough nut to crack when all the moochers continue to have their hands out to Uncle Sugar for free stuff. In my mind, the repubs are toast. They are what they are, weak-kneed and spineless afraid of bringing the battle to the enemies of this country, the moochers. And, they refuse to stay outta the social issues, the faux battles for this country. Are there rays of sunshine in this leftist storming of our way of life? Don’t know yet.
    I’m finished with politics and commenting on the same stuff coming outta D.C., and all their shenanigans. Maybe my blood pressure will subside.
    I’m gonna go have a few drinks and see if it clears the agony of this crap outta my system.
    Thanks for all your efforts, CL and everyone else on this site.
    Liberalism is a serious mental disorder.

    Comment by Jules P. Guidry | November 7, 2012

  3. I agree, America has turned a corner. I am not sure if we can go back now, or not. We may be forced to, but I guess we will see. God is who I count on anyway. I live in California, so if i did not have Jesus in my life, I would have dispaired long ago. Don’t quit. Stay in the fight, but give yourself grace too. Sometimes, it is only one person at a time we can help. Using Obama’s word, the best “revenge” is us having joy, love, and living our lives with peace, in spite of what they are throwing at us. I agree with your last line Jules. And one of the worst thing to a liberal is when a conservative is happier, more charitable, and more at peace than they.

    God bless you guys!.

    Comment by Donna, Los Osos, CA | November 7, 2012

  4. Crush, I echo your sentiments exactly. The America we grew up in died yesterday and our Constitution was spat upon by half the inhabitants of this once great nation. I too am SO ashamed of my fellow countrymen – particularly the so-called “Christians” who chose the devil over God.
    I think the only person who could possibly feel even worse than we do today is Benjamin Netanyahu.
    Our forefathers must be weeping from their graves.
    Today I mourn for my country.

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | November 7, 2012

  5. Man, you took the words right out of my mouth. I have the same reaction. This is a new America, and we are a social democracy. I can’t help but think that there will be an awakening one day, but by then, it will be too late. The entitlement class has won the day. With all due respect to Alli’s comment, she is suggesting that the Republicans should become Democrats. I don’t think that’s good advice, but even if they take it, why would Democrats leave their party to join a duplicate? It would be suicide for the Republican party to follow that advice. I think the Obama campaign was brilliant in appealing to identity politics. Race baiting, the phony “war against women,” etc. The so-called “gay marriage” issue is all about symbolism, but it is not the Republicans who are obsessed over it–it’s the Democrats and those who give in to sexual-identity-politics. We can “try to move forward” despite the growth of the welfare state, but I fear we have passed the point where it will serve any effective benefit, for we have more takers than producers. The Democrats have become the looter party, and too many people think they will enjoy the spoils. Instead, we’ll all get shafted, and the compliant media will hold high the banners.

    Comment by George | November 7, 2012

  6. I am ashamed of the people in this country……not my country. What a spectaculer thing we had going here and because of lazy, gimme gimmies, it’s going to be gone. I am sad for my children and grandchildren.

    Comment by Marilyn Ketrow | November 7, 2012

  7. Let them eat cake…so long as someone ELSE pays for it. I hope the house of Reps blocks EVERY friggin’ thing to come out of the white house. Of course, by the time 2016 is here, I suspect that Obama will have managed to eliminate that hurdle from the gov’t process anyway. As for Boehner, I view him as a worthless traitor to freedom because he rolls over like a whipped dog. Why in God’s name is that dinosaur still the Speaker? If the old guard Republicans truly want to ensure the rapid finale of freedom, they have the “right” man as Speaker, for sure.

    Comment by Kevin | November 11, 2012

  8. Sorry, more to say:
    Boehner is one of those people that we can look back in history will be able to say “yep – HE helped make that happen, His leadership failure is one of the major things that the progressive, Free Republic-destroying Democrats capitalized on “. He is in the same category as Neville Chamberlain as one of the WORST people to have in power at the dawn of a critical, global threat that Nazi Germany was. Please tell me that Boehner is not our last “hope”. If so, we are finished

    Comment by Kevin | November 11, 2012

  9. False promises, deception and lies is what won this election for the Democ-Rats. It’s roll over and play dead sentiments like your’s CL that makes it easy for them to win.

    Just look at what we have supporting our cause. There’s Karl “turd blossom” Rove who gave us the Bush years with basically no fiscal responsibility and mounting national debt. Bush gave us nothing when it came to stopping the baby killing abortion mad doctors. He gave us nothing in shutting down the indoctrinating public sewer schools. He gave us nothing by allowing the illegals to run rampant across our borders. Then there’s Dick (slick Willie Clinton’s boy) Morris. Morris blew sunshine up our butts on Fox News on a nightly basis. He’s an old style political hack and I believe he knew Romney was going to lose. But, for the sake of keeping his Fox News paycheck, he intentionally painted a rosy picture leading us suckers (including me) to believe the election was a Republican shoe in. Then there’s the Republican establishments pathetic choice for the nomination, Willard “Mittens” Romney. Plainly a north-eastern moderate/liberal pretending to be a conservative. The only reason I voted for him is because I believed he could be molded by strong conservatives like Paul Ryan and Grover Norquist to turn this country in the right direction.

