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Liberalism: Why think when you can “feel”?

About Me

I am a small-government social and fiscal conservative who values life, liberty, and property…AND ACCOUNTABILITY!

Modern liberalism is an evil, vile scourge on society that must be rendered impotent.  This ideology has proven to be a demonstrable failure and incredibly harmful when administered on the body politic.  That is why Normal America rejects it, and why most liberal politicians deny their liberal bent: they know that Normal America wants no part of it.  The election of 2010 was irrefutable proof of that.

All viewpoints are welcome on my blog. However, if I ban you or edit/delete your comments, it’s because I found you to be offensive, repulsive, off-topic, or otherwise useless. My world, my rules. Deal with it, or beat it.  You’re free to start your own blog with your own rules.  WordPress charges nothing, and free seems to be a price that liberals can appreciate.

Finally, I had a happy childhood, so my worldview has NOT been “warped” by a lousy upbringing. Quite the contrary: I have been blessed, and my outlook has been molded accordingly. I won’t apologize for having grown up in a loving, middle-class family.


  1. I apologise for loving livestock, but at least I admit it. Every recovery starts with the admission of a problem.

    Comment by bluerat | July 31, 2007

  2. I do believe that your livestock fetish is a crime, but kudos for your admission. I’d recommend seeking professional care.

    Comment by crushliberalism | July 31, 2007

  3. Lovin’ the new digs!

    Comment by DoubleD | August 1, 2007

  4. I’m a registered Republican, but consider myself a conservative since the Republicans have basically become wimps running to the nearest plastic surgeon to get their lips permenantly attached the rea-ends of every America; either that or they’re busy sticking their fingers in the wind to see which way we’ll all vote.

    Visit my site

    You must have guts though to read the site; it’s dangerous to liberals; they’ve been known to explode, implode, denode, etc when reading.

    Lisa Richards

    Comment by Lisa Richards | August 1, 2007

  5. Welcome, Lisa! And thanks, DoubleD! 🙂

    Comment by Crush Liberalism | August 5, 2007

  6. Hey there, I happened across your posts under the “moonbats” tag and had to check you out. Whereas I am something of a conservative, I am libertarian on many issues, so I can appreciate your stance here.

    Anyway, it’s always nice to find more people with common ground against the moonbat left. Keep up the good work!

    Comment by arclightzero | August 13, 2007

  7. Welcome, Arc! Glad to have you here. 🙂

    Comment by Crush Liberalism | August 13, 2007

  8. I love your slogan (“Why Think When You Can Feel?”)! That sums liberals up in a very big nutshell!

    Keep up the good work, dude!!!!

    Joltin’ Django
    Nashville, Tennessee

    Comment by Joltin' Django | August 14, 2007

  9. Nice new place you set up here. Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. Hopefully we’ll catch you at a game this year!

    Comment by ManicNole | August 18, 2007

  10. You will indeed, Manic!

    Comment by Crush Liberalism | August 18, 2007

  11. Do you know any mil or civilian blogs that cover Afghanistan? I know a civilian recently arrived in Kabul that I am assisting.



    Comment by Dick Wall | September 13, 2007

  12. great blog! ran across it on a “moonbat” tag search. go ‘noles!

    Comment by Black Coffee & Bourbon | September 18, 2007

  13. Thanks, BC&B! 🙂

    Comment by Crush Liberalism | September 18, 2007

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    Thanks for spreading the word!!!

    Don Hagen

    Comment by Don | September 22, 2007

  15. Great blog you have here. Yet another intelligent to add as my friend. It seems there are just too many moonbats flying around me lately and I need a dose of good ol’ common sense! 🙂

    Comment by Jennifer | October 3, 2007

  16. Oh, by the way, I hope you don’t mind that I added you to my blogroll!

    Comment by Jennifer | October 3, 2007

  17. Thanks, Jennifer! 🙂

    Comment by crushliberalism | October 4, 2007

  18. You have a great blog. Did you see the plan to have all blogs post about the environment on 15OCT07? I plan to repost all of my posts on that date. You can enroll and you have some fantastic posts for that day.


    Comment by yojoe | October 4, 2007

  19. I came across your site via technorati, when I was checking the stats of a site I created. It’s so refreshing to see people who actually think and who actually care about the country we are living in.

    I agree 100%, political correctness is going to destroy us all. I’m a grad student in psychology and am currently taking classes in ethics and multiculturalism: concepts that are important, indeed, but the concepts are being taught with such a liberal bias that I think I’m going to scream.

    Moonbattery at its finest.

