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Obama’s midterm message: White and Asian men who may have voted for us don’t need to bother this time

The race hustler-in-chief knows how to make friends and influence people, no?

The Democratic National Committee this morning released this clip of the president rallying the troops, if rather coolly, for 2010. Obama’s express goal: “reconnecting” with the voters who voted for the first time in 2008, but who may not plan to vote in the lower-profile Congressional elections this year.

Obama speaks with unusual demographic frankness (quite the euphemism for “bigotry”, no? – Ed.) about his coalition in his appeal to “young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women who powered our victory in 2008 [to] stand together once again.”

Yeah, who needs those white guys and Asian dudes anymore?  Pull together this November to stick it to Whitey, right?

Good luck with that, ObaMao.

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Michael Steele to blacks: You don’t have a reason to vote for Republicans, do you?

I have given Steele a great deal of slack.  He inherited a party machine that was rusty and outdated, drunk with power and prestige.  He had quite a rehabilitation job to do.

But dude, enough is enough already.  Check this out:

Why should an African-American vote Republican?

“You really don’t have a reason to, to be honest — we haven’t done a very good job of really giving you one. True? True,” Republican National Chairman Michael Steele told 200 DePaul University students Tuesday night.

Steele — a former Maryland lieutenant governor and seminarian serving as the first African-American head of the Republican Party — offered a frank assessment of the American political system.

Mr. Steele, with all due respect, you’re a moron.  As the head of the GOP, it is your job to sell people on the party, not to repel them.  While it may sound like a “frank assessment”, it is nothing less than idiocy.  If Steele doesn’t think the GOP has done a good job of convincing blacks to vote Republican, then how about letting me try?

Faith: Studies show that blacks attend church services more regularly than any ethnic group in America.  Tell me, which party has done more to undermine religion, remove God from the public consciousness, and has an overall more hostile view of Christianity than Democrats?  The Bible says that if you are ashamed of Jesus, He will be ashamed of you on Judgment Day.  Democrats says that the Christian faith of blacks is no more or less important than any other faith or lack thereof.  In other words, Democrats trivialize most blacks’ faith.

Abortion: Just over one-third of all aborted babies are black.  Margaret Sanger would be proud.  Polls show that blacks are more pro-life than whites are.  That’s one position the GOP could trumpet to the black community.

Welfare: This harmful program has almost single-handedly decimated black families across America.  The Civil War was fought in part to end slavery, yet the creation of welfare clandestinely reinstituted it.  The way that welfare works undermines marriage (i.e. “you get married, you don’t qualify for welfare or as much welfare money”) and encourages parents to download more kids they couldn’t otherwise afford.  This, in turn, leads to an astronomically high out-of-wedlock birthrate in the black community, estimated to be 70%.  For those of you on the left, that’s a bad thing!

Educational choice: Whether vouchers or whatever, the fact is that virtually all parents (irrespective of ethnic background) want the best for their kids, and that goes doubly for their education.  Survey after survey shows that black parents, especially from poverty-stricken areas, would rather send their kids to private schools or better performing public schools than the ones to which their kids are doomed.  The best way to escape the ghetto is to get a top-notch education, yet the Democrats (including black Democrats who ignore their constituents on this issue) fight it tooth and nail.  A poorly educated constituency who have given up on dreams make good Democrats, and education is a big obstacle to the left of maintaining that stranglehold.

Taken for granted: Let’s face it, over 90% of blacks are Democrats.  What incentive does the left have to improve the lives of blacks when they know they’ve got the whole voting bloc in their back pocket?  Let’s use an analogy.  Let’s say that you love Italian food, and there’s only one Italian restaurant in your city.  The food is average, the service sucks, and the prices are high.  A competing restaurant moves in around the corner, offering similar menu items, and they start draining customers off of the first restaurant.  The first restaurant now realizes the possibility that your business can no longer be taken for granted, so they either sink (i.e. keep the same bad food and service, and lose customers) or they swim (i.e. improve their food, service, and prices).  You now have choices, and you will no longer be taken for granted.

Insanity: It’s defined as doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.  If the aforementioned problems are still there, about 40 years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, and during this entire time frame, blacks have continuously voted for Democrats, does this not qualify as insanity?  Most in the ghettos, inner cities, and poor rural areas do not see their lives as having been improved…yet they keep voting for the same people who have not helped to improve their lots in life?  If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to go where you’ve always gone.  Charles Barkley had once considered running for governor of Alabama as a Republican, and his mother was amazed, until he used this reasoning (and I’m paraphrasing): Ma, I see the same guys playing checkers every day in the park, and they’ve been there for 30+ years.  What have Democrats done for them to have given them better opportunities?

Bigotry: While this is a trait that the left reflexively attributes to the right, it is nothing more than projection.  Republicans refuse to hyphenate Americans, and they don’t think that because someone is black, they are inferior or predisposed to failure.  The left does.  If you want to see how the left really thinks of blacks and other minorities, listen to their rhetoric when a black becomes educated, thinks for himself, and (gasp!) believes in merit over hand-outs…in short, when a black becomes conservative.  The contempt is dripping from their spittle-covered cakeholes.  I mean, military veterans are about 65% Republican, but you don’t usually hear contempt for the remaining 35% coming from the right, do you?  No, the contempt for those who stray from the plantation comes from the left.  Apparently, they don’t think too highly of blacks who can do for themselves, maybe because that disrupts their own subconscious views that blacks are inferior?

In other words, Republicans will do a lot for the black community.  We will honor the shared Christian faith we have, not trivialize it.  We will not condone slaughtering black babies.  We will reform welfare to assist, not to subsist.  We will not see the community through the prism of skin-color or hyphenations, but rather through a colorblind and unjaundiced pair of eyes.  We will not take anyone’s political support for granted, but will instead work to “earn your business”.  We are commited to giving everyone the best educational choices, regardless of where someone lives or grows up.  We do not think someone is predisposed to ignorance or inferiority.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.  There are plenty of reasons for black Americans to take a look at the Republican Party, and if the party’s chairman can’t think of any, then put me or any other Republican who does see reasons to vote GOP in his place.

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NH Dems trying to portray Tea Partiers as racists


New Hampshire Democrats are engaged in a statewide search for liberal activists willing to attend so-called tea parties on Thursday and carry signs expressing racist or fringe sentiments, a Democratic source with knowledge of the effort tells

According to the source, who sought anonymity for fear of reprisals, the Dems’ last minute scramble reflects a growing obsession among party leaders that they need to discredit the tea party movement soon or it will overwhelm them come the November election.

Former Democratic State Party Chairman Kathy Sullivan is heading up the search, the source said. Sullivan has been calling and e-mailing liberal activists trying to get them to attend tea parties in different parts of the state and hold signs denying the authenticity of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate and make racially disparaging comments to reporters.