    Conservatives must stand up and unite. We’ll never win elections by giving up, bowing down or capitulating. In 2010 we took it took the streets and scored the biggest victory in congressional election history. It was a total and complete conservative effort with literally no help from the Republican establishment or the lame stream media. This time we must use similar strategy combined with new idea’s. I believe the best weapon we have is the Democ-Rat model. They lie, deceive, and literally deal from the bottom of the deck. We just cant stand by and let them destroy the greatest country on earth…our country! Look, if the ends justify the means, then so be it. If a thief has a gun pressed against your skull, or the head of someone or something you love, there’s nothing wrong with lying to save their or your life. That is exactly what has happened and is happening.

    I say let them think they’re going to get their welfare checks if they elect a conservative. Once we’re in office they will see that it’s not in their best interest to sit around smoking dope and having babies. Jobs will be plentiful for those who want to work.Those who don’t want to work will find that do nothings will get nothing. Let them think you’re for womens rights. When we’re elected we educate and let them know that abortion is the ultimate sin. They’ll find that abortion is medically harmful, increases the risk of breast cancer and does irreparable mental harm. Once elected we can take down every useless do nothing wasteful government program, regulation and department. Once these policies are enacted, the country, and entire world will revel in the positive effects of smart conservative government. With so much good coming out of the conservative agenda, no one would ever question the mere falsehoods that were told to get elected. But if the liberals did attempt to mount an attack, who would listen? As long as the country’s economically healthy and safe, they’ll look like the bunch of cry babies they really are.

    Comment by Gerald Cotton | November 13, 2012

  10. All you people here complaining about the welfare state – are you including the corporate subsidies and bailouts?

    Comment by Alli | November 13, 2012

  11. Alli – I’m pretty sure everyone here was against the bailouts.

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | November 13, 2012

  12. Jonathan, I share a lot of your sentiment. Right about now, I feel I wasted 31 years of my life by militarily serving this once great nation. I know statistically that we are at the halfway point in percentages of takers versus earners; but I believe the Usurper was relected courtesy og the GOP. The party failed miserably (once again) to put up a diehard unapologetic conservative candidate. I subscribe to Rush Limbaugh’s analogy that whenever the GOP slides left and plays centrist that the conservative base becomes apothetic. The conservative base needs a strong candidtae, one that stands morally firm on the social issues as well as the economy, national defense, and smaller government. Romney was far from a conservative – he did nothing to energize the base that would have thrown the Usurper out on his butt.

    I believe the GOP has permanently marginalized itself. Whether or not the conservatives can rapidly organize behind the Tea Party and become viable remains to be seen. One thing is for certain; we have one, maybe two, election cycles before the damage is totally irreversible.

    As an aside… I see where the Usurper is considering John-F-ing-Kerry for SecDef. The only way he (the Usurper) could have insulted me more would be to nominated Jane-the-traitor-Fonda for the position!!!

    Comment by Old Soldier | November 13, 2012

  13. Good to see you Old Soldier! You’ve been missed.
    I agree with you completely. We need to get rid of all the old guard RINO’s in the Republican Party (including the talking heads like Rove and Kristol). They keep saying we need to be more “moderate” — all the while demonizing the Tea Party. WRONG! We need to stick to our values and run candidates who are true conservatives who will do the same.

    Comment by Kanaka Girl | November 14, 2012

  14. Yeah, Alli, I don’t know of anyone who comments here that defended the bailouts. NO business, large or small, should ever get bailed out. The market is quite skilled at weeding out the losers.

    Comment by crushliberalism | November 14, 2012

  15. Didn’t get a chance to respond to KG – I’m glad to hear that.

    Comment by Alli | November 15, 2012

  16. Glad to hear from you again Old Soldier and it seems like you caught most of us lamenting this last election….BUT IF only our 3 million registered republican voters had even bothered to SHOW up to VOTE then we wouldn’t be down in the dumps right now, and even worse would NOT be bothered by what they just did to our Supreme Court in the next 4 years!
    Welcome back anyway OS.

    Comment by tnjack | November 17, 2012

  17. The America that once was has been long lost, long ago. Multinational big box chains long annihilated most of small town America. Starbucks has taken out Joe’s Coffee shop. Wal-Mart thoroughly crushed Beautiful open space and valuable working farmland has been paved over by the millions of axcres for parking lots and strip malls, all the while we shipped good manufacturing jobs away. nce conservative areas (San Diego, San Jose, Northern Virginia, and a host of other regions) have been turned into liberal bastions due to mass immigration- aided and abetted by mass urban sprawl.

    Classical conservatives believe in what Sir Edmund Burke called the “little platoons of societ,” in opposition to “mass levelling” of mass society. Until conservatives return to their philossophical roots- organic local society, the conservation ethic, family farms, local entrepreneurship, local business- how can we trul expect to save America?

    For God and country. God bless.

    Comment by Benjamin in SoCal | February 18, 2013

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