    Comment by Michelle | October 11, 2007

  20. Crush,

    LOVE your site as well. We speak much of the same language. I am honored to be on your blog roll and you are now on mine!

    Continued success!
    Laurie Kendrick

    Comment by Laurie Kendrick | November 9, 2007

  21. Thanks, Laurie! 🙂

    Comment by crushliberalism | November 9, 2007

  22. Dear Crusher, wonderful site, with a pleasing, clean and grammatically correct text. Can’t hurt! Aah,I see you make a real and natural it seems, effort to avoid Logical Fallacy, Cognitive Bias and other forever a 17 year old, cant. Great stuff. I must look up your old archives!

    The Clintons come around for a free meal every Tuesday. If its Hillary and Bill I always get the wife to wear white to hide any sudden stains.

    By the way, Bill dropped in Saturday and while I was busy, he took all the grapes from the table and must have hidden them in the small and crumpled bag he had with him. Nope, it wasn’t Hillary.

    I said, “Bill, have you seen the grapes that were here?” And I swear, he looked me straight in the eye and said, “There were no grapes on the table at any time!”. Is there something wrong with Bill?

    Sheesh, a man can’t even leave fruit unattended around a Clinton. All the best, Colonel Robert Neville.

    PS. Any chance of adding my shabby Australian blog to ya list? A few amusing posts o’ mine.

    Comment by Colonel Robert Neville | November 11, 2007

  23. I just wanted to thank you for the kind words about my late husband Randy Ruditz. Apparently you were at the Presbytarian or Catholic church when we visited. I appreciate the fact you looked into the disease and researched a little before you spoke about Randy. It shows what kind of man you are. It is a horrific disease and I feel every day for the people having to endure such agony.

    Anyway, thanks for remembering him. He was a good man and tried hard in life. Some things just don’t work out the way you plan however, many lessons to be learned. Take care.

    J. Ruditz

    Johnna Ruditz

    Comment by Johnna | November 28, 2007

  24. Conservatism!

    I would very much enjoy it if you dropped by the Butter Stick some time and tell me what you think. I like your site!

    Comment by Walter Craig | December 1, 2007

  25. Now why hate progressives? We are the ones that save conservatives from themselves. Without us as part of a check and balance, you people would kill yourselves through ignorance and lack of information. It’s progressives that got the 40 hour work week, cleaned up our food production in the early 1900s, try to keep the air and water clean, try to get jobs back in America. The real threat you have is not thinking clearly.

    Comment by Nole | December 19, 2007

  26. Now why hate progressives?

    Oh, I dunno. Your reflexive disdain for America? Your hatred of the troops? Your contempt for capitalism? Your commitment to destroying merit-based achievement? Your “feeling, not thinking” approach to problems? Your coddling of dictators in the name of “peace”? Your lethal naivite that could get us blown to bits? Aside from all those things, I guess I don’t have an answer for you.

    It’s progressives that got the 40 hour work week

    Whoopty freakin’ do. If I worked more, I’d get paid more. If you worked more, you wouldn’t be on public assistance.

    …cleaned up our food production in the early 1900s

    I wasn’t aware that my side longed for dirty food production. How effective THAT must have been during campaign season: “Vote for me, and I’ll secure your salmonella for generations to come!” Thanks for the history lesson.

    …try to keep the air and water clean

    See prior comment, and replace “food production” with “air and water”.

    …try to get jobs back in America.

    Americans have no “right” to a job. Jobs are earned. If you “progressives” wouldn’t make it so damned hard for companies to be competitive (over-regulation, unions, oppressive taxes, etc.), companies wouldn’t feel the need to outsource or move offshore. Yeah, I should be thanking you for that, right?

    The real threat you have is not thinking clearly.

    I’m pretty sure I’m not about to let a liberal lecture ME about “thinking”, since you halfwits operate off of emotion and not off of thinking.

    You’re an embarrassment to Seminole Nation, dude.

    Comment by crushliberalism | December 19, 2007

  27. i am also a liberaterian, i find that many “progressives” hate liberaterians, why is that exactly?

    Comment by godlessrant | December 31, 2007

  28. i find that many “progressives” hate liberaterians, why is that exactly?

    Libertarians generally believe in accountability, responsibility, and individual freedom, and “progressives” abhor all of those ideals.

    Comment by crushliberalism | January 4, 2008

  29. Love your awesome blog. I’m just starting to add content to mine at . Great minds think alike.

    Comment by Gary Griffin | January 16, 2008

  30. Thanks, Gary, and welcome! 🙂

    Comment by crushliberalism | January 16, 2008

  31. Hey Crush,

    Site’s looking good. Hope you don’t mind I added you to my blogroll (for what little referral it’ll get you). Keep it up – we need thinking opportunities in the political arena.