“This is Kathy’s [Sullivan] project,” the source told “She is absolutely obsessed with painting the tea party people as racists.”

Exit question: If Tea Partiers are actually, really mouthbreathing bigots toting racist signs and stuff, then why, pray tell, would the left need to manufacture racist tea Partiers…hmmmmm?  I mean, the Tea Parties should be chock full to the brim of racists, right?  Yet the Dems need to send some more?

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AP: OK, there’s no proof that Tea Partiers used the N-word, but guess what? There’s no proof they DIDN’T use it!

Apparently, Dan Rather doubles as “Michael Blood”, beat writer for the AP.

If you recall, Dan Rather tried arguing in 2004 that the Bush Texas Air National Guard memos may have been fake, but the story was accurate.  Moreover, he argued, those of us who called him on his forgeries never proved that Bush didn’t shirk his duties, which was the point of the memo.  In other words, nobody ever proved that the…forged documents’…content…wasn’t…wrong?

Here’s what I’m talking about, courtesy of Andrew Breitbart:

Conservative columnist Andrew Breitbart disputed accounts that tea party activists in Washington shouted racial epithets at black members of Congress amid the health care debate, although he didn’t provide any evidence.

It used to be that in journalism, as well as in a court of law, Logic 101, etc., you can’t prove a negative.  In other words, you can’t prove something didn’t occur.  You need evidence to show that something did occur.  If I were to say that Obama were a Martian, you would expect evidence from me to support that absurd claim.  Were I a reporter or a liberal (pardon the redundancy), I would retort “Well, you haven’t proven to me that he isn’t a Martian, now have you?”

As a matter of fact, Andrew Breitbart nails Rather’s mini-me, Michael Blood:

It seems to me, that perhaps Mr. Blood needs to provide evidence that he’s not biased.  How’s that, Mr. Blood?

Now, on to the assault on basic fairness: Is the AP now on record that the Tea Party activists who protest at these gatherings are ipso facto guilty of racism if someone accuses them of racism?  Is that all it takes?  Have there been any calls from the AP for members of the Congressional Black Caucus to prove that the protestors that day shouted the N-word?  Just yesterday, the AP referred to Ft. Hood terrorist Malik Nadal Hasan as a “suspect.”  Apparently, Hasan is afforded the right to be innocent until proven guilty, but tea party protestors are not.

Got that?  Tea Partiers, bad.  Ft. Hood terrorist, good.  Thanks for the clarification, AP.

Nope…no liberal media bias!

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Quote of the day, “Dan Rather links Obama and watermelons” edition

When I first read about this, I had to make sure it was authentic, i.e. not on one of Dan Rather’s memos.  Nope, it’s real.  Here’s what the disgraced former newsman said to Leg Tingles Matthews on MSDNC about B.O.’s inability to get America to drink the Kool-Aid on socialized medicine:

Part of the undertow in the coming election is going to be President Obama’s leadership. And the Republicans will make a case and a lot of independents will buy this argument. “Listen he just hasn’t been, look at the health care bill. It was his number one priority. It took him forever to get it through and he had to compromise it to death.” And a version of, “Listen he’s a nice person, he’s very articulate” this is what’s been used against him, “but he couldn’t sell watermelons if it, you gave him the state troopers to flag down the traffic.”

The video clip is at this link, and you’ll note Tingles trying to talk over Gunga Dan in order to prevent further humiliation.  Both of Matthews’ viewers were mortified.

Exit question (and one that you can see coming a mile away): Care to imagine what the reaction would be from the left and the MSM (pardon the redundancy) had this analogy come from a conservative?

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Obama’s idea of job creation? Meet with Al Sharpton, of course!

Friggin’ brilliant, B.O.  Details:

President Obama will discuss jobs and the economy with black leaders tomorrow, including the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Well, sure!  I mean, if there’s anyone who knows anything about job creation, it’s…Al SharptonFreddie’s Fashion Mart was unavailable for comment.

Hat tip to Gateway Pundit.

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Notes from Obama’s SOTU address

1.  Chris Matthews says he forgot B.O. was a black man “for and hour”.  Awaiting howls of racial condemnation from the left in 3…2…1…

2.  B.O. criticized the recent Supreme Court decision that allows businesses and organizations to exercise their First Amendment rights.  Justice Alito dissented, publicly.  Rep. Joe Wilson just called to tell Justice Alito that he could have been a little more vocal about it. 😆  Anywho, you would figure that a constitutional law professor like Uhhhh-bama would be a little more familiar with the Constitution and with Supreme Court precedents.

3.  Not content with the negative fallout from his unpopular socialized medicine plan, B.O. thought trying to implement another massively unpopular policy (allowing gays to serve openly in the military) would be just the thing to get America back on his side.

4.  Here’s our DHS Secretary, putting the “nap” in “Napolitano”.  Reid apparently forgot to take his 5-Hour Energy shot, too.

5.  Fact check: You know, Obama’s kinda full of bovine feces on a bunch of things he said last night, huh?

6.  Russ (via Ace) said that the big winner from the SOTU speech was…Jimmy Carter.  How?  Because now, Carter is no longer the official worst president we’ve seen in our lifetime.  B.O. now has that dubious distinction.  After all, can you ever recall a president that was a lame duck after just ONE year?

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Olbermann: Hey, are the people of MA suddenly racist now?


OLBERMANN: The Republicans and the Tea Partiers will tell you what happens tonight with Scott Brown tonight, whether he wins or comes close, is a repudiation of Obama policies, and surely one of Obama’s policies from the viewpoint of his opponents is that it’s okay to have this sea change in American history, to have an African-American President. Is this vote to any degree just a euphemism the way state’s rights was in the 60s?

Well, sure.  I mean, a little over a year ago, the state gave B.O. a 26 point margin of victory.  So it only stands to reason that the state went all Robert Byrd and stuff…in the span of about 14 months, right?  For those of you on the left, the aforementioned sentences were examples of sarcasm.

If there’s any silver lining, both of Olbermann’s viewers were giddier than Nancy Pelosi at a “buy one, get one free” Botox sale.

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“African Americans for Harry Reid” event still on

Of course it is.  You are fully entitled to backhand black America across the kisser if you have a “D” following your name.

Exit question: Are only “light-skinned” blacks allowed to attend, and will they be required to drop the “Negro dialect”?

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Reid questions Obama’s blackness. Liberals blow a gasket in outrage.

I totally made up the latter statement, and shame on you if you fell for it!  😆  The former, however, is true.  But if not for double standards, the left would have no standards at all.

Anywho, details about Reid’s racial remarks:

The top Democrat in the U.S. Senate apologized on Saturday for comments he made about Barack Obama’s race during the 2008 presidential bid.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada described then-Sen. Barack Obama as “light skinned” and “with no Negro dialect.” Obama is the nation’s first African-American president.

