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Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL): GOP efforts in FL to stop vote fraud like Osama bin Laden, or something

There are bad analogies, and then there are really bad analogies.

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson used the years-long covert operation that culminated last night in the death of the country’s No. 1 enemy to slam a GOP-backed elections overhaul the Senate is slated to vote on today.

“We have cut off the head of the snake,” said Nelson, joined in the Capitol by a host of fellow Democrats, voters rights groups and civil rights advocates at a previously-scheduled press conference about the elections package.

After congratulating President Barack Obama and the White House administration for killing Osama bin Laden (Obama killed Osama?  Huh.  I thought it was the Navy SEALs.  Who knew, right? – CL) , Nelson paralleled the fight for democracy overseas to Democrats’ fight against the elections package.

“Now in an effort of 10 years, ever since Sept. 11, 2001, protecting our democracy, protecting us from those that would do harm and who provide this protection because our democracy is unique, we find ourselves gathered in our Capitol city of this state again here to protect our democracy,” he said. “Now we are here for another reason of protecting our democracy and that is to keep the right to vote. Don’t make it harder to vote. Don’t make it harder to register to vote and don’t make it harder to try to count your vote. And that’s what we have in front of the legislature right now.”

Among the most contentious components of the bills are rigorous new standards on third-party voter registration groups that helped drive Democratic turnout in 2008.  (In other words, Dems are fighing for ACORN’s efforts to continue the vote fraud on Dems’ behalf for which ACORN is well-known. – CL)

Godwin just called to say “Well played, Senator Nelson!”

This buttclown is up for re-election next year.  You can rest assured I will do my part to end this jackwagon’s career.

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Memphis moonbat in Congress displays that new “civility” thingy Obama was talking about

Yeah, I’m thinking that maybe this isn’t what B.O. had in mind:

In an extraordinary outburst on the House floor, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) invoked the Holocaust to attack Republicans on health care and compared rhetoric on the issue to the work of infamous Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

“They say it’s a government takeover of health care, a big lie just like Goebbels,” Cohen said. “You say it enough, you repeat the lie, you repeat the lie, and eventually, people believe it.  Like blood libel.  That’s the same kind of thing. And Congressman Cohen didn’t stop there.

“The Germans said enough about the Jews and people believed it–believed it and you have the Holocaust.  We heard on this floor, government takeover of health care.  Politifact said the biggest lie of 2010 was a government takeover of health care because there is no government takeover,” Cohen said.

Don’t get me wrong, folks.  I think this “new tone” and “civility” is a load of crap.  These vermin spent the last 10 years making Bush to resemble Rosemary’s Baby, and the last two years ramming socialist and statist garbage down our throats.  So as far as I’m concerned, they can peddle their “OK, NOW we want to be civil” garbage somewhere else.

That said, this is another example (and the examples are legion) of Dems saying one thing and acting in a contrary manner.

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Dem Senator: Negotiating with Republican Senators like negotiating with terrorists. Or something.

Color me surprised that Democrats actually (a) used the word “terrorist” and (b) find terrorists to be evil.  Here’s Bob Menendez (D-NJ) on discussing tax policy with the other side:

“Do you allow yourself to be held hostage and get something done for the sake of getting something done, when in fact it might be perverse in its ultimate results? It’s almost like the question of do you negotiate with terrorists,” Menendez said when asked whether he and other Democrats would accept a compromise with Republicans.

“The majority has a responsibility to get something done, but [also] to get something done that is good for the country,” he added.

A Democrat who purports to be concerned about what is “good for the country”?  First time for everything, I suppose.

Look, I don’t have a problem with Menendez being averse to discuss things with the other side.  After all, once the grown-ups get the gavel in January from Speaker Botox, I have zero interest in discussing things with what handful of leftist jackwagons still exist in the House.  But good grief, Godwin, ease up off the hyperbole, huh?

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Batsh#t crazy Alan Grayson (D-FL) compares GOP opponent to Taliban, gets scolded by…nutjobs at MSNBC?

The thrill has left even Matthews’ leg for Grayson for this bit of jack@ssery.  Both of  MSNBC’s viewers were appalled at Grayson’s tactics.  Video clip here, and I would embed it, but it’s too much douchebaggery for me to stomach.

His opponent is Dan Webster, whose fundraising after Grayson’s Godwin-violating ad has gone through the roof.  Thanks, Congressman Moonbat!