    Comment by Submariner | January 28, 2008

  32. Hello Crushliberalism,

    I’m going to start posting the truth on my campus when I can. I’m tired of listening to my fellow students loving the liberals for no good reason, other than they want “change.” I’m going to be using this website as a focal point of my message. Keep up the good work.

    All the best.

    Comment by Mizzou | February 7, 2008

  33. Thanks, Mizzou, and best of luck to you!

    Comment by crushliberalism | February 7, 2008

  34. Not that you need it, but here is another example that solidifies your tagline above:

    From the WSJ at

    “Barack,” she interjected, “Feel — don’t think!” Telling her husband his “over-thinking” during past debates had tripped him up with rival Hillary Clinton, she said: “Don’t get caught in the weeds. Be visceral. Use your heart — and your head.”

    Anyway, keep up the good work. Nice facelift on the site…

    Comment by steve | February 12, 2008

  35. Thanks, Steve. I actually got about 10% more hits today than usual. I don’t know if it’s coincidence or not.

    Comment by crushliberalism | February 12, 2008

  36. I just found this article re: the al-Qaida plot in England to kidnap and behead a British muslim soldier. The head of the plot received a life sentence. The UK was giving this guy almost $40K a year to take care of his mom while he was plotting murder. This terrorist scumbag’s remarks about “economic warfare” are worth remembering.

    “Khan, 37, who had been a keen footballer and cricketer, turned from a drinker and smoker to an extremist obsessed by the speeches of Bin Laden and Abu Hamza.
    He also had an elderly mother to care for and received £20,000 a year in benefits to look after her. He was recorded as saying that bleeding the British state was part of the extremist mission: “There is a financial war and we’re going to make them bleed financially.”

    Apparently, being a terrorist in the UK can be a lucrative government job….

    Comment by PabloD | February 19, 2008

  37. Yeah, you care if I link to your site. I’m a conservative “columnist” with a page called precipii (my plural of precipice)…

    I’m all about defeating Nazis (National Socialists, aka “liberals”).

    Comment by precipii | February 22, 2008

  38. You are such a bright young man…I’m sure I’m old enough to be your Grandma, but I’m very impressed with your blog and your love of family and country. I plan to visit you often.

    Comment by brenflag | March 5, 2008

  39. Mind if I add you to my blogroll?

    Thanks in advance –

    Comment by Braden | March 6, 2008

  40. No prob, Braden. Thanks!

    Comment by crushliberalism | March 6, 2008

  41. What Braden said.

    Nice site. I like your views, even if you look kinda, well, like, you know.


    Just messin’ with ya.

    Comment by frznagn | March 7, 2008

  42. I would love to exchange blogrolls with you!!!!

    Comment by brenflag | March 7, 2008

  43. Enjoy your blog. Notice Memphis is your home. The Rendezvous is one of my favorite restaurants.

    Comment by garneringrightideas | April 9, 2008

  44. Welcome, sir…nice to have another fellow Memphian here! 🙂

    Comment by crushliberalism | April 9, 2008

  45. OK,

    So it’s taken a while for me to mind my way here; sorry ’bout that. Cool site J. And because I spent a few months in Millington, TN (NAS), I won’t hold the Seminole part against you 😀

    West [Left] Coast native with a conservative background and a good family upbringing as well.

    Comment by Gawfer | April 21, 2008

  46. Welcome, Gawfer!

    Comment by crushliberalism | April 21, 2008

  47. Great site! Thank God theres some people with brains still out there. The title Crush Liberalism is perfect! I’m on a hate liberal buzz today and your earth day tips were just what I needed for a good mood. It is so frustrating that they can say what they want and people just stupidly believe it. Good luck to you, I will continue to visit your blog!! In case you wanted to read my point of view my blog is Thanks again for your refreshing view.

    Comment by Conservative Goddess | April 22, 2008

  48. Thanks for the kind words, CG, and please come back often! 🙂

    Comment by crushliberalism | April 22, 2008

  49. Hey I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now, I check it every night. Keep up the great work in spreading the conservative cause. I am a fellow libertarian and after a day of liberal indoctrination at school, this is a great dose of sanity.