2008?  Why is this just now coming to light?

Reid’s comments are included in a book set to be published on Monday. “Game Change” was written by Time Magazine’s Mark Halperin and New York magazine’s John Heilemann; the pair describe the book in interviews during Sunday’s “60 Minutes” on CBS.

Reid, facing a tough 2010 re-election bid, needs the White House’s help if he wants to keep his seat. Obama’s administration has dispatched officials on dozens of trip to buoy his bid and Obama has raised money for his campaign.

As if Reid’s numbers in NV weren’t pitiful enough as it were.

By the way, to his credit, Obama said that the Senate Majority Leader needs to be “driven out” for such racial insensitivity.

Oh yes he did say it…except that it was in 2002, when the soon-to-be-Senate Majority Leader was Trent Lott.  Lott, as sheer luck would have it, just so happens to be a Republican…which I’m sure is a total coinkidink and has jack squat to do with B.O.’s outrage back then which is conspicuously absent now.  As Cuffy points out, B.O. reacted to Reid’s racial remark a helluva lot quicker than he reacted to the Underwear Bomber.  Priorities, priorities, right?

So, to recap:  Reid makes a racially insensitive comment that would have branded any Republican as a racist.

B.O.’s one-sided forgiveness?  Check.

Sharpton’s one-sided forgiveness?  Check.

Joe Biden’s “Barry’s a clean articulate brutha” statement?  Lands him on said brutha’s ticket as VP.

The left’s favorite Klansman, Sen. Robert “Sheets” Byrd (D-WV), was unavailable for comment.

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NYT has a holiday gift buying guide for the colored people in your life

Why do I get the feeling they didn’t really think this through?  From Mary Katherine Ham:

Yes, from our moral and intellectual betters at the New York Times comes the culmination of diversity awareness—the separate but equal holiday gift guide. Mediaite reports:

What I would like to know is who thought this was a good idea? In this year’s NYT’s Annual Holiday Gift Guide there is a section devoted to “Of Color | Stylish Gifts.” From the intro to the section.

“Somali fashion, do-it-yourself henna kits, children’s books that draw inspiration from the lives of Barack Obama and Sonia Sotomayor: it’s not hard to find gifts created for and by people of color this holiday season. Here are some possibilities.”

The section runs along such idea lists as “Frugal Travel,” “Chic and Cheerful,” and “Cosmetic Enhancements.”

Here’s the link to the original, in case you’d like to offend one of your friends or relatives by proclaiming via painfully stereotypical gift idea that the only thing you know about them is their skin color, and you assume that it defines them at the exclusion of all else. …

If you right-wingers make racially based generalizations, you are flaming racists wearing bedsheets and hoods.  Oh, wait.  My bad.  That was Robert Byrd (D-WV).  But if you’re a left-wing fishwrap making racially based generalizations, it’s no big whoop.  Glad I could clear that up for you.

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Are you kidding me? Sharpton to sue Rush over false accusations?

I had to check the calendar to make sure today wasn’t April 1.

Seriously?  The cretin who engineered the Tawawna Brawley hoax, sparked the 1991 Crown Heights riots, and the 1995 Freddie’s Fashion Mart riot (Google “white interloper”) is suing for supposedly made-up stuff?


Say you’re sorry, Rush – or the the Rev. Al Sharpton is suing.The civil rights activist, angered by a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece written by Rush Limbaugh, threatened a defamation lawsuit Saturday against the conversative [sic] talk radio host.

“Unless Mr. Limbaugh apologizes and clarifies his statements, attorneys for Rev. Sharpton will move forward with a lawsuit,” said a statement from Sharpton. Limbaugh lashed out at Sharpton over his failed attempt to purchase a piece of the St. Louis Rams.

Sharpton “played a leading role in the 1991 Crown Heights riot (he called neighborhood Jews ‘diamond merchants’) and 1995 Freddie’s Fashion Mart riot,” Limbaugh wrote.

The hard-line conservative also mentioned Sharpton’s accusations in the Tawana Brawley case, and the reverend’s “blind hatred” – although Sharpton took no issue with those remarks.

Limbaugh “has the right to criticize Rev. Sharpton, but he does not have the right to accuse him of criminal activity,” the Sharpton statement said. 

I guess it’s OK to use made-up quotes to trash Rush, but he’s not supposed to use a man’s history to point out what a lowlife he is?

Man, if that’s not the pot calling the kettle…uh, wait.  Is that cliché racist?

The moral of the story?  You can make up stuff that results in white people and Jews getting harmed and/or losing their property, but you can’t point out when someone does it.

Memo to Al: God’s penalties against unrepentant corrupt ministers are the harshest of all penalties.  Good luck with that.

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Rush denied minority stake in NFL team

This is honestly no skin off my back.  It’s the Rams, I’m not a Rams fan, etc.  If they move out of St. Louis, I’m pretty sure that will rank right there with the gross national product of the Cape Verde Islands on my “Who Gives a Crap?”-meter.  I also do not care if Limbaugh does or does not own part of any pro sports franchise.

That said, I think it’s pretty lame when you consider two main things: (1) Limbaugh had quotes used against him that he never friggin’ uttered; and (2) the cretins who are allowed to have a place in the NFL (be it playing, announcing, or owning) have said or done far more vile things than Limbaugh has.

Let’s address the “racist quotes” that Limbaugh has uttered, shall we?

There are way too many things that Rush allegedly said, and the fact is that they are all made up.  No one has ever heard him say these things.  Many of the comments were supposedly made during the Clinton years, when Bubba all but blamed Rush for McVeigh’s OKC bombing.  It defies reasoning to think that Bubba and his minions in the MSM would have never mentioned any of these comments during the 1990’s when Rush was a major thorn in Bubba’s ample backside.  Seriously, don’t you think that if Limbaugh would have honestly hailed MLK’s assassin at the time of his death in 1998, around the time of the impending impeachment proceedings, Bubba and Brokaw and the gang would have been on Rush like Barney Frank on a Chippendale’s dancer?

No one has been able to produce any audio or transcripts from Rush’s shows or interviews where he has allegedly said these horrible things.  The morons at Media Matters transcribe his show so they can find utterances that they can intentionally take out of context, and even they don’t have any record of these alleged utterances.  Not that they’ll volunteer that fact.

I just find it odd and deplorable that for someone who has supposedly said so many awful things over the last two decades, the only quotes that were used in this campaign to keep him out of NFL ownership were made up out of thin air.

As for the second point, let’s take just a cursory glance at who is allowed to have some place in football:

– Michael Vick: felony dogfighting charges
– Leonard Little: vehicular manslaughter/DUI
– Michael Irvin: felony drug possession
– Ray Lewis: obstruction of justice in a murder
– Plaxico Burress: felony weapon possession (in jail but not yet banned for life from the NFL)
– Pacman Jones: technically a felon since he pled guilty to obstruction of an officer case in GA  (Not in the NFL any longer, but eligible to be – Ed.)

