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P.C. almost allowed Fort Dix Six to carry out jihadist plot

From the NY Post:

It all began on a frigid January day with 10 bearded Muslim men huddled in the parking lot of a Circuit City debating who would go inside to have a copy made of a tape showing them firing guns and praising jihad.

Eventually, the group – who’d been seen standing outside earlier that January 2006 week – selected two men to go inside while the rest waited in the parking lot, an employee who was outside smoking at the time recalled.

Once inside, the two men approached the television section of the electronics store where videos could be transferred to DVD and copies could be made.

They handed the teenage clerk a mini-cassette tape from a camcorder and asked for a $20 transfer to be made to DVD. As they waited, the two men calmly walked around the store looking at televisions, video games and DVDs.

What they didn’t know was that they had sealed their ultimate fate.

When the teen and another employee went into a back room and began the conversion of the tape, they saw a group of bearded men wearing “fundamentalist attire” and shooting “big, f-ing guns,” the teen later told co-workers.

Throughout the 90-minute-long tape, above the booming gunfire at a Pennsylvania target range, the jihadists could be heard screaming “God is great!”

The two employees “freaked out,” their co-worker recalled.

At first, the teenage clerk didn’t know what to do, his pal said.

“Dude, I just saw some really weird s-,” he frantically told his co-worker. “I don’t know what to do. Should I call someone or is that being racist?

Way to go, leftards. You have succeeded in making astute citizen observers second-guess themselves in assisting counterterrorism efforts. This young man’s common sense prevailed, but he hesitated…and that tells me that other people might have been inclined to keep their mouths shut.

I’ve said for some time that political correctness could be the death of us yet. I didn’t go out on a limb with that prediction, now did I?

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Fort Dix terror plot

By now, many of you are familiar with the attempted terrorist attacks on our soldiers at Fort Dix. Then again, as much as the MSM has downplayed this, maybe you haven’t heard much. Anywho, details are still coming out, but some of the more interesting notes:

  • Three of the terrorists were illegal aliens. I wonder if killing our soldiers would qualify for W’s “doing jobs that Americans won’t do”. Probably. After all, I wouldn’t do it.
  • It’s possible that the Clintons imported one or more of these terrorists from the Balkans in 1999. We bring them into our country and this is the thanks we get?
  • The processing center (or compound or whatever you want to call it) that housed these Kosovar refugees was named “The Village” after Shrillary’s book “It Takes a Village”. Read into that what you will.
  • A Balkan terrorist expert says this Fort Dix plot confirms his suspicion that Al Qaeda would employ a “White Al Qaeda” tactic, using Euro males because they raise less suspicion.

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