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Headline of the day

More like a “post title of the day”, but you get the gist:

“Nappy Headed Ho” sues Nappy Headed Host.

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Imus the winner?

Great observation from Neal Boortz:

Don Imus reached a settlement with CBS yesterday. Looks like he’s going to carry home about $20 million. There’s also word that he is negotiating with WABC to resume his career as a stable mate of my pal Sean Hannity.

So … let’s run the numbers here.

1. Don Imus gets Al Sharpton’s boxers in a wad. That’s a good thing.
2. Imus gets what amounts to a four-month paid vacation. Four months off and a cool $20 million from CBS
3. CBS gets kicked in the teeth for bowing to a race pimp like Sharpton, and for bowing to the pressures of political correctness. Good. Lovin’ it.
4. Now the bidding will start for a return to the airwaves for Imus. More millions on the way.

Tell me again how bad this has all turned out for the I-man?

Not so bad, it seems.

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Florida legislator calls illegal aliens…“illegal aliens”!

If dude’s not careful, he’s gonna get the Imus treatment! From

At least one member of the Florida Hispanic Legislative Caucus has demanded a public apology over an e-mail that a fellow Republican lawmaker thought was a funny way to remind people to pay their taxes.

Rep. Don Brown, R-DeFuniak Springs, recently forwarded a cartoon from his state e-mail account to his colleagues that read: “Don’t forget to pay your taxes … 12 million illegal aliens are depending on you!”

Brown said Friday he meant the message as a joke, but it was met with a fierce reaction from many other lawmakers. He later sent a follow-up e-mail to apologize.

Brown still needs to make a public apology, said Rep. Juan Carlos “J.C.” Planas, a Miami Republican and member of the Hispanic caucus.

“I think he has to specifically state that he understands now that that term, illegal alien, is extremely insulting to many individuals, and I think there has to be something a little bit more public and a little bit more contrite in his apology,” Planas said.

“That term, illegal alien, is extremely insulting to many individuals”…such as illegal aliens! Yessiree, if I were an illegal alien, I’d sure as hell hate for someone to remind me of that! If I were Brown, I would have responded to Planas’ galling demand for more contrition thusly:

“I represent the good people of DeFuniak Springs, none of whom are, to my knowledge, illegal aliens. Those who are illegal aliens in DeFuniak Springs can simply forget to ask me for their representation. I am disheartened to see my esteemed colleague, J.C. Planas, taking up the cause for illegal aliens in his district and volunteering his services of representation for them. I would like to encourage him to represent his legal constituents as his oath of office compels him to do.”

Here’s how Imus should have handled the “nappy-headed” flap:

Brown said he’s finished with the issue.

“People were offended by it and I have apologized to those who were offended by it,” Brown said. “As far as I’m concerned, I’m done. Now if they want to elevate it to an entire new debate about illegal aliens, then we can have that debate.”

Well done, Brown. Personally, I wouldn’t have apologized for it at all, and I’d tell people to go pound sand before getting an apology out of me for stating the obvious (a fact that pro-illegal immigration apologists frequently tune out): illegal aliens impose a cost on society. However, if he is determined to bow at the altar of political correctness, he did so the right way: say it, and be done with it. After all, groveling and perpetual apologies didn’t Imus anywhere, now did it?

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Duke lacrosse players to sue? Plus, parallels with Imus

From Breitbart/AP:

The disgraced district attorney in the Duke lacrosse rape case apologized to the three athletes in a carefully worded statement Thursday as their lawyers weighed whether to sue him—and some legal experts say they have a case.

While prosecutors generally have immunity for what they do inside the courtroom, experts said that protection probably doesn’t cover some of Mike Nifong’s more questionable actions in his handling of the case—such as calling the lacrosse players “a bunch of hooligans” in one of several interviews deemed unethical by the state bar.

“I think their chances of success suing Mr. Nifong are reasonably good, despite what we call prosecutorial immunity,” said John Banzhaf, a professor at the George Washington University School of Law.

Sue him into submission, gentlemen! Speaking of the Duke lacrosse players, this from Drudge:

On Imus’ radio program (no longer simulcast on MSNBC) this morning, Chris Carlin, who covers sports for the program, discussed yesterday’s dismissal of charges against the Duke lacrosse players.

(rough transcript)

DON IMUS: When will Al Sharpton be apologizing to them?


CARLIN: I’m unaware of such a press conference.

IMUS: I’ll be darned…

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: What Imus said was stupid, ignorant, and hurtful. However, I can only take so much of this leftist double-standard shizit for so long.

