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Huckabee to prosecutor who was worried that Huck was too lenient on granting clemency to violent offenders: LOL!

Think I’m taking rhetorical liberties and embellishing the quote a little?  Think again.

Patterico has the details and the screen shots of letters between prosecutor Robert Herzfeld and Schmuckabee’s Deputy Legal Counsel Cory Cox.  So what was Cox’s response to Herzfeld’s concern that Schmuck was letting violent convicts out on a willy-nilly basis?  This:

The Arkansas Leader breaks it down:

“The governor read you (sic) letter and laughed out loud,” Cox wrote about a life-and-death situation that somehow amused Huckabee – or maybe he didn’t really laugh out loud and Cox was just making it up, trying to sound clever. 

Cox should have been fired in any case, either for disclosing the governor’s morbid sense of humor or simply lying about it.

“He wanted me to respond to you,” Cox continued, ending with this zinger: “I wish you success as you cut down on your caffeine consumption.” …

Oh, the wit…the hilarity!  I am ROTFLMAO!  If you don’t find the amusement in granting clemency or pardoning of rapists and murderers, then you are seriously humor-impaired!

Exit question: If Huck’s 2012 aspirations weren’t fatally wounded before, is it safe to assume they are now?

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Huckabee granted Clemency to Washington cop killer

Huck’s got a track record of granting clemency to hardened criminals and drunk drivers who contribute to his campaigns.  But if you thought his freeing a convicted rapist who predictably raped again was egregious, how about this?

Maurice Clemmons, the 37-year-old Tacoma man being sought for questioning in the killing of four Lakewood police officers this morning, has a long criminal record punctuated by violence, erratic behavior and concerns about his mental health.

Nine years ago, then-Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee granted clemency to Clemmons, commuting his lengthy prison sentence over the protestations of prosecutors.

“This is the day I’ve been dreading for a long time,” Larry Jegley, prosecuting attorney for Arkansas’ Pulaski County said Sunday night when informed that Clemmons was being sought in connection to the killings.

Clemmons’ criminal history includes at least five felony convictions in Arkansas and at least eight felony charges in Washington. The record also stands out for the number of times he has been released from custody despite questions about the danger he posed.

Huck shamelessly tries to avert responsibility and instead blames prosecutors.  Notably missing is Huck’s role.

…Should he be found to be responsible for this horrible tragedy, it will be the result of a series of failures in the criminal justice system in both Arkansas and Washington State. He was recommended for and received a commutation of his original sentence from 1990, making him parole eligible and was paroled by the parole board once they determined he met the conditions at that time. He was arrested later for parole violation and taken back to prison to serve his full term, but prosecutors dropped the charges that would have held him. It appears that he has continued to have a string of criminal and psychotic behavior but was not kept incarcerated by either state.

I didn’t realize that the same prosecutors who strenuously objected to Schmuckabee’s clemency of Clemmons had held a gun to Huck’s head to force his signature.  That probably should have been mentioned in the story, no?

I said it before, and I will say it again: Huckabee will never have my vote.  If he wins the GOP nomination for 2012 (and with this revelation, I doubt he will), I will not be voting for president.  I will instead pull an Obama and vote “present” for that office.

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Quote of the day, Huckabee edition

Check out Schmuckabee!  From ABC News blog:

In fact I don’t know if you realize this but Sarah Palin got more votes running for mayor in Wasilla, Alaska than Joe Biden did in two quests for the presidency… that oughta tell you something…

Ouch!  Good one, governor.

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Juan McCain wins big, Romney fizzles, and the Dem horse race

Thoughts about yesterday’s primaries:

1.  Schmuckabee is angling to be Juanny Mac’s VP.  After his impressive performance yesterday, I say he gets his wish.

2.  All the polls showing Romney with a 7-8% lead in CA were crap.  McLame won by about 9%.

3.  As I mentioned yesterday, one poll showed Her Highness taking CA comfortably while the other showed Osamabama taking the Golden State with east.  The latter poll was crap, as Shrillary won CA by about 10%.

4.  Barry O won some, the Hildebeast won some, and the delegate total on the left side is nearly even.  While Juanny Mac has the GOP nomination locked up, the Dems are still fighting each other.  Pass the popcorn.