    Comment by mwkais | May 7, 2008

  50. Thanks, Michael! 🙂

    Comment by crushliberalism | May 7, 2008

  51. J,

    Left you a nugget of at Jenn’s this morning. Something about UFC, 😀

    Comment by Gawfer | June 13, 2008

  52. Hey Neighbor,

    Native Memphian, lived there most of my life, I currently reside south of the border in Southaven, MS. Memphis has become too violent for me, the liberals have destroyed the infrastructure of the city and it has become a very large ghetto. I’m afraid that the rest of the country is destined to a similar fate if Mr. Obama is elected President.
    I’ve recently discovered your post and will add you to my list of favorites.

    Thanks, Mike…

    Comment by Beck | June 18, 2008

  53. Welcome, Mike! Always good to have a fellow Memphian in the house! 🙂

    Comment by crushliberalism | June 21, 2008

  54. I just ran across this blog. It’s great.

    Comment by dfwpike | July 15, 2008

  55. i agree, this is a great blog. i wish more people would comment.

    Comment by kelley osborn | July 16, 2008

  56. Kelly and DFW,

    Thanks for the kind words!

    Kelly, I’ve got a pretty loyal following of commenters here. In the blogosphere, the overwhelming majority of visitors will never leave a comment. I average between 400 – 600 unique visitors per day, and only about a dozen or two comments. Occasionally, a thread gets heated and the comments pile up. But I’m no Michelle Malkin or Little Green Footballs…yet! Hey, a fella can dream big, right? Not to toot my own horn, but I have been mentioned in USA Today, Slate (four times), and CBS News’ blog, among others. Little by little, I’m spreading like a scorching case of herpes! 😆

    Just do your part and speak your mind, Sister! Every extra voice is welcome! 😆

    Comment by crushliberalism | July 16, 2008

  57. Just ran across your blog while researching Noah McCollough! Awesome! I like your style!

    Comment by JoAnne Rogers | July 18, 2008

  58. Thanks, JoAnne…and welcome! 🙂

    Comment by crushliberalism | July 19, 2008

  59. I was wondering when you were gonna pick up on that last ‘pecker comment’, 😀

    Comment by Gawfer | July 25, 2008

  60. As I read about the man who open-fired in a Knoxville church because he hates liberals, I can’t help but wonder about your thoughts on the event.

    Of course, I am not comparing you to this man, as you do not openly promote violence on your blog. I do note, however, a lot of violent language in your posts and comments. This expressed disdain for the liberal movement is something you have in common with this man. Any time someone questions your beliefs, you attack them and “progressives” in general.

    Your blog title suggests crushing liberalism. Crush, among other definitions, means to “squeeze with a force that destroys or deforms,” which sounds very violent to me. Crush could also mean “hug,” but I get the feeling that is not what you want to do to liberalism.

    Our words are not harmless. They are linked to actions. I believe that blogs such as yours, that embrace hateful language toward an entire group of people whose beliefs differ from yours, are part of the problem in combating violence.

    If I thought we could have a respectful dialog about this issue, I would leave you my contact information, but as you have demonstrated time and again on your blog, that will not happen. Instead, I just hope you will think about the connection between violent words and violent actions.

    Comment by AgainstViolence | July 28, 2008

  61. AV,

    I could barely get through your drivel without dry heaving. Let me see if I can waste a little time here:

    Of course, I am not comparing you to this man, as you do not openly promote violence on your blog.

    I believe you are indeed comparing me to this psychopath, and you ought to be ashamed of that. If you had any decent reading skills, you would have caught the following on this very post:

    “Liberals are not evil; however, their ideology has proven to be a demonstrable failure and incredibly harmful when administered on the body politic.”

    I have liberal friends, one of whom leaves comments on here from time to time (jen). I find my liberal friends to be misguided, and hopelessly naive. But they are not evil.

    I do view liberalism with contempt. Few ideologies have done such great damage in the world, and in this country in particular, like modern liberalism. I wish to crush liberalism, not liberals. Liberals are people. Liberalism is an ideology. It is the ideology, and not the person, I wish to neutralize.

    This expressed disdain for the liberal movement is something you have in common with this man.

    That, my friend, is the ONLY thing I have in common with this cretin. What sickos like this fail to grasp is that liberals have families and lives just like non-liberals do. Vermin like this purport to be “pro-life”, then they kill someone (be it abortion doctors, gays, leftists, or whatever). However, do not expect me to sit idly by and accept your premise that my disdain for liberalism puts me in even the same zip code as the Knoxville wingnut.

    I believe that blogs such as yours, that embrace hateful language toward an entire group of people whose beliefs differ from yours, are part of the problem in combating violence.