Let’s recap:

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and a bunch of other race-hustling poverty pimps tar and feather the Duke lacrosse players as racist, using “white privilege” to terrorize a black stripper, being sexual predators, etc. Now that the charges against the players have been dropped, no apologies have come from these racebaiters. In other words, defame a group of innocent white males, and who cares?

In contrast, Don Imus calls the Rutgers women’s basketball team “nappy headed ho’s” (or is it “hos” or “hoes”? But I digress.), and he loses his radio and TV shows. In other words, defame a group of innocent black females, and everyone cares!

Hey, it’s not like black females are to be protected from these kinds of references. As Michelle points out, a cursory glance at certain rap songs (and these are but a drop in the bucket) use language and objectification astronomically worse than what Imus said. What happens to these rap artists? They sell millions of records, t-shirts, posters, etc., and are adored by fans world-wide. As Texas Rainmaker notes, “if only Imus had been young, black and full of rage…”

Then again, we can’t fault Snoop D-o-double-jizzle or the pedophile R. Kelly for the way they objectify women, since it’s all George W’s fault…as in George Washington! Of course, Snoop says the ho’s he raps about are completely different kinds of ho’s…be-yotch. Cool…that clears it up for me. Thanks, Mr. Dizzle.

My heart doesn’t bleed for Imus, but it weeps for the carnage that political correctness has levied upon this country.

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Obama ticking off blacks for not stating the obvious

I’ve avoided the Imus flap for two main reasons: (1) it’s getting enough coverage everywhere else that there’s not much for me to add; and (2) it doesn’t take a genius to see that the man said something so monumentally stupid.

Though I am obviously no fan of the empty suit from Illinois who’d like to be president (despite his pledge a couple of years ago to not seek the Oval Office), it seems to me that Sen. Barack Obama is catching hell for nothing. From the Boston fishwrap:

With the Rev. Al Sharpton leading calls Monday for radio host Don Imus to be fired over racially insensitive remarks, Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign avoided the controversy throughout the day.

Not until Monday evening, five days after Imus’s comments were uttered and hours after CBS Radio and MSNBC announced a two-week suspension for the radio host, did Obama weigh in, saying in a statement: “The comments of Don Imus were divisive, hurtful, and offensive to Americans of all backgrounds.” Obama did not address whether he thought Imus should be taken off the air.

The episode is the first test of how Obama — who is of mixed-race background — is handling the contentious issue of race in his presidential campaign. Even as polls have shown other Democrats attracting a large share of the black vote, Obama has steered clear of the kind of activism symbolized by Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who were both highly visible in the Imus episode but whose aggressiveness on race issues has alienated some white voters in the past.

Quick sidebar: Sharpton’s and Jackson’s race-baiting as alienated SOME white voters IN THE PAST?? Earth to Boston: their race-baiting alienates MOST non-black voters PAST, PRESENT, and foreseeable FUTURE! That racist Shartpon has yet to apologize or be held fully accountable for his actions that have led to the death and assault and smearing of others: falsely accusing Steven Pagones of rape and mutilation of little Tawana Brawley (a crime that never occurred and cost Al $345k in defamation damages); inciting murder of “white interlopers” and arson at Freddie’s Fashion Mart in Harlem; inciting the Crown Heights Riot because a Jewish cabbie had accidentally killed a black youth (an innocent Jew was stabbed to death in Sharpton’s incited riot); etc. Until such time as that son of a b#tch apologizes or is held fully accountable, I have little tolerance for his calls for an apology from anyone! Now, back to the main point…

But with Obama battling other Democrats — most notably Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York — for the support of black voters, the candidate’s reticence on the Imus issue set off alarms yesterday among some black activists who are anxious to see him more forcefully push for racial justice.

Melissa Harris Lacewell, a professor of politics and African-American studies at Princeton University, said Obama missed an opportunity to prove himself to blacks and white liberals who would have wanted Obama take the lead in denouncing Imus.

Lambasting an easy target qualifies as “leadership” in liberal circles? Wow. Good thing they’re not overly concerned with terrorism or defense matters, since they clearly have bigger fish (an idiot broadcaster) to fry.

Barry O must not be black enough, since he’s not piling on Imus like everyone else is. I have little sympathy for Imus here, but why is it news for a politician NOT to say something that really doesn’t need to be said? Is our society so driven by the sound bite that Osamabama’s failure to follow the sheep is newsworthy? I suppose ALL politicians have to find a camera or microphone ASAP, so as not to give the appearance of condoning Imus’ remarks? How ludicrous!

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