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Headline of the day, “AP’s media bias” edition

Yes, this is the actual AP headline:

Is GOP trying to sabotage economy to hurt Obama?

Read the intro:

By CHARLES BABINGTON | Associated Press – Sat, May 19, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) — Are Republican lawmakers deliberately stalling the economic recovery to hurt President Barack Obama’s re-election chances? Some top Democrats say yes, pointing to GOP stances on the debt limit and other issues that they claim are causing unnecessary economic anxiety and retarding growth.

ObaMao’s big government borrow-and-spend policies have been crap, with no positive results and a plethora of negative results.  So Americans elect the GOP to control the House, as their way of expressing displeasure with (among other things) B.O.’s and the Dems’ way of dealing with the economy.  So when the Republican House – again, elected by the people to stop Obamanomics – decides to stop the runaway borrow-and-spend Greece-like policies…they’re trying to sabotage the economy?

Um, yeah.  They’re trying to sabotage something that hasn’t friggin’ worked in nearly four years, and the AP treats it as though it’s a given that Obamanomics works and those mean ol’ Republicans are trying to “sabotage the economy” just to hurt Obama.  Because Obama’s economic policies couldn’t possibly harm Obama…nope, it’s those economy-sabotaging Republicans!

Nope…no liberal media bias!

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Headline of the day, “Cain gets lectured on his blackness” edition

The headline of this blog post comes from El Rushbo, in regards to MSDNC’s Lawrence O’Donnell questioning the “black credentials” of African-American GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain:

Herman Cain Endures Lecture on Blackness from MSNBC White Guy


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Headline of the day

It’s not an MSM headline.  It’s a blog post title, meaning that it comes from a real news source!  😆

“Cowboys Stadium Officials Use Warming to Get Rid of Ice & Snow, Al Gore Not Consulted”

The story is about how stadium officials warmed up the stadium to melt the rooftop ice and snow.  Quips Doug Powers:

Using Gore’s unassailable laws of science, won’t a rising temperature lead to an increase in the amount of snow and ice? Stadium officials really should have consulted Al first.


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Headline of the day, “Greek” double entendre


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Headlines, “Osama afraid of Obama” edition

If Ted Kennedy is reading the title of this post, my apologies for the confusion.  Anywho, are you ready for the AP spin…er, headline?  Here it is:

“Bin Laden’s Obama criticism a sign he is worried”

Dude.  Seriously…I mean, dude!  I thought it was satire until I actually read this:

CAIRO – A day before President Barack Obama is to deliver a speech here seeking goodwill with the Islamic world, al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden tried in a new message Wednesday to convince Muslims they should hate him.

The message was the second from al-Qaida in as many days criticizing Obama. Analysts said the PR offensive shows the terrorist organization worries the new president will succeed in improving America’s image in the Muslim world and undermine the group’s anti-American jihad, or holy war.

“Obama’s election is just about the worst thing that could have happened to these guys,” said Tom Sanderson, a terrorism expert at the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies. “They knew right away that his election undermined a key part of their argument that the U.S. was anti-Islamic, that the U.S. was racist.”

Oh, so a group of people that hates Jews detests the U.S. for being racist?  Got it.  Thanks for the clarification.

Ace lambastes it better than I ever could:

Yes, bin Ladin’s criticism of Obama is a sign that Obama is scary-tough on terrorists. He never criticized Bush, after all. Or at least AP did not deem any such criticism of Bush to be a signal that Bush’s policies were working.

Quite the opposite, in fact. When bin Ladin seemed to endorse John Kerry for president in 2004, the media redlined its spin-engines claiming that this was reverse psychology intended to get Bush reelected, because, of course, we all know that Bush was the best thing to ever happen to bin Ladin.

And now? Well, now bin Ladin no longer utilizes reverse psychology. Surely this isn’t a reverse-psychology ploy, as the media insisted was utilized in 2004, to actually support Obama because he likes Obama’s weak-sauce policies. No, this time, bin Ladin’s word is bond, the AP figures.

Nope…no liberal media bias!

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Headline of the day

Not from an MSM outlet, but a far more reputable source: Hot Air.