Let’s not forget Dante Stallworth, who (like CNN’s Rick Sanchez, one of Limbaugh’s MSM assailants with an obvious lack of irony) got drunk and plowed into a hapless victim resulting in tragedy.  Stallworth will be eligible to return to the NFL after serving jail time.  Stallworth’s victim was unavailable for comment.

Or Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, whose foul mouth and sexual innunedos keep her peeps hot and bothered, yo.  She’s going to own part of the Miami Dolphins.

In other words, you can slaughter people and dogs, be a convicted felon, or sing morally reprehensible rap tunes that make liberal use of the “N” word, and you’re qualified to be a part of the NFL.  But if you’re a conservative talk show host who didn’t say the racist things that people accuse you of saying, you’re beyond the pale.  Got it?

Morals, decency, and logical consistency: three things (among many) that are sorely missing from liberals.

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Quote of the day, “Biggest loser in presidential election history weighs in on racism” edition

Walter Mondale on Obama’s critics:

“I don’t want to pick a person [and] say, ‘He’s a racist,’ but I do think the way they’re piling on Obama — the harshness — you kind of feel it,” he said. “I think I see an edge in them that’s a little bit different and a little harsher than I’ve seen in other times.”

We haven’t seen a Marxist president in “other times”, Walt.  Riddle me this, Mr. One State Wonder: considering that B.O. won the election with roughly 53% of the vote (which necessarily means most white people), and considering that his overall approval rating is now less than that, isn’t it safe to say that his approval/disapproval has jack squat to do with his skin color?

Hey, Walt: The 49 states you didn’t win in 1984 just called.  They said they’d vote the same way today that they did a quarter century ago.  The one state you did win (home state of MN) repudiated you against Norm Coleman in 2002.  In other words, officially no one listens to your sage advice/observations anymore.

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Dem talking points are out and in full effect: “Brandish the race card!”

Obviously, we normal Americans knew months ago that any opposition to B.O.’s collectivist policies would be tarred as some form of racism.  Never mind that the most active leftist politicians B.C. (Before “Change”) were lily-white barons like Hillary, Ted Kennedy, Jean-Francois  Heinz-Kerry (who is rumored to have served in Vietnam), Babs Boxer (that would be “Senator”, and not “ma’am”, General), etc.  No, if you continue to espouse the conservative philosphy you’ve always maintained over the years before we had a black president, then that philosophy is now racist…it wasn’t then, but it is now.  Got it?

Over the last 24 hours, we’ve seen perhaps the most desperate attempt thus far from the left to revive ObamaCare and shield the increasingly unpopular clotheless emperor in the Oval Office.  That attempt is codified in DNC talking points, dutifully parroted by the left and the MSM (pardon the redundancy).  To recap, here are some examples of such shameful, yet not at all unexpected, rhetoric we’ve seen from the left in the last day or two:

1.  Jimmah Carter says that the “overwhelming” majority of people who are opposed to ObamaCare or to B.O.’s Marxist policies are racist.  Judging by this Rasmussen poll, that would mean that 55% of Americans are racist, right?  Or maybe just the numbers are racist?  Anywho, the thick, fudge-coated sugary irony of a failure of a former president whose anti-Semitic book was endorsed by Osama bin Laden himself lecturing us on bigotry is enough to put me into a diabetic coma.

2.  Rep. Maxine Waters (Moonbat-CA) is begging her accomplices in the MSM to investigate the racial views held by normal Joes and Janes who oppose ObamaCare.  I didn’t know that racial views (or any views, for that matter) could be illegal, but apparently the thought police feel otherwise.  Anyway, unlike her liberal brethren, she’s not content to just scream “racism”.  No, she actually wants the MSM to look into “those people”.  (Sidebar: Didn’t Ross Perot get into trouble for referring to “you people”?  Just sayin’.).  Also, she said that referring to ObamaCare as “ObamaCare” is evidence of racism, so by logical extension, referring to Hillary’s health care plan in 1993 as “HillaryCare” must be sexist.  Man, are “these people” (leftists, that is) that intent on destroying the English language?

3.  This race-baiting nervous breakdown is dividing even the Democrats themselves.  Senators Jim “Fellating Cambodian Boy” Webb, Kay “Presbyterian Elder Courting Atheist Votes” Hagan, and Dick “Our Soldiers are Like Pol Pot and Stalin” Durbin, in addition to B.O. himself, are falling over themselves to keep Carter at arm’s length and not ascribe racism to political opponents of B.O.’s policies.

4.  NYT op-ed hack Maureen Dowd, known for editing quotes via “Dowdification” to convey the context she wants, plays the race card…while she bellyaches about the need for civility.  I’m sorry, but “You’re a bunch of mouthbreathing, knuckledragging bigots…can’t you just be nice like me?” doesn’t seem like the best way to win friends and influence people to your argument.  I’m kinda funny that way.

5.  Hank Johnson (D-GA) defeated Jihad Cynthia McKinney in the Democrat primary 2006, but his election proved only that you can take the nutbag out of GA’s 4th district, but you can’t take GA’s 4th district out of the nutbag.  Or vice versa.  Whatever.  Don’t be racist!  Anywho, he said that if the House didn’t admonish Joe Wilson for screaming “You lie!” to the guy who was lying at the podium in the speech to Congress, it would be like “…folks putting on white hoods and white uniforms again and riding through the countryside, intimidating people. That’s the logical conclusion if this kind of attitude is not rebuked.”  Johnson was rebuked by AJC columnist Cynthia Tucker, a black woman known to see racism where it doesn’t exist.

6.  Chris “Thrill in the Leg” Matthews said…aw, skip it.  That’s just too easy.

7.  Victor Davis Hanson recognizes this as political suicide, and he’s right.  However, I see two big things that can come out of this, one of which is good and the other of which is not good.

Good:  Perhaps finally, the race-baiting in this country will finally be ignored, as it should have been for the last few decades.  Every time a black person gets arrested or charged with a crime, we hear that race must be involved, guilt or innocence be damned.  Jesse and Al have made lucrative livings in the race-baiting industry, and fomenting racial animosity where there need be none has paid them well over the years.  At the town hall protests, we saw people who have never been involved in politics before were showing up and angry that their voices are being marginalized.  They…nay, we…will not be shamed into silence by bad faith accusations of racism.  It is quite possible, if not likely, that fair-minded normal Americans will now finally see this “crying wolf” charade clearly, and will henceforth ignore such knee-jerk baseless claims. 