    Blah, blah, blah. Blogs such as mine exist to illustrate the absurdity of the liberal movement. It’s got jack squat to do with violence. If you want to see displays of hateful language, take a stroll over to the left-wing blog Daily Kos. Those idiots take pleasure in the deaths of conservative figures (Reagan, Tony Snow, etc.), show solidarity with Al Qaeda, and get giddy with displays of violence committed by the so-called “peaceful, tolerant” left. Go tell them how they’re “part of the problem in combating violence” and get back to me, Sport.

    Comment by crushliberalism | July 28, 2008

  62. […] some schmuck decided to equate this vermin’s evil acts with…my blog.  Comment here, with my retort […]

    Pingback by Wingnut shooter in TN prompts brain-dead liberal to equate this blogger with said wingnut « Crush Liberalism | July 28, 2008

  63. Wahhhh! Hate language! WAHHHHH! Hate speech! WAAHHHH!

    These crybaby jackasses like “AgainstViolence” make me physically ill.

    In point of fact, the MSM has done a good job of trying to cover it up, but Michelle Malkin’s blog had a post yesterday about the shooter that informed anyone who cares to read it and actually INFORM themselves before shooting off their flytrap that he had expressed a hatred of organized religion for DECADES.

    Hatred of organized religion. Hmmm… who does that sound like? Sounds like liberals to me.

    If he thinks YOUR blog is full of hate speech he’d probably detonate if he read mine.

    Angry D.

    Comment by Angry D. | July 29, 2008

  64. Note to Against Violence:

    Our words are not harmless. They are linked to actions.

    Please ponder and reflect on the actions of Liberals/Progressives in only the past seven years: Code Pink’s actions and words in Berkeley, Cal directed at the Military; the property damage done to Military recruitment offices and buildings; the expressed “hatred” from the Libs/Progs at Bush and Cheney; the film “Death of A President” – a faux documentary about the assassination of Bush; and the generalized disdain within the Democrat party itself with such an angry and visceral dislike between Hillary supporters and Obama supporters.

    I often think about the connection between violent words and violent actions. It always seem to point to the Left.

    Comment by david drake | July 29, 2008

  65. Excellent point, DD.

    You never did answer me. Are you the David Drake who authored “Hammer’s Slammers” and “Northworld”?

    Angry D.

    Comment by Angry D. | July 29, 2008

  66. Just sent this e-mail to

    …When Ludacris helps Obama paint the White House, they will probably change the name to “Black House”, but I believe “Black Hole” would be more appropriate.

    Comment by Beck | August 2, 2008

  67. Newbie here, just looking around….I like what I see!
    BTW, with regard to your bio…….I personally did have a lousy upbringing, and it did warp my view of the world, but only till I was 22 or so.
    The last 25 years or so has brought about a complete 180 in perspective, with steady improvement everyday.
    So there is is hope for all you libs out there! LOL

    Comment by edelweiss98 | August 5, 2008

  68. Obama would sit down with our enemies without preconditions, but he will not sit down with Bill O’Reilly at Fox News. He obviously feels more comfortable with our enemies.

    Comment by Beck | August 8, 2008

  69. […] question: if I’m supposedly guilty of propogating “hate” that causes a psycho wingnut to shoot up a church, and if Mrs. […]

    Pingback by Obscure rap group wants O’Reilly, Malkin killed « Crush Liberalism | August 15, 2008

  70. Nice blog here. Keep up the good work. I’m in a deep fried blue area, and will probably remain here since I abhor hot weather and the attendant venomous critters. But I disagree about the nature of the liberal. They have complete control of my town and made it into a cop hating, acheivement hating hell hole. The reflexively hate America and cheer and defend those that would happily murder us. So to me, they are inferior on every way to others.

    Comment by Cappy | October 8, 2008

  71. what are the form(s) i need to stop the part of my union dues that go to political parties? i have been unable to google it. thanx

    Comment by mitch kropp | October 24, 2008

  72. I love your blog! I share your point of view.

    I was appalled at how some teachers presented American history to my children. My son and daughter learned that Thomas Jefferson had slaves – before they learned that he wrote the document articulating our rights and duties as free people. European settlers killed Native Americans with blankets infected with smallpox, they found out. That allegation upstaged the stories of courage, perseverance, and curiosity that defined the pioneers. While folding paper cranes in the classroom, my children were told that a hundred thousand people died when the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan – but they were not made to understand the moral context of World War II in which the atomic bomb story fit. My children were instructed to equate illegal aliens with legal immigrants, devaluing the story of their own ancestors who came to America through Ellis Island. And, classroom discussions always seemed to cast businessmen as villains, instead of as people to be emulated.