Headline: “Woman who’s never worked: I’ll work twice as hard”  For those of you on the left, that’s a reference to Caroline Kennedy, who appears to covet Sen. Hilldawg’s soon-to-be-vacant Senate seat.  Here’s an excerpt:

No, sorry, that’s not fair. Remember when she had that job with the NYC Department of Education that she, um, never showed up to?

I won’t blame you if you don’t have the patience to read the whole thing, but at least skim it to catch the difference in tone between this pattycake session and, say, Charlie Gibson’s session with Palin. Or better yet, watch the highlight reel below and see for yourself which soundbites NY1 thought were killer enough to showcase for its viewers. Palin got a pop quiz on the Bush doctrine and Princess gets questions on what she thinks of J-Lo and what John-John would say if he were here now. Think Dominic Carter was excited to land this interview?

Nope…no liberal media bias!

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Headline of the weekend

Dude…I feel lunch coming up!

Obama to Tap Clinton After Thanksgiving


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Headline of the day

It’s a blog post headline at Ace, and it drips with snark:

Obama: I Am Such a Leader That I Will Defer to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi As to Whether I Actually Need to Show Up To Do My Job As Senator


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Headlines, “MSM alternate reality” edition

Headline from AFP:

Bush: 8,000 US troops to leave Iraq

Great news, right?  Here’s a sample of what Newsbusters found for alternate headlines for this reality:

MSNBC:  Bush to keep troop levels in Iraq for ’08

Times Online:  President Bush to maintain US troops in Iraq until almost last day in office

AP:  Bush keeping Iraq troop levels mostly steady

Washington comPost:  Bush to Keep Iraq Troop Levels Steady Until After He Leaves Office

USA Today:  AP:  Bush won’t reduce Iraq forces until early ’09

Financial Times:  Bush to withdraw 4,000 Iraq troops

That last one is scary, in that the number is 8,000 and not 4,000.  It certainly is reassuring to see the superior math skills of a financial publication, now?

Nope…no liberal media bias!

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Headline of the day

WTF?  “Superdelegates predict quick primary end“?

If, by “quick”, they mean “stretching all the way into June when the other side was wrapped up in February/March”, then yeah…”quick”.

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BBC pushing Mugabe talking points as fact

The admittedly leftist biased BBC is running interference for Zimbabwe socialist dictator Robert Mugabe while Mugabe is in the midst of stealing another election.  The party opposing Mugabe’s 150,000% inflation and 85% unemployment policies is accusing Mugabe of trying to assassinate their leader before June’s run-off.  The Beeb’s headline?

Zimbabwe scoffs at plot fantasy“!

The same BBC that refuses to use the word “terrorist” to describe Islamic terrorists (and on the rare occasion it does use the word, it puts the word terrorist in quotes to show a dispute of the word’s usage) has no qualms about using the word “fantasy” without the quotes to convey a sense of fact on Mugabe’s allegations.

I would use my usual tagline “Nope…no liberal media bias!”, but since the Beeb is open about its bias, I guess I don’t need the tagline.

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MSM-biased headline

Article, too, but the headline is outrageous: “Hundreds dying annually in Florida due to lack of health insurance“.

I don’t know how to break it to the mental midgets at the Naples News, but not a single human being has ever died due to a lack of health insurance.  People die due to a sickness, injury, trauma, etc.  I mean, does anyone die due to lack of car insurance?  Hey, I have health insurance…so does that mean I won’t die?

Nope…no liberal media bias!

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Headline of the day

Actual headline from a fishwrap in India: “Cold wave in India attributed to global warming

I don’t think there’s anything I really need to add to that, now is there?

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Headline of the day

BEVERAGE WARNING!  Put down your morning coffee (or, if you’re a Kennedy, your morning Dewars) before reading this headline:

Clinton Says She Can Control Her Husband

RightOf course you canWhy wouldn’t we believe youIt’s obvious! You’ve done a bang-up job thus far. Why, he’s practically tame.

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Headline of the day

Headline: “Homosexuality Turned On and Off in Fruit Flies”

Exit questions: (1) How are scientists able to determine that an insect is gay?  Do they have Village People posters, #ssless chaps, Indigo Girls ticket stubs, or cats?; (2) if gayness is disabled in “fruit flies”, does that mean they simply become “flies”?