Bad:  After Americans finally begin ignoring the race-baiters, there will inevitably be some real cases of racism…and they will likely be ignored.  Again, “crying wolf” will have been the culprit.  You can only scream so many times about racism that are untrue before people begin to ignore you, and then when real racism comes along, the average Joe or Jane will go “Yeah, sure, heard that one before.”  So congrats, liberals!  Your baseless race-related rantings over the last couple of decades has possibly blunted any efforts in the future to address real acts of racism.  Hope you’re satisfied.

Anyway, if the left thinks they can somehow “shame” the same country that voted a black man into the Oval Office into supporting anything and everything said black man wants to do, then they are political kamikazes.  I, for one, welcome that tactic.

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UPDATE: Obama’s “green jobs czar” a Truther, a bigot, and a commie


But aside from all that, he’s just a peach.  Details:

A top environmental official of the Obama administration issued a statement Thursday apologizing for past incendiary statement and denying that he ever agreed with a 2004 petition on which his name appears, a petition calling for congressional hearings and an investigation by the New York Attorney General into “evidence that suggests high-level government officials may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks to occur.”

Van Jones, the Special Advisor for Green Jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, is Number 46 of the petitioners from the so-called “Truther” movement which suggests that people in the administration of President George W. Bush “may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext for war.”

In a statement issued Thursday evening Jones said of “the petition that was circulated today, I do not agree with this statement and it certainly does not reflect my views now or ever.”

He did not explain how his name came to be on the petition. A source said Jones did not carefully review the language in the petition before agreeing to add his name. 

Oh, if I had a dime for every time I signed a petition that I didn’t read, I would…um, not have a dime.  It’s like he’s trying to say “I was never really that involved with the Troofer movement, I just kinda signed a piece of paper someone stuck in my grill without really eyeballing it.”  There’s just one problem with that defense: it’s a friggin’ bold-faced lie.  Allahpundit gets it right when says “Note well: He doesn’t deny that he signed it. He denies that he agrees with it. Which means, I guess, that he’s asking us to create a new standard for public officials by which documents that bear their signature should no longer be used against them.”


With a history of incendiary and provocative remarks, many of them dealing with his view of how whites exploit minorities, Jones has emerged as the subject of much conservative scrutiny in recent days, particularly from Fox News’ Glenn Beck. (Jones defenders point out that most of Beck’s criticism came after a group Jones helped found, Color of Change, began pushing advertisers to boycott Beck after he accused President Obama of being a racist.)

Is it considering exploiting a minority by electing him president?  I’m just sayin’.  Actually, I think this is what the paranoid race-baiter meant:

“We’re really entering a third wave of environmentalism in the United States. The white polluters and the white environmentalists are essentially steering poison into the people of color communities.”

Nice to see the “post-racial” president adding this dude to his “post-racial” administration.  Rumor has it that Eric “nation of cowards when it comes to race” Holder has a Matthews-like thrill in his leg with the new czar.

Here’s a funny mea culpa:

Jones also said in his statement that “In recent days some in the news media have reported on past statements I made before I joined the administration – some of which were made years ago.  If I have offended anyone with statements I made in the past, I apologize.”

Yeah…”years ago”. Because four years is practically a generation ago, no?

In 2005 Jones told the East Bay Express that the acquittal of Rodney King’s assailants in 1992 in that infamous police brutality case changed him significantly. “I was a rowdy nationalist on April 28th, and then the verdicts came down on April 29th,” he said. “By August, I was a communist.” Jones told the East Bay Express

Jones and other young activists in 1994 formed a group called Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement, or STORM, rooted in Marxism and Leninsm. Two years later, Jones launched the Ella Baker Center, an Oakland, Calif., based “strategy and action center” which states that it tries to “promote positive alternatives to violence and incarceration.”

Bets are already circulating as to how soon he’ll be tossed under the B.O. bus.  Over/under is 2 – 3 days.

How’s that Hopenchange hiney tasting now?

UPDATED (09/05/2009 – 02:02 PM EST): More words of wisdom from Van Jones, appointee of the post-racial president:

December 2, 2005: “You’ve never seen a Columbine done by a black child. Never. They always say, ‘We can’t believe it happened here. We can’t believe it’s these suburban white kids.’ It’s only them. Now, a black kid might shoot another black kid. He’s not going to shoot up the whole school.”

But that was four years ago, practically in the black-and-white-TV days.

Also, wanna guess the total combined number of occurrences of the word “Van Jones” appearing in the NY Times, Washington comPost, CBS Evening News, NBC Leg Thrill Nightly News, and ABC ObamaCare Informercial World News?  Answer: 0.  Nope, no liberal media bias!

UPDATED (09/06/2009 – 09:02 AM EST): And he’s out, just like most people thought he would be.  The GOP is now beginning to wake up and realize, “Hey, you know what?  Maybe having nearly three dozen ‘czars’ isn’t a good thing!”

By the way, Jones said he was a victim of “lies and distortions” and “smears”.  As Allahpundit puts it: “In this case, the “vicious smear campaign” consisted of (a) accurately quoting Jones and (b) citing documents he signed.”

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Castro-praising, Che-loving black Congresswoman: Those who oppose ObamaCare do so only because da prez look like me!

Yo, yo, yo, dawg.  Here‘s the transcript from race-baiting Dianne Watson (D-CA):

WATSON: You might have heard their philosophical leader. I think his name is Rush Limbaugh. And he said early on, “I hope that he fails.”

Do you know what that means? If the president, your commander-in-chief, fails, America fails.

Now, when a senator says that this will be his Waterloo, and we all know what happened at Waterloo, then we have him and he fails. Do we want a failed state called the United States?

And remember: They are spreading fear and they are trying to see that the first president that looks likes me fails.

Now just understand what’s at the bottom line.

And you know we just got, 48 hours ago, we just go back, we were in Beijing, China, Hong Kong, China, we were in Taiwan, we were in Guam, we were all over the Far East.

I just want you to know: People look at the United States as a country that has changed its way and has elected someone from Kenya and Kansas, I’ll put it like that.

And they’re saying, “We thought you would never do that.”

So we don’t want to have this young man, and he just turned 48 — we want him to succeed, because when he succeeds, we regain our status. We regain our status.

It was just mentioned to me by our esteemed speaker, “Did anyone say anything about the Cuban health system?”

And lemme tell ya, before you say “Oh, it’s a commu–”, you need to go down there and see what Fidel Castro put in place. And I want you to know, now, you can think whatever you want to about Fidel Castro, but he was one of the brightest leaders I have ever met. [APPLAUSE]

And you know, the Cuban revolution that kicked out the wealthy, Che Guevara did that, and then, after they took over, they went out among the population to find someone who could lead this new nation, and they found…well, just leave it there (laughs), an attorney by the name of Fidel Castro…

She endorsed Hillary in the primary last year, so one might think that she would remember the opposition to Her Highness’ socialized medicine plan in 1993.  Quips Ace:

Yes, indeed! It’s all about race. How I remember we screamed and screeched when that black-as-the-ace-of-spades Bill Clinton sent his kinky-haired wife Hillary to Capitol Hill to sell the plan that Kool-cigarettes-enthusiast Howard Ickes had come up with.

