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CNN discovers the smoking gun that will derail Rubio’s political future

Yes, this is the actual graphic from CNN.

BDA64IpCAAAV1rw.jpg large

Hydrating.  With water.  Apparently, when Ted Kennedrunk killed a woman with his car and spent his entire life being a raging alcoholic, that wasn’t a “career ender”.  But sipping water on camera before a rebuttal to SOTU is.

And you people wonder why I don’t tune into politics much anymore?

Nope…no liberal media bias!

February 14, 2013 - Posted by | CNN, Marco Rubio, media bias


  1. What else in Rubio’s speech can they focus on and refute? Nothing. So it’s the water sipping bit. Ah, the complexity of the liberal mind and how far it has to reach to shed little shadow on the other side. The truth of Rubio’s response to SOTU can’t be used, cuz the left can’t stand the truth. Sorta like roaches when the light is turned on, they scatter for something, anything which will maybe cast a darkness over the truth. This doesn’t cut it, so they’ll wait and find some other irrelevant nuance to demonize. Such is their way.

    Comment by Jules P. Guidry | February 14, 2013

  2. One name comes to mind, Saul Alinski.

    Comment by Steve | February 14, 2013

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