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“Artist” ma$turb@tes on paper for new “exhibit”

Dude, I must be in the wrong line of work.  If I knew that I could play tug of war with Cyclops and get paid beaucoup bucks for it, I would have…um…still picked the same line of work I’m in because I’m not that depraved.  From Newsbusters:

… Please excuse the language here, but here is the Sun’s report

AN ARTIST has created a new exhibition of drawings by masturbating over paper.

Um, yeah. Hooray for “art.”

This one is just another absurdity hailed as “art” in this day of the artless, pseudo intellectuals of the left. It isn’t the first by any means. Remember the supposed art piece that debuted in 1999 in New York that featured elephant dung glued to a picture of the Mother Mary? And who could forget the 1989 Maplethorpe exhibit or Andres Serrano’s photo of a crucifix in urine?

And, we don’t even have to look for “art” that stirs outrage to see the degradation of the concept of what is art. We have but to look to New York’s Whitney Museum to see the current display of the “works” of Lawrence Weiner and his so-called art of his “text-based structures” which consists of non-sequiturs scribbled on white walls. Yes, that’s the whole thing… just words on a wall with no attempt to tell a story or make any real sense. THAT is called “art.”

So, here is our modern “art” that pointy-heads all across the western world are pulling at the chins over, as they exclaim how “simply mad” they are about all this “art. ”

It is simply the death of real artistic expression replaced with empty gestures of kitsch and a reductio ad absurdum of the very concept of art.

Yes, we are inching closer to self-destruction every day. 

By all means, let’s continue confiscating the fruits of the producers to fund pure unadulterated garbage.  After all, any moron can see the value that sp3rm-soaked paper brings to a civilized society, right?  For those of you on the left, the prior sentence was sarcasm.

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"Art funding"

Those two words should send a normal American into a panic attack. Those two words can be translated as “welfare for people who make sh#t for which no one else would pay a red cent”! However, Atlanta’s leftard city council sees it differently. From Neal Boortz:

OK .. here’s the way it works:

Steve learns to weld.

Steve would rather be an artist than working in a machine shop

Steve obtains some scrap metal and starts welding it together in odd shapes which he declares to be art.

Steve can’t find anyone who will voluntarily pay for the piles of scrap metal he has welded together.

Steve changes his name to Stephano and drops his last name.

Still nobody will buy Stephano’s art, though there is one Buckhead matron who has taken a rather prurient interest in some of Stephan’s other talents.

The Buckhead matron allows Stephano to place a pile of scrap metal in her garden and begins to refer to it as a sculpture.

Buckhead socialites, after encountering Stephano’s “sculpture”, and desiring to pander to the matron’s artistic tastes, decide that Stephan is being greatly wronged because nobody will pay him for his artistic efforts.

The buzz among the Buckhead social set is heard in the halls of the Atlanta City Council and the arts community.

A sense of anger builds that we have yet another artist in our midst who simply cannot manage to find a willing buyer in a free market environment.

Stephano and his backers become increasingly frustrated with the lack of respect the great unwashed have for his artistic talents.

The arts community — which, by the way, won’t buy any of Stephano’s art either — tells Atlanta’s political leaders that Atlanta simply cannot survive or be considered a world class international city unless Stephano’s “art” is displayed citywide.

A plan is hatched to use the police power of the Atlanta city government to fun the purchase of Stephano’s piles of junk.

The city seizes money from residents and writes some fat checks to Stephan for more artwork.

Stephano, no longer needing to service the needs of the Buckhead matron, tells her to find another cabana boy.

Atlanta residents wake up one morning wondering when someone is going to come along and remove those piles of scrap metal someone left in their neighborhood overnight.
This scenario, or something very close to it, is playing out in Atlanta right now. A task force appointed by the Mayor has determined that Atlanta needs a cultural investment fund in the amount of at least $10 million that will provide money to artists, arts organizations and what it refers to as “cultural organizations.” The suggestion is that there should be a tax on businesses operating in Atlanta to provide the funds. The story in this morning’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution says that “Many of those who work in the arts in Atlanta said they hope to see some progress on arts funding soon.”

At this point you shouldn’t need a translation of that quote from the AJC. But then again, many of you went to government schools, so I’ll provide that translation for you. Many of the people in the arts community in Atlanta remain frustrated by the fact that Atlanta residents will not voluntarily pay for their art. So, of the Atlanta residents won’t voluntarily buy their art, the government should step in and make them buy the art by seizing their money and transferring that money to artists and arts organizations.

And what about this idea of placing a special tax on Atlanta businesses? What we have here is the arts community taking advantage of the ignorance of our government-educated residents. They know that many people think that if the tax is placed on the businesses this means that the rank and file Atlantans won’t be paying for the art. Sadly, they’re possibly right. Our education is so pathetic that most people can’t noodle out the fact that all taxes paid by businesses are passed on to the consumers of whatever service or goods they sell.

Now THERE is a career move if I’ve ever heard one! All I need to do is get stoned/drunk/tripping, grab some scrap metal and a blowtorch, and go to town on it, eventually securing the pilfered paychecks of taxpayers whom otherwise wouldn’t give my “art” the time of day. Brilliant.

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