We just opposed that plan because all those swarthy African-Americans (we all come from Africa, you know) had come up with it — Bill “B. Diddy” Clinton, Hillary “LadyHuimpz” Clinton, and Howard “Kid Grind” Ickes. That whole posse of electric boogaloo DC MCs and all of their DJs, dancers, and special guest robot-voice vocalists.

Exit question, albeit mostly rhetorical: Is there anything we’re allowed to disagree with coming from B.O. that won’t brand us as racists?

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NY guv: My personal and political failings are totally my fault…just kidding! It’s because I’m black that people notice them!

NY Dem governor Paterson isn’t liked very well by New Yorkers, for a ton of reasons that can be summed up as merely “professional and personal failures”!  Naturally, this can mean only one thing: it’s because he’s black.  Yes sir, the leftist MSM is piling on him because he’s black, and he warns that B.O. is getting skewered by the media (say what?) for the same reason.

For his part, B.O. is telling Paterson to shut his cakehole about it.  I don’t think that Oprompter wants another “reflexively trashing Whitey” moment like he did with the Cambridge Police incident, since he didn’t fare too well in that mess.

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MSNBC anchor: You think maybe “socialist” is kinda like the “n-word”?

From the Thrill in the Leg network, MSNBC, via Newsbusters:

Did you know that when you refer to someone as a socialist, you’re really calling them the N-word?

Such an astonishing hypothesis was offered by MSNBC’s Carlos Watson Monday in a segment he refers to as “The ‘C’ Note.”

Today I want to talk about a word that we’re hearing more and more, and that’s the word socialist. You hear it from a lot of conservatives these days, that’s usually critiquing the President, or more broadly Democrats. And while that’s certainly a legitimate critique, there certainly is an ideology that can and should be critiqued at certain times, it also some times is just a kind of a generic conservative bludgeoning tool. And that’s alright, too, because you hear it on the Democratic side as well: rightwingnut, what have you.

But what concerns me is when in some of those town hall meetings including the one that we saw in Missouri recently where there were jokes made about lynching, etc., you start to wonder whether in fact the word socialist is becoming a code word, whether or not socialist is becoming the new N-word for frankly for some angry upset birthers and others. I hope that’s not the case, but it sure does say to you what David Brooks said the other day on T.V. which is that more credible conservatives have to stand up and say that there’s a line that has to be drawn, that there’s a line of responsibility that’s important, and that extends to the words that we choose including how choose even legitimate words like socialist.

WTH?  So “socialist” is a legitimate word, but we can’t use it because it may convey bigotry?

Allah notes that the accusation is patently ludicrous, since had Her Highness been elected instead of B.O. and pushed these same policies (cap-and-tax, takeover of the auto industry, socialized medicine), we’d be calling her a socialist, too.  And in case you may not have noticed, Hillary is a bit on the Caucasian side.

Nope…no liberal media bias!

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Obama’s “stupid” cops flap

By now, most of you are aware of the situation where Oprompter should have stayed with his teleprompter instead of wandering off to weigh in on the cops’ arrest of Gates (a black man) in his home.  He said “I don’t have all of the facts”, but that didn’t stop him from saying the police acted stupidly.

Question: If you don’t have all of the facts, then how can you definitively say the cops acted stupidly?

Here, lemme help you out for the next time something like this happens.  I’m a giver.  That’s how I roll.

“I don’t have all of the facts at this time, so I can’t really comment on it until I do have all of the facts.  Next question.”

See how easy that was?  It’s so easy, an empty suit accomplishment-lite leftist ideologue can do it.

See, I don’t know everything that happened, and I know better than to let the MSM tell me what happened.  Until I get all of the information, I can’t say that the cops acted stupidly, nor can I say that the professor who was arrested acted stupidly.  Considering the arresting officer is an expert on preventing racial profiling within his department, I’m at least somewhat inclined to believe that he wouldn’t be so boneheaded as to racially profile.  Time will tell.

Anywho, B.O. seems to have stepped in it this time.  Natually he hasn’t apologized.  Go figure.

Exit question: Does B.O. not understand the impact of his accusation?  Black America (specifically liberal Black America) already hates and fears the po-po, and their prez just gave their unfounded fears validation.  That could seriously impede law enforcement efforts, especially those that depend on the cooperation of all parties involved.

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Maloney (D-NY) uses the “n word”

Identity politics don’t taste so sweet now, do they?  Details:

New York Rep. Carolyn Maloney, a Democrat, apologized Monday for using the N word in a recent interview while recounting a phone call she had received.

“I apologize for having repeated a word I find disgusting,” Maloney said in a statement. “It’s no excuse but I was so caught up in relaying the story exactly as it was told to me that, in doing so, I repeated a word that should never be repeated.”

Maloney, who is challenging Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand for the 2010 Democratic Senate nomination in New York, used the full racial slur in an interview with the Web site City Hall while taking aim at Gillibrand’s record.

“I got a call from someone from Puerto Rico, said [Gillibrand] went to Puerto Rico and came out for English-only [education]. And he said, ‘It was like saying n—r to a Puerto Rican,'” Maloney said. “I don’t know-I don’t know if that’s true or not. I just called. I’m just throwing that out. All of her-well, what does she stand for?”

Earlier Monday, the Rev. Al Sharpton — a supporter of Gillibrand’s bid — sharply criticized Maloney for using the word.  (Blue-on-blue action! – Ed.)

To CNN’s credit, they didn’t start up a game of “Name That Party”.  How did that make it past the editors?

Exit question: How long would it have taken the left and the MSM (pardon the redundancy) to demand her resignation if she were a Republican?

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Babs Boxer: What, not all you black people think the same way?

Say, Senator Boxer?  I hear aloe works on a freshly spanked tush.

Yes, when she’s not busy being a snotty liberal elitist (pardon the redundancy) by demanding that a decorated officer refer to her as “Senator” instead of “ma’am”, Babs like to spend her time telling black folk that they all must think alike.  Ed has the details and the video, which you MUST see:

Red meat by the slab, folks! Barbara Boxer wound up getting reamed by Harry Alford, the chair of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, after attempting to challenge his testimony on energy policy. When Boxer started waving position papers from the NAACP and the 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Alford called it a “condescending” attack and complained about Boxer’s focus on black people rather than science…

Oh, come on!  I’m sure some of her best friends are black!  By the way, she tells him toward the end of the video that his veteran status has nothing to do with the matter at hand (energy policy)…but apparently, being black is much more relevant.

