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Obama: Isn’t the Aussie prime minister awesome and humble? Kinda reminds me of…me!

The audacity of irony.  Quote:

Aussie Reporter: One of your state department officials said there was meeting of minds between you and Kevin Rudd. Is there a meeting of minds (with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd)?

Barack Obama: I really think there is. Kevin is somebody who I probably share as much of a world view as any world leader out there. I find him smart, but humble.

Got that?  “Rudd is smart and humble…you know, kinda like I am both smart and humble!”  Oozing awesomeness, no?

Dude’s arrogance knows no bounds.

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Australia getting the hang of this “capitalism” thingy

Check out the Aussies, will ya?  They’re getting the crazy idea that lowering taxes will create a financial incentive that will ultimately increase their revenues!  What’s next, an understanding of how supply and demand works?  From Oz:

Australia will reduce the amount of tax overseas investors pay on dividends from managed funds to 7.5 percent to encourage investments in real estate trusts.

The tax, currently 30 percent, will be cut to 22.5 percent in the year starting July 1; 15 percent the following year; and 7.5 percent the year after that, Treasurer Wayne Swan said in his first budget in Canberra today.

“These arrangements will make Australia’s withholding tax rate one of the most competitive in the world,” Swan said. “The arrangements will ensure Australian property trusts are well placed to attract foreign investment.”

Australian money managers oversee more than A$1.4 trillion ($1.3 trillion) in assets, and that is forecast to exceed A$2.5 trillion by 2015, Swan said. Foreign investors account for only 3 percent of fee income, he said.

We could do something like that here in America that will attract foreign investors by the boatloads.  It’s called the FairTax.

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Aussie “experts”: global “warming” will exacerbate AIDS

Unprotected gay intercourse won’t spread the virus, but the junk science fad known as global “warming” sure will!  Just when you thought these environuts couldn’t get any more shameful creative, they come up with this nonsense:

CLIMATE change is the latest threat to the world’s growing HIV epidemic, say Australian experts who warn of the “grim” outlook in the fight against the infectious disease.

A leading professor of health and human rights, Daniel Tarantola, has cautioned that global warming will indirectly make citizens of developing countries even more vulnerable to death and severe ill health from HIV/AIDS.

“It was clear soon after the emergence of the HIV epidemic that discrimination, gender inequality and lack of access to essential services have made some populations more vulnerable than others,” said Prof Tarantola, of the University of NSW.

I lost two friends in the mid- and late-1990’s to AIDS.  I thought it was because they were careless in their youthful gay sexcapades, a reason they themselves conceded.  Little did I know that they died at the hands of the Rovian Kyoto Climate Destruction machine (patent pending).  Bush and Rove killed my friends…those b#stards!

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Why I love the Aussies

Over the last couple of years, the Australians have done a lot of things that have endeared themselves to me: defending the decision to invade Iraq, telling their Muslim population to assimilate or hit the road, etc. Well, add one more to the list: trashing the Euros. From Oz:

Australian Prime Minister John Howard fired a broadside at the European Union Tuesday for criticising his climate change policy, saying it should get its own house in order before attacking others.
The counter-strike came a day after EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas accused Australia of having a “negative attitude” and refusing to sign the Kyoto Protocol on climate change for political reasons rather than economic ones.

But Howard, who is under intense domestic pressure ahead of elections later this year over what critics claim was a failure by his government to tackle climate change, would have none of it.

“You’ve got the spokesman for a group of countries lecturing us about not having signed Kyoto,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

“Yet the great bulk of the countries on whose behalf he speaks are falling well behind their Kyoto targets and are doing less well in meeting them,” he fumed.

“Our answer to the spokesman for the European Union is: Look to your own affairs, get your countries complying with the targets you have proclaimed,” Howard said.

We should be very wary of European lectures on this issue,” he said.

Ouch! Nicely done, Mr. Howard! If I ever have an Alec Baldwin moment (but actually folow through with the threat) and decide to leave the country if the Hildebeast gets elected, Oz will be the first place I contemplate.

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