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Huckabee: Romney engaged in “voter suppression”

Apparently, trying to convince the electorate to vote for you and not the other guys qualifies as “voter suppression” in Schmuckabee’s book.  From You Decide 2008:

Huckabee’s accusation followed Romney’s remarks to FOX News last week, in which the former Massachusetts governor said: “A vote for Huckabee is a vote for McCain, and if they want John McCain as their nominee … that’s exactly what the vote would do.”Huckabee then cast Romney’s comment as an attempt to keep voters from going to the polls.

“If you try to discourage people from voting for somebody, what else would you call it? Isn’t voter suppression when you try to keep people from voting a certain way, by anybody’s definition? … Isn’t that voter suppression, suppressing the vote, pushing it down, keeping people from feeling comfortable and going and making a vote? I think that’s exactly what it is,” Huckabee told reporters during a stop in Chattanooga, Tenn., on Monday.

But Romney, speaking in Atlanta, dismissed the charge, saying Huckabee has misused the term.

“First a couple of rules in politics. One, no whining. And Number 2, you get them to vote for you. And so I want them not to vote for Mike Huckabee and not to vote for John McCain and to vote for me. … That’s not voter suppression. That’s known as politics,” Romney said. “I want people to vote, but I want them to vote for me.”

Are we then to surmise that the Huckster has engaged in some “voter suppression” himself in his career?  I mean, he was the governor of Arkansas, and I’m assuming he campaigned for that job, asking folks to vote for him.  I also assume he’s done the same thing in this campaign, asking folks to vote for him. Chuck Norris endorsed you, dude…don’t humiliate him!

Quit whining and drop out, Schmuck.  Your siphoning votes away from a real man.

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FL had a “closed” primary?

In my state, you are only allowed to vote in party primaries if you are a registered voter of that party.  I used to be registered as an independent and then a Libertarian, until the election of 1996.  I wanted to vote for Steve Forbes in the primary, but Bob Dole was selected.  It was at that time I registered as a Republican, just so I could vote in primaries.

Yesterday, Juan McAmnesty won in FL’s primary, which is supposed to be a closed primary.  I have to wonder just how “closed” it really is, after seeing this

In northern Coral Springs, near the Sawgrass Expressway and Coral Ridge Drive, David Nirenberg arrived to vote as an independent. Nevertheless, he said poll workers insisted he choose a party ballot.

“He said to me, ‘Are you Democrat or Republican?’ I said, ‘Neither, I am independent.’ He said, ‘Well, you have to pick one,”’ Nirenberg said.

In Florida, only those who declare a party are allowed to cast a vote in that party’s presidential primary.

Nirenberg said he tried to explain to the poll worker that he should not vote on a party ballot because of his “no party affiliation” status.

Nirenberg said a second poll worker was called over who agreed that independents should not use party ballots, but said they had received instructions to the contrary.

“He said, ‘Ya know, that is kind of funny, but it was what we were told.’ … I was shocked when they told me that.” Nirenberg said he went ahead and voted for John McCain

…and this:

One breakout that puzzles me though is the vote share by party identification.  Romney and McCain were tied among Republicans at 33-33, while McCain won independents 44-23.  (See page 4 of the exit poll.)

FlexitpollIf I’m reading the poll correctly, it suggests 17% of Republican primary voters identified themselves as having no major party affiliation, while 3% identified themselves as registered Democrats. 

I’m not much on conspiracy theories, so I won’t dwell on this.  I do wonder, though, that if all the polls that show how the base is p#ssed at McLame are true, how did he win in a “closed” primary?  I mean, NH and SC are both open primaries, meaning that “indepedents” can vote in them (and indies love themselves some Johnny Mac).  But FL?  I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Anywho, pardon my pessimism, but I think Juan’s got the nomination wrapped up.  Schmuckabee’s done, but he probably won’t throw in the towel like Rudy did this morning.  Rudy seems to be backing McAmnesty.  Super Tuesday will feature a lot of Southern states, and the South by and large doesn’t seem too keen on Romney (from MA).  Delegate-heavy California also votes next Tuesday, and Juan’s doing quite well out there, too.  Ugh…I need a drink.

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Schmuckabee: Constitution a “living, breathing document”

That’s an argument you expect to hear from the left, not from a Republican presidential candidate.  Apparently, Huck doesn’t read his own web site, which says the following:

I firmly believe that the Constitution must be interpreted according to its original meaning, and flatly reject the notion of a “living Constitution.” 