Move over, Chris Matthews: I just got a “thrill up my leg”, too!  😆

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Supreme Court overtuns Sotomayor’s bigoted ruling

No doubt many of you are aware of the case in New Haven, CT, where a firefighter exam’s results were tossed out because no black firemen passed the test.  The white firefighters who passed sued, arguing that they were discriminated against because of their race.  It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that they were right.  So of course, the liberal appeals court told them to stick it up their white chutes (or whatever the legalese equivalent of that is).  SCOTUS nominee Sonia Sotomayor ruled against the firefighters and in favor of racism.

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the liberal court, on a predictable 5-4 ruling, with the four liberal justices naturally and reflexively siding with racism.

Exit question: Does this put a dent in Sotomayor’s claim that by virtue of her being a “wise Latina woman”, she will reach “better conclusions” than non-Latin males?

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Holocaust Museum killer a “right-wing” fanatic?

Admittedly, I came to that conclusion when the story first broke.  Then an interesting phenomenon occurred: facts came out.  First this:

FBI agents visited the offices of the conservative Weekly Standard magazine yesterday after a shooting at the Holocaust Memorial Museum and told employees they’d found the magazine’s address.

The suggestion that the Standard may have been a target complicates any view of the racist shooter in contemporary left-right terms. Von Brunn’s white supremacist roots put him under the rubric of a “right-wing extremist,” but the substance of his views — which included everything from believing that President Bush may have been in on the September 11 attacks to denying that President Obama is an American citizen — are too far on the fringe to fit into conventional political classification.

And this:

Andrew Breitbart
“F.U. MSM: This Holocaust Museum killer creep job was a 9/11 truther (a left-wing phenomenon), hated Neo-Cons (Jews like me,) Bush, McCain and hated the right’s beloved Israel (also a leftist phenomenon, mostly) — and you — in conjunction with the Democratic Party try to say he is an example of the ‘far right’ that is against Obama — all for the sickening sake of political gain? We won’t forget this, you thugs.”

And this:

The media is a abuzed about this, and the lefty blogs are acting as though this being some nuance of the right.

Wrong. Let’s not forget that Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, both antisemitic and neither considered spokesmen for the right.

But after some research it appears the shooter, James Von Brunn is in fact – despite the protestations of the Kos Kids – a registered democrat from Maryland.

So much for the “Right Wing Conspiracy”.

Yet the MSM still parrots the lie that this nutjob was a “right-wing fanatic”?  I’m not saying he was a left-wing nutjob, merely that he was just a nutjob…period.  But if the left really wants to play “pin the ideology on the psycho”, we’ve got plenty of ammo to work with, m’kay?

Also, did you notice that the MSM reported ad nauseum on the abortion doctor killing and this Holocaust Museum killing, but reports on the home-grown Muslim terrorist shooting the Army recruiters were not nearly as extensive?

Nope…no liberal media bias!

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Week’s ending review

B.O.’s SCOTUS nominee, we are told, made this one isolated reference to female Hispanic making better decisions than men of any race.  If, by “isolated”, they mean “she’s said it on multiple occasions“, then yeah…”isolated”!

When he’s not busy shilling for criminal aliens, Sometimes-Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham likes to spend his time pacifying the base by slamming Sotomayor’s racist words.  I’m not sure why he’s got such a problem with her, since she was a member of the Hispanic supremacist group La Raza…the same La Raza that Graham appeared before to “tell the bigots to shut up” about criminal immigration.

Quote of the week by filmmaker John Ziegler, who has put out a movie called “Media Malpractice” about the Kamikaze Media’s coverage of the 2008 election: “Monica Lewinsky never dreamed of doing to Bill Clinton some of the things Brian Williams did to Barack Obama”!  Heh.

When unemployment was 5% during the Bush years, the MSM howled.  Now that it’s doubled under The One’s watch, the MSM spins unemployment as “fun”…”funemployment“!  Please pick your jaw up off the floor long enough to say “Nope…no liberal media bias!”  I’m guessing the Second Great Depression will be “Funpression #2”, maybe?

Obama said the Holocaust is bad, but then implies that it’s no worse than what those d#mned Joooooos are doing to the poor, innocent, peaceful “Palestinians” every day.  Moral equivalency: it’s not just for dinner anymore.

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Obama lets Black Panters off the hook for violent intimidation charges

Just helpin’ a couple of bruthas out, right?  Details:

Justice Department political appointees overruled career lawyers and ended a civil complaint accusing three members of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense of wielding a nightstick and intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling place last Election Day, according to documents and interviews.

The incident – which gained national attention when it was captured on videotape and distributed on YouTube – had prompted the government to sue the men, saying they violated the 1965 Voting Rights Act by scaring would-be voters with the weapon, racial slurs and military-style uniforms.

Career lawyers pursued the case for months, including obtaining an affidavit from a prominent 1960s civil rights activist who witnessed the confrontation and described it as “the most blatant form of voter intimidation” that he had seen, even during the voting rights crisis in Mississippi a half-century ago.

The career Justice lawyers were on the verge of securing sanctions against the men earlier this month when their superiors ordered them to reverse course, according to interviews and documents. The court had already entered a default judgment against the men on April 20.

A Justice Department spokesman on Thursday confirmed that the agency had dropped the case, dismissing two of the men from the lawsuit with no penalty and winning an order against the third man that simply prohibits him from bringing a weapon to a polling place in future elections.  (Are we to assume that it was legal for him to bring a weapon to a polling place BEFORE this order? – Ed.)

The complaint said the three men engaged in “coercion, threats and intimidation, … racial threats and insults, … menacing and intimidating gestures, … and movements directed at individuals who were present to vote.” It said that unless prohibited by court sanctions, they would “continued to violate … the Voting Rights Act by continuing to direct intimidation, threats and coercion at voters and potential voters, by again deploying uniformed and armed members at the entrance to polling locations in future elections, both in Philadelphia and throughout the country.”

To support its evidence, the government had secured an affidavit from Bartle Bull, a longtime civil rights activist and former aide to Sen. Robert F. Kennedy’s 1968 presidential campaign. Mr. Bull said in a sworn statement dated April 7 that he was serving in November as a credentialed poll watcher in Philadelphia when he saw the three uniformed Panthers confront and intimidate voters with a nightstick.

Inexplicably, the government did not enter the affidavit in the court case, according to the files.  (I’m sure it was just a mere bureaucratic snafu, right? – Ed.)

“In my opinion, the men created an intimidating presence at the entrance to a poll,” he declared. “In all my experience in politics, in civil rights litigation and in my efforts in the 1960s to secure the right to vote in Mississippi … I have never encountered or heard of another instance in the United States where armed and uniformed men blocked the entrance to a polling location.”

Mr. Bull said the “clear purpose” of what the Panthers were doing was to “intimidate voters with whom they did not agree.” He also said he overheard one of the men tell a white poll watcher: “You are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker.”  (Word, dawg. – Ed.)