We ask the tough questions here, my friends!  😀

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Headline of the day

Normally, the Headline of the Day is reserved for stupid MSM headlines.  However, this is a funny blog post headline, courtesy of Ace:

Shock: Lefties Take Day Off From Work To Take Off Clothes, Hang In Trees, Walk Around In Stupid Costumes 

The story to which it pertains is here.

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MSM headline

Good news on the Iraq front…thus, relegated to appear on page A10.  From Newsbusters:

The Pew Research Center finds there has been a dramatic, double-digit jump in the percentage of Americans who believe that the military effort in Iraq is going well. You are the Washington Post. How do you play the story?:

a. You run a front-page story headlined “Study Finds Surge in Positive Public View of War Effort”; or

b. You run a story on page A10 headlined “Military Progress Doesn’t Make War More Popular.”

A dead giveaway, wasn’t it, saying “you are the Washington Post”? Of course the correct answer is “b.” As Ed Morrissey at Captains Quarters noted, WaPo managed not only to bury the story, but to put a gloomy headline on the news. Observes Ed:

When the rise in opposition to the war got reported before, the numbers made front page news. Their decline gets mid-section commentary, spun with economic speculation. Anyone see an agenda at play here?

Jules Critteden details how MSNBC spins the Pew story in similar fashion, and observes:

18 points. Double-digit increase. That’s a 60 percent uptick from February’s numbers. Nearly half of all Americans think things are going well.

Both organizations are marching in the proud MSM footsteps of the New York Times. When earlier this month news came that the US-led MNF had successfully routed al Qaeda completely out of Baghdad, the Times buried the story fathoms deep . . . on A19. 

Nope…no liberal media bias!

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Headline of the day

Not exactly a headline, but the first sentence. Maybe I should have called it a Quote of the Day? Aw, why quibble over semantics? From the Old Gray Hag herself, right out of the gate:

Iraq is a long way to go for a photo op, but not for President Bush, who is pulling out all the stops to divert public attention from his failed Iraq policies and to keep Congress from demanding that he bring the troops home.

Just so I’m understanding this correctly: Bush went to Iraq in order to distract us from…Iraq? Dubya, you evil genius, you!

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Headline of the day

More like a “post title of the day”, but you get the gist:

“Nappy Headed Ho” sues Nappy Headed Host.

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Headline of the day

File this under “things I couldn’t make up if I tried”, from the Montgomery Advertiser. Headline: “Local Obesity Conference Draws Large Crowd”

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Headline of the day, part II

This one actually is a headline, from FNC: “Iowa Woman Named Butts Charged With Theft of Court’s Toilet Paper”. Details:

Police blame a woman named Butts for stealing toilet paper from an Iowa courthouse, and while they are chuckling, the theft charge could land her in jail.

“She’s facing potentially three years of incarceration for three rolls of toilet paper,” Chief Lon Walker said, stifling a laugh as he talked to KCCI-TV about Suzanne Marie Butts.

Workers at the Marshall County Courthouse had noticed toilet paper rolls were disappearing much faster than usual, Walker said.

Butts, 38, was caught last week after an employee saw her taking three rolls of two-ply tissue from a storage closet, Walker said.

Butts insisted it was the first time she had pilfered toilet paper, but she declined to answer further questions on her attorney’s advice.

The fifth-degree theft charge, a misdemeanor, normally carries a sentence of less than a year in jail. But Butts could face more time if convicted under the state’s habitual offender law because she has prior theft convictions.

Walker said Butts did not work at the courthouse and it was unclear why she was there.

Thanks to Kanaka Girl for the tip.

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Headline of the day

OK, not technically a headline, but the opening line in an article by the NYT:

THE probability of a nuclear weapon one day going off in an American city cannot be calculated, but it is larger than it was five years ago.

Umm…’kay. I’ll ask the obvious: if the probability of something cannot be calculated, then how in the world do you know that the probability is higher now than it was before?

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Weird/funny headlines

As James Taranto deadpans: “What would we do without experts?” Headline and sub-headline from Seattlestan: “Some Nations Tried Gun Control After Killings: Lesson for U.S.? Experts say it depends

Headline from Nebraska: “Arrest Made in Connection With Lincoln Slaying” John Wilkes Booth must be in awesome shape for man his age!

How about this headline? “Joint maker to star on Discovery Channel”. College students and anti-war miscreants, pay homage!

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