Here’s the video of the flip-flop.  So which is it, Senator Kerry…er, Governor Schmuckabee?  Is it or is it not a “living, breathing document”?  Or are you going to use the Ron Paul defense, i.e. “Hey, I didn’t write that thing!”?

Fortunately, Fred Thompson understands how the Constitution really works:

This morning I heard that one of the other candidates commented that the Constitution is a “living, breathing document.”

Frankly, I assumed this came from Senator Clinton or Senator Obama. It is identical to what Al Gore said when he was running for President in 2000, when he said he would look for judges “who understand that our Constitution is a living, breathing document, that it was intended by our founders to be interpreted in the light of the constantly evolving experience of the American people.”

Imagine my surprise when I learned that this statement actually came from my opponent, Governor Huckabee, in an interview with CNN this morning. Now I know Governor Huckabee was talking about amending the Constitution, but I don’t think he understood that he was using code words that support judicial activism.

Exactly right, Fred. Huck’s wrong on immigration, wrong on criminal justice, wrong on taxes (except for the Fair Tax), and wrong on the Constitution…ergo, he’s wrong for America.

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Schmuckabee craps on conservative ideals…again

From Hot Air:

This is why people like Rush Limbaugh say that Mike Huckabee is no conservative, and they’re right to say it.

His aides are wary of New Hampshire. “It’s all no tax, no government there,” said Bob Wickers, a top strategist. “It’s not ideal.” But they believe that the message of economic anxiety that he preaches will help in Michigan’s primary on Jan. 15 and in states in the South, which have high poverty rates in addition to strong groups of social conservatives.

“It’s all no tax, no government there”…said as if it’s a bad thing (”not ideal”), by an adviser to the current Republican front-runner. “No tax, no government” is the Republican ideal, or at least it used to be

Yes, it did used to be, and in my humble opinion, it is the wild deviation from that ideal that contributed greatly to the defeat of the GOP in the 2006 midterms.  So Huckabilly’s solution?  More of the “borrow and spend” initiatives we’ve been treated to over the last eight years.  Friggin’ wonderful.

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Hawkeye cauci quick takes

The Hildebeast came in third, behind Obama and the Silky Pony.  Anytime a Clinton loses, especially a Marxist b#tch like Shrillary, that’s a good thing.  But she’s like Freddy Kreuger…she never dies, so don’t go to sleep.

Schmuckabee won, Romney came in second, Thompson came in third, and McCain came in fourth.  Will the MSM now get off of McCain’s “surging momentum” jock?

Rudy was a blip on the radar screen, and looks to be that way in New Hampshire.  He’s going for broke in SC and FL.  I’ve only been following politics for about 15 years now, but can anyone tell me who has flamed in both IA and NH and lived to win the nomination?  Bush got killed in NH by Johnny Mac in 2000, but he had won IA before that and then SC right afterwards.

Doctor Kook Magnet (aka Ron Paul) came in fifth.  That’s what $20 million in a quarter buys you?  Master fundraiser Howard Dean raised crazy bucks in late ’03 for his ill-fated 2004 campaign, and he similarly flamed out.  Something about crazy people, money, and Iowa that just don’t mix.

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New Year’s news bytes

I have returned, so suffer, moonbats! Anywho, I’m busier than a tornado in a trailer park, so here are some news bytes with which to begin 2008:

  • Daytona Beach may be getting snow. Geez, I’m 90 minutes north, and I can’t get any of that stuff. Here’s wondering if Daytona is going to get any global “warming” love tonight and tomorrow.
  • Obama has more support from Yale students than does Her Highness, a Yale alum. Then again, college students don’t vote in large enough numbers, so read into that what you will.
  • Schmuckabee’s campaign manager say Mitt Romney has “teeth I want to knock out“, which I do suppose is worlds better than saying “he sure got a purty mouth, don’t he?” (cue Dueling Banjos). That doesn’t seem very Baptist minister-like, now does it?
  • Point to ponder: if 84% of Americans are satisfied with their own personal lives but are worried about other people’s sense of well being, why do polls show that people are worried about the direction of the country? If I’m doing well and so are nearly 9 in 10 of my countrymen, wouldn’t I be worried about nothing?
  • When he’s not busy blaming America for everything under the sun, including the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, Bircheresque crank Ron Paul has a knack of separating fools from their money. has a puff piece about Captain Crazy’s fundraising prowess. Color me unimpressed that a dude who manages to raise $20 million can’t get over 7% in the polls. I guess currying favors with Troofers, anti-Semites, neo-Nazis, and other societal vermin can only get you so far.
  • That barking moonbat host of the rarely watched show Hardball has officially jumped across the chasm of reality, not quite clearing it and plummeting to the icy depths of the Insanity River below. Chris Matthews was getting a woody over Her Highness, calling Shrillary “the sweetest, sexiest woman on this side of the planet“. Note to self: get a one-way ticket to the other side of the planet.