    With a curriculum designed to instill guilt and shame, I wondered, how will my kids ever discover the lessons of history that inspire greatness and noble aspirations? Will they ever believe that they can make a difference? Will they have any heroes left at all?

    Then, I wondered: What would the heroes of America’s past say to the children of today?

    To answer that question, I wrote, photographed, and published Anthony and the Magic Picture Frame – and American history book that teaches the lessons of history. In the book, Anthony, my real-life son, time-travels into the great events of the 20th century. Advanced digital photography places Anthony in the cockpit of the Spirit of St. Louis with Charles Lindbergh, on the moon with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, in the laboratories of Thomas Edison and Jonas Salk, and on Normandy beach on D-Day. Anthony meets and talks with Thomas Edison, Jonas Salk, FDR, Lou Gehrig, Charles Lindbergh, Audie Murphy, and many others. But historical accuracy rules every page of Anthony’s adventure in time: Anthony’s conversations with America’s heroes are based on things they really said.

    But it wasn’t enough to have just Anthony experience the past. I wanted all of my readers to experience it, too – young readers so they would discover and learn, and adults so they would remember the truth. So, I included a list of hundreds of books, movies, music, and places to visit. The list is a built-in “time machine” that readers can use to see, hear, and experience the things that Anthony did in the past. The list provides that multi-sensory experience that fosters learning.

    While writing and photographing the book, I spoke with relatives of famous scientists and inventors, Holocaust survivors, award-winning biographers, and others who could help me ensure that the facts of the book were both accurate and vivid. I was going beyond history: I was going to present the lessons of history, and those lessons had to rest on a firm foundation of fact.

    The chapter about Lindbergh’s flight is really about choosing one’s destiny. The story of Lou Gehrig is one of a virtuous life. The chapter about Thomas Edison is really about business. The story of Apollo 11 is about wonder, taking risks, and courage. The story of Dr. Jonas Salk and the cure for polio is really about dedicating one’s life to a higher purpose. When Anthony “meets” his immigrant great-grandfather at Ellis Island in 1907, it’s really a story about what it means to be an American. Anthony’s observation of D-Day and the liberation of the death camps during the Holocaust is a testament to the reality of evil and the need to fight it.

    It’s not an easy book. The book challenges the reader to see the modern world in the light of the lessons of the past. Anthony compares the people and events of the past with the people and events of his own time. Anthony discusses the nature of good and evil, right and wrong, war and peace, what it means to be an American, honor and discipline, success and achievement, courage and destiny, marriage and family, God and purpose.

    My purpose was to let the heroes of the past speak directly to America’s next generation through Anthony. Along with Anthony, I learned that the heroes of the past really do have something important to tell us: “The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. One person really can make a difference. Doing the right thing always matters.”

    Please join me! Take some time now to reflect on the past, and to remember our history and our heroes. Bring forth in your mind the lessons of our history – and share them with your children. Help America’s next generation to hear the voices of the great men and women of the past calling them to greatness.

    I hope that you will read the book, remember the truth, and share it with your children.

    We can’t afford to raise a generation of Americans who do not value their country, their heritage, and their place in the world. As Abraham Lincoln said: America is the “last best hope of earth.”

    Thank you.

    Michael S. Class


    Comment by michael class | October 27, 2008

  73. Blog roll me amigo and I will recip.


    Comment by Gunny G | November 3, 2008

  74. Government does not produce value, only the unfettered hand of one willing to dig it out, build of up or grow it can.
    Guess I’m a conservative

    Comment by Phillip Low | June 1, 2009

  75. “…I am a small-government social and fiscal conservative who values life, liberty, and property…AND ACCOUNTABILITY!” So then, you must have hated George W. Bush?

    I grew up in a loving middle-class family also, have lived in the South most of my life (now near Gainesville, FL), and also feel blessed (law degree, good job, health, friends, etc.). My perspective is probably very different than yours. My strong sense is that intelligent debate in this country has been warped, at least since the early 1800s, by corporate influences. The U.S. is, without question, the most capitalist-, business- and corporate-friendly country in the world. It’s the dominance of THAT ideology which has made it difficult to address in a mature way, the various problems that our society faces. I think that private enterprise has an extremely important role to play, but thinking that the “invisible hand of (totally free) markets” is going to solve those problems by itself is simply incorrect. The profit motive alone cannot do the job. Left to manifest without regard, it will result in the abuse of people (including children), abuse of the environment, and eventually, efforts to control entire cultural agendas. There must be partnerships with, and appropriate oversight by, governmental interests. If not, what you get is a Robber Baron economy/society.