A Democrat, using the DOJ as a political pawn?  Who knew?

The “postracial” Chicagoland Thug-in-Chief, just lookin’ out for his vote fraud homies like these punks, plus ACORN, plus…well, you get the drift.

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Midweek news bytes

The One’s promises should come with expiration dates, because he is once again leaning towards breaking his “no one under $250k will pay any new taxes of any kind” line.  It appears that a national sales tax is being considered.  Not like the Fair Tax, which would replace the income tax with a retail sales tax.  No, this “value-added” sales tax would be in addition to the federal income tax!  Hey, socialism doesn’t pay for itself, folks!  Exit question: how crazy do those tea party people look now, MSM?

In what amounts to a huge coinkidink, all of the closed Chrysler dealerships (so ordered by the administration…er, Chrysler) just so happened to be Republican-owned dealerships, while Dem dealerships owned by big donors just so happened to be left open to operate.  Heck, even 5-star money-making dealerships were closed, if the owner happened to be Republican.  But I’m sure B.O. isn’t a petty “I won” Chicago-style thug politician or anything!  Are you liberals content with that kind of shameful corruption, so long as it comes from your boy?

Arlen Specter (D-PA) left the GOP because he didn’t want to be defeated in the GOP primary, which he would have.  So in a delicious exhibition of karma, he finds himself with a Democrat primary challenger!  Heck, I’m almost tempted to send in a donation to a liberal for once in my life!  😆

It looks like Roland Burris did buy that Senate seat from the impeached Democrat governor from IL.  If Burris survives until the 2010 election, the GOP will actually do the unthinkable: pick up a Senate seat…and in a blue state, no less!  I doubt the Dems will let Burris get that far.

Oprompter’s SCOTUS nominee ruled recently, along with her appealate court colleagues, that New Haven, CT, can discriminate against white firefighters.  The SCOTUS will hear the appeal and rule on it by the end of their term, and possibly before her confirmation hearing.  If she has her ruling overturned, will it hurt her confirmation process?  After all, there are some red-state Dems in the Senate (both Senators from AR, MT, ND, as well as Senators from NE, LA, and SD) who will have to answer to their constituents on why they voted to confirm a racist anti-Second Amendment leftist ideologue to the court.

MD raised tax rates on millionaires.  In a totally unforseen development, the rich said “Enough!” and got the hell out of MD, leaving MD with a shortfall that only an economic illiterate wouldn’t see coming.  Hey, who knew?  (For those of you on the left, the prior sentence was both rhetorical and sarcastic.)

Bill “Just Some Dude In My Neighborhood” Ayers ghost wrote B.O.’s Dreams From My Father.  What an honor!  It’s not everyday you can get a domestic terrorist to pen your bestseller, right?

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The left’s selective outrage, example #4,236,745

Excellent cartoon and analysis.  The cartoon is from Jim Morin of Miami’s fishwrap:


Ed adds his commentary:

Let’s get this straight.  The Left shrugged at Obama’s twenty years of alliance with a minister who spouted an infamous “God Damn America”.  They sniffed when Jeremiah Wright called 9/11 “America’s chickens coming home to roost”.  They may have even nodded their heads in agreement when the pastor to whom Obama gave over $20,000 in 2006 accused the US government of creating the HIV virus and AIDS as a genocidal tool against people of color.

However, Rick Warren offers public support for a California proposition that keeps marriage defined as his faith prescribes, and suddenly Obama has betrayed their trust.  Really?  They see a one-time association over a 60-second invocation as a betrayal of their values, when Obama’s twenty years with, and significant material support for, a raving anti-American demagogue like Wright didn’t disturb them in the least?

At least we know where their values lie.

If you have not yet done so, feel free to question the left’s patriotism…or their sanity.

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Canuck university kills cystic fibrosis fundraiser

Why would they do that?  Because according to the Canucks at this school of “higher” learning, the victims of cystic fibrosis are all a bit too caucasian for their liking.  Details from Canuckistan:

The Carleton University Students’ Association has voted to drop cystic fibrosis as the beneficiary of its annual Shinearama fundraiser, arguing that the illness is not “inclusive” enough.

Cystic fibrosis “has been recently revealed to only affect white people, and primarily men” said the motion read to student councillors, who voted almost unanimously in favour of it.

Carleton students have fanned out across the city near the beginning of the school year to raise money to fight the illness for years. But according to the motion read Monday night to student councillors, “all orientees and volunteers should feel like their fundraising efforts will serve the their (sic) diverse communities.”

Mr. Bergamini said the orientation week fundraiser, which is carried out by students at many universities across Canada, raised about $1-million last year. Shinearama has raised money for cystic fibrosis research for more than 25 years.

“I think they see this, in their own twisted way, as a win for diversity,” said Mr. Bergamini. “I see it as a loss for people with cystic fibrosis.”

Meanwhile, he said the vote was an example of political correctness gone too far in student government.  (Ya think??? – Ed.)

The fact that C.F. does NOT kill only white people notwithstanding, what kind of depravity must one suffer from to where skin color of the victims of a heinous disease ever enters the thought process?  How would you sick Canucks like to stand in front of God Almighty on the day of your judgment and tell Him that you would have been glad to aid His children suffering from C.F. if only He had given them greater pigmentation?

Hey, let’s take this a step further, shall we?  How about not holding any fundraisers for breast cancer, since over 99% of the victims are female?  I mean, that’s not “inclusive”, now is it?  Or what about sickle cell anemia, since that primarily affects the black community?  The possibilities are endless!

And liberals think that we need to emulate the Canucks?  No thanks!

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Another “Whitey” conspiracy revealed: a technological device is “racist”

Oh. My. Stars.  From Connectikook:

A lawyer representing a man charged with drunken driving has claimed Connecticut’s breathalyzers discriminate against blacks.

Attorney James Ruane represents 40-year-old Tyrone Brown, of Norwalk, who was arrested April 9 by Connecticut State Police on Interstate 95 in Fairfield.

In a motion filed Tuesday in Bridgeport Superior Court, Ruane asked a judge to suppress his client’s breathalyzer test results.

He contends the device used by state police and most local police departments, the Intoxilyzer 5000, discriminates against blacks.

Ruane said research shows the lung capacity of a black man is 3 percent lower than a white man’s and, therefore, black men’s test results vary from the sobriety standard set by the device.

Assistant State’s Attorney Mark Durso declined comment. 

Lower lung capacity?  Has dude never seen a black man run with the football, flee from the po-po, or shatter Olympic sprint records?

Seriously, I may have officially just seen it all.  A machine that measures drunkenness is racist?  Not the engineers or the designers of the machine, but the machine itself is racist?

Exit question:  Can we infer that the ambulance chaser making this claim is racist by implying that blacks get drunk (then get behind the wheel) more often than non-blacks?

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