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Huck not getting any favors from his friends

“How NOT to endear the base to your candidacy”, by the Huckster.  Were he writing such an article, he could start right here:

What’s the Huckabee universe’s take on why Rush Limbaugh does not like the man from Arkansas? I asked a prominent DC-based Huckabee ally:

“Honestly, because Rush doesn’t think for himself. That’s not necessarily a slap because he’s not paid to be a thinker—he’s an entertainer. I can’t remember the last time that he has veered from the talking points from the DC/Manhattan chattering class. If they were praising Huckabee, he would be too.”

“Also, I have to think that he’s dying to have Hillary in the White House. Bill Clinton made Rush a megastar. Having another Clinton back in power would make him the Leading Voice of the Opposition once again.” 

Nice job, “ally”!  Insult the man held in high esteem by the vast and overwhelming majority of the GOP base!  What’s next, theorizing that tax hikes are just the cure for the mortgage lending crisis?  Not doing your man any favors, are you?  By the way, does anyone know what in the blue hell this boob is talking about by his “DC/Manhattan chattering class” remark?


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Huckabee sold DWI clemency for campaign cash?

What is it about former Arkansas governors selling clemencies/pardons for party loyalists?  Check out the most recent revelation on the Huckster:

Questions are being raised about then-Gov. Huckabee’s 2004 decision to grant clemency to a repeat Driving While Intoxicated offender in Arkansas named Eugene Fields, despite the objections of a law enforcement official at the time. Documents obtained by NBC News reveal Fields’ case was handled differently from any other DWI clemency or pardon granted by Huckabee, and some Republicans are now suggesting significant political contributions may have influenced the governor’s decision.

In August 2001, Fields, of Van Buren, Ark., was convicted of his fourth DWI charge, a felony in the state of Arkansas, was sentenced to six years in prison and a $5,000 fine. Fields reported to prison in August of 2003.

But prison records obtained by NBC News show that six weeks into that six-year sentence, Fields’ application for clemency, a commutation of his sentence the governor could issue to grant Fields an early release from prison, was unanimously supported by the parole board. Within months, Huckabee issued his intent to grant executive clemency to Fields, who was released from prison soon thereafter.

On Fields’ application for a commutation of his sentence, four options are listed as possible reasons as to why the application was being made, including, “I wish to correct an injustice which may have occurred during trial,” and, “I want to adjust what may be considered an excessive sentence.” No boxes are checked on Fields’ application; instead “N/A” is written across the top of the sheet, for “Not Applicable.”

A review of campaign-finance records shows that Fields’s wife, Glenda, made two $5,000 contributions to the Arkansas Republican party — one on June 26, 2003 and another on July 14, 2003. Less than two months before Glenda Fields wrote the first of those checks, the Arkansas Court of Appeals denied Eugene Fields’s petition for rehearing his 2001 felony DWI conviction.

Political contributions weren’t the only donations made by the Fields family. Also contained in his application (along with a character reference from his Southern Baptist pastor) were copies of thank-you notes and tax receipts for financial contributions from charitable causes and organizations he’d supported: The Salvation Army, Arkansas Children’s Hospital, U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce, and the First Baptist Church of Van Buren’s “Women’s Mission Ministry.” The scope of his charitable donations, which began around the time of his second DWI conviction, expanded as his DWI rap sheet grew.

Did I mention how I’m not going to vote for this guy, ever?

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Huck’s “Wille Horton” revisited

As a follow-up on my prior post about Mike Huckabee’s lobbying to release rapist-murderer Wayne Dumond, we get a little more insight into Huck’s mentality:

Pastor Jay] Cole, meanwhile, was working to help DuMond. Cole said he talked to “probably a hundred people” about his hope of winning DuMond’s release, turning foremost to the evangelical community. He said many evangelicals were encouraged that DuMond had claimed a religious conversion, and that many joined Cole in writing to Huckabee about DuMond’s situation.