    Comment by Jeff | June 22, 2009

  76. Jeff, I hate no one. I was quite critical of Bush many times during his administration, and I feel that he betrayed us conservatives who voted for him. He is largely responsible for the decline in the GOP’s prominence today.

    The U.S. is, without question, the most capitalist-, business- and corporate-friendly country in the world.

    Since you seem confused, let me clear this up for you: that’s a GOOD thing! Or, if you prefer: Capitalism is good, and socialism sucks. There. Hope that helps.

    Government’s interest is empowering government, not individuals. Your naivite is frightening.

    Comment by crushliberalism | June 22, 2009

  77. Naivete can run many different ways. Most folks with smarts and perspective would say there needs to be a balance of approaches. Don’t remember how I got to your site…just passing through. Good luck with everything (including the Seminoles’ upcoming football season…maybe Jimbo will right the ship).

    Comment by Jeff | June 22, 2009

  78. Thanks for the kind words, Jeff, despite our disagreements. If only more dissenters were as civil as you.

    Dude, I hope Jimbo rights the ship…it can’t get much wronger! 😆

    Comment by crushliberalism | June 22, 2009

  79. I just wanted to ask if it’s o.k. if I don’t love Obama? (or admit it) People seem to be intimidated by him. Thanks for your blog.

    Comment by NvrBnRckd | June 26, 2009

  80. Wow…I am glad I stumbled on your blog. Your answer to the AgainstViolence person was very helpful.

    “Liberals are not evil; however, their ideology has proven to be a demonstrable failure and incredibly harmful when administered on the body politic.”

    Thank you very much for that reminder. I need it refreshed every now and then. This isn’t against people, it’s against a wrong worldview.


    Comment by RR | July 9, 2009

  81. Thanks for the kind words, RR. And it’s true: Liberals are misguided creatures, pure and simple, worthy of our political contempt, not our personal contempt.

    Comment by crushliberalism | July 9, 2009

  82. I’ve added your blog to my favorites, mostly as a reminder that there is inteligent life on this planet. My 2 cents for those trying to understand liberalism: Think of liberalism as a drug: Sometimes useful for the short term in small doses, but disastrous as a lifestyle choice. The analogy works very well in almost every respect. “Why do you think they call it ‘dope’?”

    Comment by James Loftus | August 14, 2009

  83. Found your blog/site whilst perusing another blog on Blogger. Followed the link and here I am.

    Your voice matters. I myself am a Citizen Commentator who writes for a political web site. There is power in the written and spoken word.

    Long Live the Republic.

    Donald Borsch Jr.
    Bethel, CT

    Comment by Donald Borsch Jr. | December 2, 2009

  84. I used to vote mainly Republican (I’m also a Christian so I’m used to being persecuted!), but in the last 2 elections voted Libertarian because I don’t think the 2 party system works anymore. I strongly feel that ALL politicians are completely out of touch with reality. I especially feel the Dems are trying to BANKRUPT our country (so that China can take over—who knows?!) Anyway, great site bud. Keep it up!

    Comment by Dave | January 19, 2010

  85. Thanks, Dave. Welcome!

    Comment by crushliberalism | January 19, 2010

  86. Hello:

    Please consider plugging my book which has (by God’s Grace) been perfectly timed for “such a time as this”.

    Thank you.

    Karl Priest


    Comment by Karl Priest | March 25, 2010

  87. I wrote my Congressional representatives all last summer and during the first part of this year. In fact I wrote all of the Democrats in the House of Representatives — telling them Obamacare was a massive entitlement program that would completely destroy this country economically. My biggest concern, however, was the impact of the Government taking over 1/6 of our economy. I told them I would fight Obamacare until the day I die — I was born free and I do not want to die a Socialist! This message is a continuation of my battle.

    I have developed a list which I would like you to reference or post on your site if at all possible. It shows all of the opponents of the 219 House Dems who voted in March 2010 to pass Obamacare by listing the House Dems by state, district, general geographic area of district, and membership in the Congressional Progressive Caucus. This list is currently posted on the following website which you may want to link to:

    The Docs4PC website also has an interesting WSJ article written by a doctor to his patients, “Dear Patients — please vote to repeal Obamacare”. By the way, I am not a doctor nor am I employed in the healthcare field — only a patient interested in preserving our country and our healthcare.

    If you would like me to forward a copy of the list in a PDF or EXCEL format which you can change in any way you wish to fit your purposes, please let me know asap — we only have 22 more days until the election. Hopefully, this list will encourage people to contribute to or vote for the opponents!