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Night and Day, “Sheldon Whitehouse’s flip-flops” edition

Rhode Islanders tossed out Stinkin’ Lincoln Chafee in 2006 in order to install Sheldon Whitehouse (D-Moonbattery) in the Senate.  Nice job, RI!

Whitehouse over the weekend:

The lowest of the low was the Republican vote against funding and supporting our troops in the field in a time of war. As a device to stall health care, they tried to stop the appropriation of funds for our soldiers. There is no excuse for that. From that there is no return. Every single Republican member was willing to vote against cloture on funding our troops, and they admitted it was a tactic to obstruct health care reform. …

In 2007:

In May 2007, Whitehouse was only one of 14 Senators to vote against the Iraq war funding supplemental to support the troop surge, at a time our troops were fighting al-Qaeda in the field in a time of war. Whitehouse also was one of 10 co-sponsors of a bill to cut off funding for the troops in Iraq unless troop withdrawals started within 120 days.

Not content with being a flaming hypocrite on war funding, Whitehouse decided to call the 60% of Americans opposed to ObamaCare a bunch of white supremecist cranks:

Voting ‘no’ and hiding from the vote are the same result. Those of us on the floor see it. It was clear the three of them who did not cast their yes votes until all 60 Senate votes had been tallied and it was clear that the result was a foregone conclusion. And why? Why all this discord and discourtesy, all this unprecedented destructive action? All to break the momentum of our new young president.

They are desperate to break this president. They have ardent supporters who are nearly hysterical at the very election of President Barack Obama. The birthers, the fanatics, the people running around in right-wing militia and Aryan support groups, it is unbearable to them that President Barack Obama should exist. That is one powerful reason. It is not the only one.

When confronted with his quote:

I approached Senator Whitehouse following his speech on the floor, and his responses to my questions were puzzling, to say the say the least. Mr. Whitehouse said he stood by his speech, but would not admit that he was accusing anyone who was against the health care bill as racist. He did reiterate that birthers are part of the group that is against the bill and are attacking president  However, when I asked the Senator from Rhode Island what he meant by describing those who do not support the bill as “aryan,” he responded “No, I didn’t say that….again, pay attention to the speech.”

Um…we did pay attention.  And yeah, ya did say it.  It’s on audo.  If you’re gonna get all Godwin on us, at least have a hair on your nutsack to stand by your statements.

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Quote of the day, “Where was Gibbs this last decade?” edition

Dude must have been in a coma since 2001 or something.  From Gibbsy:

I will continue to say what I’ve said before. You hear in this debate, you hear analogies, you hear references to, you see pictures about and depictions of individuals that are truly stunning, and you hear it all the time. People — imagine five years ago somebody comparing health care reform to 9/11. Imagine just a few years ago had somebody walked around with images of Hitler.


I couldn’t even fathom a president being compared to Hitler within the last five or so years.

Why, it defies reasoning to even draw such an absurd and offensive comparison!

Yeah, Gibbs.  Imagine.

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Pots and kettles, “Godwin’s Law” edition

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Godwin’s Law, here’s a link that explains it.  All you really need to know is that if you have to trot out Hitler or Nazi references to smear your opponent, you have violated Godwin’s Law.

Yesterday, San Fran Nan accused ObamaCare opponents attending town hall meetings to express displeasure at the thought of socialized medicine as a bunch of swastika-toting racists.

Today, the DNCC is blasting Rush for…I swear, I couldn’t make this crap up if I tried…allegedly invoking Nazi references!

Pot, meet kettle.

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Muslim Congressman Godwins himself

From FNC:

Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, is defending himself Monday after comparing President Bush to Adolf Hitler and leaving the impression the administration may have rigged the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

Speaking to an atheist group on July 8, Ellison said that the president acted much the way Hitler did when the Reichstag, or German Parliament building, was burned in 1933 ahead of elections that pitted Hitler’s Nazi Party against others, including the Communists. Hitler, who was suspected of ordering the fire, declared emergency powers that helped him launch his dictatorial and murderous reign.

“It’s almost like the Reichstag fire, kind of reminds me of that,” Ellison told the group, according to The Minneapolis Star Tribune. “After the Reichstag was burned, they blamed the Communists for it and it put the leader of that country [Hitler] in a position where he could basically have authority to do whatever he wanted.”

So he’s a Truther, right? You know, one of those paranoid asshats who think that Bush destroyed the Twin Towers (and part of the Pentagon and made a crater in PA)? Sounds like it…until he gets all John Kerry on us:

During his speech, Ellison went on to tell the 350-member Atheists for Human Rights: “I’m not saying [Sept. 11] was a [U.S.] plan, or anything like that, because, you know, that’s how they put you in the nut-ball box — dismiss you.”