The clincher, he said, was their belief that DuMond had been “saved.” 

To be fair, it wasn’t only Huckabee that wanted the guy paroled, but many others in the evangelical community.  However, this doesn’t excuse Huck, since he took quite the proactive role in securing Dumond’s release.

Here’s a question that chaps my posterior: where in the Sam Hill does the Bible say that we are to not only forgive murderers and rapists, but to free them from incarceration?  I mean, sure, the Bible is crystal clear on the matter of forgiveness, but for the love of God, there is a gi-normous difference between forgiveness of sin and a legal absolution of one’s crimes against society!

I seem to recall a number of years ago where a woman in Texas (sorry, don’t recall her name) was on death row for brutally killing someone.  While in prison, she was saved by Jesus.  She demanded that her attorney drop all appeals, though her attorney and the evangelical community wanted her spared from death (the latter because they thought her newly found salvation should have been reason enough to spare her life).

She told everyone that while she was thankful for their concern and efforts, she (a) wanted to bring some closure to the victim’s families, (b) she needed to be punished for her crime, though her soul would be spared due to her salvation, and (b) she was ready to leave Earth to be with God.  In my view, she was sincere in her beliefs, and she was probably truly saved.  However, even she acknowledged that while her salvation may have changed her afterlife’s fate, it did not and should not change her Earthly life’s fate.

There is no Christian directive to impose legal benefits in our Earthly lives when we achieve salvation.  Were that so, I’m sure there would be hundreds of thousands of inmates who would, as luck would have it, just so happen to be saved while in prison and demand their release accordingly.  Forgive on a personal level, yes, but imposing that forgiveness on society (and with tragic consequences) via the powerful hand of the state?  Absolutely not.

Huck has used his power in government to satisfy his Christian impulses on countless occasions, even granting clemency to more convicts (including violent criminals) than six neighboring states combined!  Hell, prosecutors had to beg him to stop granting clemencies!  While he and I may believe in the same God and the same Bible, one would think that he would take his governmental responsibilities a little more seriously than he apparently does.

As far as I’m concerned, Mike Huckabee has shown a horrid dereliction of his duty, and for that (among other reasons I’ve outlined here before), he will never have my vote.

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ABC works with moonbat blog to dig dirt on Huckabee

I’m no fan of Huck, as you folks here know.  But there’s one thing I’m less fond of, and that’s media bias.  Here, we have a clear-cut case of bias, and Kurtz doesn’t even bat an eyelash over it.  From Big Head DC:

Howie Kurtz, the media writer for the Washington Post, today uncovers a fishy relationship between a journalism giant and a liberal blog. While Kurtz didn’t make much wind about it, he reveals within an item about GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee that the Huffington Post and ABC News have teamed up to report the news.

“ABC, working with the Web site, interviewed a former parole board member who said Huckabee had pressed the panel to release the convict, Wayne Dumond,” Kurtz writes regarding a well-referenced story the Huffington Post published last week.

The quote raises an important question: How common is it for an apparently nonpartisan news source to team up with an admittedly liberal Web site in reporting a news item? Isn’t this a case of liberal media bias at its worst?

Also raising questions about the news relationship, Kurtz quotes Huckabee as saying he’s “amazed” that ABC News investigative reporter Brian Ross ignored information he provided to him. 

Why is he amazed?  Ross has no need for Huck’s information, since facts only tend to get in the way of a good story sometimes. 

It’s one thing to do research obtained in part by the blogosphere (which was done, among other times, during the Rathergate fiasco, but no MSM agency actually worked with the rightosphere on that one).  It’s quite another to work in a coordinated fashion in conjunction with an admittedly partisan blog for the purposes of finding dirt on political opponents.  We now know that ABC News can go ahead and abandon any pretense of objectivity.

Nope…no liberal media bias!

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Huckabee: GOP just a means to an end

From Polipundit:

… As a preacher and a politician, Mr. Huckabee said in an interview, he has pursued the same goal: improving lives. “For me it was never an either or,” he said of his dual careers. “The realm you do it in is less important than that you do it.”