    Joy Putnam

    Comment by Joy Putnam | October 12, 2010

  88. This is my first time to this website, and yet I feel so at home with your viewpoints. I am so comfortable and familiar with what you belive, I now feel paranoia in thinking your reading my thoughts. But then you knew that.

    Comment by Jack | January 28, 2011

  89. Welcome, Jack. 🙂

    Comment by crushliberalism | January 29, 2011

  90. its nice to see that you are so wrapped up in this bull shit your not driving a car endangering little old ladies on social security

    Comment by marc | March 9, 2011

  91. its nice to see that you are so wrapped up in this bull shit your not driving a car endangering little old ladies on social security

    Nah. I save that kind of fun for Sundays, right after church.

    I’m sorry, Charlie Sheen, but were your words supposed to have meaning, or did you just cram a bunch of words together to see what kind of sentence they would form?

    Comment by crushliberalism | March 9, 2011

  92. “its nice to see that you are so wrapped up in this bull shit your not driving a car endangering little old ladies on social security”

    Crush…excellent Charlie Sheen connection!

    Comment by Kevin | March 9, 2011

  93. Marc’s got Tiger Blood, baby! 😆

    Comment by crushliberalism | March 9, 2011

  94. “Why think when you can feel” – that line cracks me up because the earmark of liberal speak is to say “I feel we should …” or “I feel that …” … instead of I THINK or I BELIEVE. Crush the left.

    Comment by Brian | October 13, 2011

  95. Dear CrushLiberalism
    I understand your viewpoints and am glad you have the confidence to post your opinions on the web. We all have the right to opinions. Yet I do not believe all of this antagonism is necessary. Your website consistently demonizes our political opponents and attempts to describe them as less than human, particularly Obama, whom you never hesitate to insult.
    I am a Republican and a Christian and I am against some of Obama’s foolish behavior, but should we both really go as far as to dehumanize liberals? They are our brothers and sisters after all; we are all human are we not? Though we disagree with what the liberals say and believe in, should we not however make every attempt to let them say what they want? (Voltaire: “I do agree with what you say but I will fight to the death, your right to say it.”)
    I guess what I’m trying to say is, if we really want to convince people that Obama and Liberals have the wrong sort of ideas, should we not try it first with softer tones and less insults? Otherwise our appeals to felling will be lost to our audience in the sea of our own hatred. People turn a deaf ear to insults. It would be to our better advantage to try to reason with our opponents and though they may not agree with us, if they see we respect their opinions enough not to openly hate them, would they not at least consider our own opinions and possibly see the error in their ways?
    I hope you do not hate my message. I simply want us to be peacemakers, not warmongers.
    Samuel Colt

    Comment by Samuel Colt | February 15, 2012

  96. I stopped here because I consider myself a classical liberal and was interested to see why you hated me so. Turns out you’re also espouse to classical liberalism. I reject you letting today’s liberals have a term that belongs to us.

    Comment by ljomccullough | May 7, 2012

  97. Conservatives don’t hate liberals…just their bad choices and how they let leftist views dominate their thinking. Too many entitlement programs, too much spending, big government, partial birth abortion, taking prayer out of schools and public places, anti-military, apologizing for American, siding with Palestine and blaming Israel for everything, nationalizing banks, GM and healthcare…what’s good about that?

    Obama is a socialist–everything he does is not free market based and hurts the economy. Every person he appoints is an extreme far-left liberal, included Van Jones Green Czar–an admitted communist. Do your homework. Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, Saul Aylinski, Louis Farrakhan, Democratic Socialists of America—what do they all have in common. Not guilt by association….guilt by common belief systems and years of association. When did criticism of corrupt governments become “hate speech”. Our country was founded on speaking out against governments that are too controlling. Mainstream media won’t do it…unless of course someone named Bush is the president. Then it’s not hate speech….they can say all kinds of evil things about him. Oh and not to mention the phony baloney global warming scam that Al Gore uses to brainwash people into a frenzy about “saving” the planet and polar bears—ignore all the facts that hundreds of scientist present.

    Liberalism leads to socialism….look at the European countries that adopted the soft socialism and are now in ruins. Take a look at California. Take a look at any blue state and see how they are failing. We shouldn’t hate anyone person, but we can “hate” what their ideologies do to hinder freedom and progress. Every single thing that conservatives warned us about when Obama was a candidate has come to fruition.. Now amnesty is his next ploy…what do you think that is about…nothing more than building a bigger voting base. You really think he cares about the “little people”…Time to wake up.

    BTW Jeff, IDK how I got here, but glad I did 🙂

    Comment by Teddy P I N K | April 15, 2013

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