Oops…too late. Consider yourself dismissed, nut-ball.

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HuffPost moonbats: Bring back Hitler

As Ace notes: “I thought The Big H was the one line of comparative apologism a liberal wouldn’t dare cross. Stalin? No big deal; they all kind of think Stalin is just the victim of bad right-wing press anyway.” Anywho, think I’m “Godwin’s Law”ing myself? Check out this nugget from Arianna Huffington’s moonbat cave and you be the judge:

Former Washington Post sportswriter, Seinfeld writer and executive co-producer, and television comedy writer Peter Mehlman has written something for The Huffington Post that might qualify as the most hyperbolic nonsense written by a member of the Hollywood Left, a ‘progressive’ — or whatever appellation they are giving themselves these days — in at least the last week.

Writes Mehlman: (emphasis added)

… we’re six and a half years into Bush and everyone from Helen Thomas on down is declaring him the worst president ever. What no one is saying is the one overarching reason he’s the worst: the Bush administration is the first that doesn’t even mean well.

With the possible exception of immigration reform — and who knows what grotesque financial incentive underlies that — try to pinpoint even one policy motivated by the desire to lessen human suffering, to improve the life of citizens. Nothing. There is nothing.

Nothing supported by Bush is well-meaning; it’s all evil: Efforts at improving education in “No Child Left Behind,” the prescription drug benefit for seniors, Social Security reform — no matter how one feels about their relative merits or efficacy — none of these things were done with good intentions.

The increase in spending to combat AIDS in Africa, the stated dream of a manned mission to Mars — all selfish acts not meant to achieve some benefit for people. Of course the war on terrorism and the war in Iraq are both inspired by pure evil.

It goes without saying.

In fact, Bush is so evil that Mehlman believes he is worse than “the world’s worst fascist dictators”: (emphasis added)

You could argue that even the world’s worst fascist dictators at least meant well. They honestly thought were doing good things for their countries by suppressing blacks/eliminating Jews/eradicating free enterprise/repressing individual thought/killing off rivals/invading neighbors, etc. Only the Saudi royal family is driven by the same motives as Bush, but they were already entrenched. Bush set a new precedent. He came into office with the attitude of “I’m so tired of the public good. What about my good? What about my rich friends’ good?”

How can anyone not see it? It’s not that their policies have been misguided or haven’t played out right. They. Don’t. Even. Mean. Well.

How can those of us who disagree with Mehlman’s assertion not see this? Bush is pure evil — worse than Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. They were just misunderstood; Bush is much worse.

Sure, Hitler wanted to exterminate Jews and gays, but despite his sociopathic tendencies, he meant well in his own misguided genocidal kinda way! Un-friggin’-believable.

Allahpundit makes the following observation:

What you’re seeing here is the ne plus ultra of leftist argumentation, where every policy disagreement devolves inevitably into accusations of bad faith and suspicions of ulterior motive. That’s why they’ve always been a bit uneasy with the “Bush is incompetent” meme, true though it may be: incompetence doesn’t speak to motive. It’s perfectly consistent to believe that Bush wanted to build a liberal democracy in Iraq but cocked up the planning so badly as to make it impossible; it’s not consistent if you also believe, as a matter of faith, that conservatives must and can only be motivated by greed or malice.

So there you have it: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc., all “meant well” in their murderous ways, but Dubya doesn’t. Geez, I knew leftards cared more about intentions than results, but they can’t even seem to be able to read intentions correctly!

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Beeb’s newsroom Godwins itself

From Moonbattery:

Ray Drake of the highly recommended blog Davids Medienkritik was interviewed in an excellent two-part report by the Christian Broadcasting Network on anti-Americanism in the European media.

Though you won’t be surprised, you will be appalled. Here’s an excerpt:

Polls clearly show that Europeans have turned against America in increasing numbers. You can blame Iraq or George Bush. But it’s also true that Europeans have been fed a steady diet of media distortions about America for years.

And if you repeat a distortion long enough, it can become reality.

A former BBC journalist says a drawing of Bush as Hitler is hung in the BBC newsroom.

Not that this should surprise anyone, especially since the Beeb admits its own moonbattery. I just wish the left would stop pretending that the Beeb is a legitimate news source, when by their own admission, they’re a mouthpiece for the left.

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