Wen he announced he was giving up his ministry for a 1992 Senate run, many of his confidants, as well as Baptists across the state, were shocked. He had not hinted about his ambitions. And while the Rev. Pat Robertson had run for president four years before, a local pastor running for Senate was something else entirely.

“Politics were worldly as opposed to Christian pursuits,” said Charles Barnette, a member of the Texarkana congregation, explaining the discomfort.

Some followers were surprised that he was running as a Republican. Mr. Huckabee told them the Republican Party was “just one vehicle to the goal of getting into office,” Mr. Barnette said.

Haven’t you seen anough reasons yet not to support the guy in the Republican primary, when he’s not even a Republican?

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Huckabee’s Willie Horton

Those of you unfamiliar with the Willie Horton saga, used in the 1988 presidential campaign, get your refresher here.  It looks like Huck has one of his own Wille Horton incidents with which to deal.  Excerpts from CBS News (though I think they may be authentic anyway!):

… And then there’s the story of Wayne DuMond.

In 1985, DuMond was convicted of the rape of a 17-year-old girl with a connection to then-Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton: She was the governor’s distant cousin and the daughter of a major campaign contributor. (Funny, and not in the humorous way, that Bubba got away with rape but DuMond didn’t, huh? – Ed.)

As Clinton rose to national prominence, the case came to the attention of his critics. Journalists and talk show hosts questioned the victim’s story and suggested that DuMond had been railroaded by the former governor. Steve Dunleavy, a New York Post columnist, took up the case as a cause, calling DuMond’s conviction “a travesty of justice.”

The story also came with a tabloid-ready twist: DuMond said that while awaiting trial, masked men broke into his house and castrated him. Though there were doubts about the story (wouldn’t that be pretty easy to verify? – Ed.), it engendered sympathy for DuMond among Clinton foes.

When Huckabee became governor in 1996, he expressed doubts about DuMond’s guilt and said he was considering commuting his sentence to time served. After the victim and her supporters protested, Huckabee decided against commutation. But in 1997, according to the Kansas City Star, Huckabee wrote a letter to DuMond saying “my desire is that you be released from prison.” Less than a year later, DuMond was granted parole.

Huckabee’s office denied that the governor played a role in the parole board’s decision, but there was evidence (exhaustively detailed here) to contradict that claim.

Charles Chastain, a Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, who was on the parole board at the time, told the governor met with the board to argue on DuMond’s behalf.

“He thought DuMond had gotten a raw deal,” said Chastain, who calls himself neutral towards Huckabee. “He said he’d been born on the wrong side of the tracks and hadn’t been treated all that fairly.”

After the meeting, Chastain said, a number of the board members “switched their vote” from the previous year, and DuMond was paroled.

DuMond’s release was delayed because a number of states did not want to take him in, but he left prison in 1999 and ended up in Missouri. Not long after he arrived, he was arrested again – this time for sexually assaulting and murdering a woman named Carol Sue Shields. DuMond was also the leading suspect in the rape and murder of another woman. He was convicted of murdering Shields and died in prison in 2005.

Pressure on the parole board, or bad judgment?  You tell me.  Either way, he hasn’t been entirely truthful on the matter (not very minister-like, is it?) and hasn’t accepted responsibility for exercising poor judgment in championing the rapist’s cause.

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Why I can’t vote for Huckabee

I have been following former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s campaign, and he’s been coming on strong in Iowa.  He’s a supporter of the Fair Tax, which pretty much skyrocketed him to #1 on my preference list.

However, the more I read about him, the less I like him.  He looks like Jorgé W. Bush redux, especially on the criminal immigration issue.

NumbersUSA, a group who really rallied the opposition to Bush’s and the Senate’s amnesty plan this year (and helped to kill it), calls Huck “an absolute disaster” on illegal immigration.  Huck has been unapologetic, touting (though in some cases, lying about) his record of giving college scholarships to criminal aliens.

More disturbing details of his record are here.  Throw in some tax-and-spend-and-tax-some-more policies, and Huck doesn’t cut the mustard.  I’ve had almost seven years of “compassionate conservatism” (aka “Nanny State Lite”), and I’m afraid I can’t handle much more.

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Chuck Norris endorses Mike Huckabee

Yes, he does.  So, maggots, that’s who you’re going to vote for.  After all, as Allah says, “Chuck Norris doesn’t vote, Chuck Norris tells America how it’s going to be.”

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